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  1. This was just emailed to me today. I am booked on Allure for December. Happy that it will probably not be amped for now. They did change their website, taking off the whole amped description, also changed the deck plans back to the current state of the ship.
  2. It will be just like the airlines if they say to wear a mask. I have flown 3 times in the last 30 days, on 3 different airlines. Every one requires to board, but after takeoff, while eating and drinking, not required. There were quite a few that kept their mask off the rest of the flight after takeoff. The flight attendants did suggest to those to wear a mask but only tell you once and then leave you alone. They do not push their limits and enforce it.
  3. As of today, their site is still showing the full amp features to entice future cruisers. The deck plans also show the upgrades and changes. I am booked on the Allure for December and am fine without the changes. I have sailed all the Oasis class ships multiple times and really don’t care but they should not miss lead people. Take it off your site if it’s not happening.
  4. I am booked on Allure for December and already made my MTD reservations. Sometimes there is a glitch in the site. Keep trying.
  5. I just returned yesterday from my Symphony cruise. I took my electric 13 inch desk fan. Made my sleeping perfect, as I need the white noise and air movement to sleep. Here are the 2 responses from my inquiries to RCL prior to my cruise.
  6. I turn my phone off when we get to our cabin and it goes in the safe, doesn’t get turned on until the cruise is over. I tell my family if someone dies pack them in extra ice until I get home.
  7. Gold is the lowest, starting status. Yes they can board with you. There is no lounge for gold. It will just be general seating if you arrive before 10-10:30. Once they start boarding and have called all the top tier folks then you can board at your leisure.
  8. You could walk it, just beware of speeding cars, and taxis. There are some sidewalks. If you have a lot of luggage send the person renting and have them pick you up afterwards.
  9. Royal has so many discrepancies. I am sailing Symphony in a few weeks and my time for boarding is 2 pm and my husband’s is 1:30. Plus the key icon is right on it. Do they expect us to miss the Chops lunch in MDR. We will be there 10ish. I did call weeks ago to inquire about what “choice “ meant on my Set sail pass. Took 52 minutes and 7 employees and supervisors to finally figure it out. They had never seen this before. They thought it was that I did my flight thru RCL. It is my status in the casino. Go figure!
  10. Kind of confused...why would it be cheaper with the drink package and why is it listed like that? Even $12 for the drink it’s covered in the package. Now drinks served in special souvenir glasses are extra.
  11. Anything perishable should not be brought back to your cabin. They are not true refrigerators with the proper safe temperature. They are coolers and keep contents at temperatures in the upper 40’s/ 50’s. Food can spoil at those temps and cause problems.
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