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  1. I cruised to Norway a couple of years ago and it was too cold to sit outside most of the time so I generally sat in the snug areas reading or watching people play chess. I also went to the shore excursion seminars and basically went through the daily schedule with a highlighter and picked random things to attend! My suggestion is to do things you usually wouldn’t!
  2. Yes you can do it one person and not the other, I’ve done this on my past cruise and my parents have done it on all their last 15! same reason, one drinks and the other doesn’t!
  3. Yes it wasn’t a official lift and shift I was just using the term to describe we swapping it all over. But they cancelled my Oct and changed it over to sept
  4. im afraid ive up and left the October one, ive done a lift and shift to a earlier one in september to pre-emt the cancellation. Uk staycation here i come!
  5. I’m booked on a October one, waiting for them to cancel and then use the cancelled itinerary’s to create more uk staycations. not interested in that, would just like my money back so will go down that route. such a shame
  6. I’ve just seen they have replaced the cancelled august and sept for staycations on “sale”! I feel that is the same plan for ours now. it’s just too close
  7. That’s my thoughts too, they have already cancelled some august and September, and are really pushing the staycations. We Should know in the next month I guess!!
  8. Oh yey!!!! That all sounds lush!!!! I’m hoping to be on the 8th October to Spain and Portugal… fingers crossed!!!
  9. Thank you for getting back to me, that makes sense about the Lunch to be fair with the changed embarkation times. I hadn’t thought of that! Did you still get all the other little extras like the food and the wine in the room on request? im hoping the iron out all the other issues the more they cruise, And also that they don’t cancel the Europe ones and replace them with staycations only!! But having had so many cancelled now I am at least prepared to just go somewhere else and cruise next year when it’s all back to normal!!
  10. Thank you Shona! Is it just the celebrity Facebook page, or is it a specific staycation page on Facebook? Many thanks
  11. Hello all, nosy woman here, waiting for her cruise in October and hoping that despite the challenges for covid the cruise will still be similar to past experiences! what I really want to know is.. is the concierge lunch cancelled - I read that somewhere on another forum. This is new for me and I really wanted to experience it… so paid extra! whats it like onboard…really like… compared to before? none of this puts me off, I can’t wait to cruise again, but I’m at work and I’m bored so looking for something to tide me over in chatter!! Please let me know how your getting on!
  12. That’s disappointing all round, and like you say, unfair for the price they are charging. Full price for a full service, a discount for a discounted service? Can you complain to someone on board? It needs to be noted!
  13. I just saw this on another thread… I’m waiting for them to cancel my October one now… that’s Europe too.
  14. Visit Shackletons grave in South Georgia, the cute little post office and the whaling stations. and the globe pub in standly if you like military pubs! There used to be amazing fish restaurant too called the brassiere
  15. There we go!! Now it’s official for me too! Now I’ll just go to turkey I think😂😂
  16. I’ll be sure to check back in if mine is cancelled, so you can all say “ I told you so” but I think for now I’m off to join a more hopeful Group! thanks all
  17. I was expecting a change of itinerary more than a cancellation. time will tell I suppose, I suspect I’ll know for sure about my own sailing by the end of the month. Till then I’m still a glass half full kind of girl!!
  18. Wasn’t edge all America/ Pacific/ Mexico cruises? still not Europe cruises cancelled
  19. Ok thanks, i haven’t heard any Europe ones cancelled yet, that’s what I’m waiting on-if at all!
  20. I think that’s only those not leaving from UK though. so far some have been notified of cancellations others haven’t, depending on how you booked in the first place. So some might still be going ahead, or some people are just getting bad news faster than others!
  21. No I agree, but suspect it’s just a corporate response and a update will follow. im not pulling the plug though and cancelling anything ( hotels etc) until my Europe trip has been officially cancelled and I’m notified. Without this group I’d be none the wiser right now!!
  22. This is what I received this morning direct from celebrity: Good Morning Deborah We have received the following update this morning: At this time we are evaluating the status of all 2020 itineraries and performing maintenance on our booking systems. Should any itinerary modifications or sailing changes be required, guests and travel partners on affected sailings will be contacted directly. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through the many unexpected consequences brought on by the COVID19 pandemic. We remain optimistic that every day is a step closer to a healthy and safe return to service. Thanks, Jack
  23. I meant for those people that booked direct with celebrity, I would wait for the official email/website change from Them before making other plans. i didn’t use a TA, so technically right now I’m still unaware of any changes
  24. I would wait for the official email Or Notice on Twitter website for cancellations. The link above came from a user not a celebrity associate. i still think it’s right, it was sent to TRavel agents. But I intend to keep stum till I get my official email!
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