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  1. I have two that are in the partial refund category. One was refunded exactly 50% and the other was refunded exactly 75%. Both were refundable deposits canceled outside final payment. In both cases there were separate payments combined to make the deposits. I had 4 other refundable deposits that were refunded in full. Those deposits were all made with a single payment. The deposit that was refunded by half was back on March 17. After waiting two months for the other half I called today. Royal wouldn’t talk to me because it was a TA booking. The TA sent out an email saying not to call them just call Royal. Called the TA and they say call Royal. Royal again won’t talk to me. After an hour on hold with the TA, someone finally talks to me. They say we’ll fix it, refund coming. I’m doubting the other half will ever be refunded. Thinking of going the credit card dispute route. The other partial refund was just received 2 weeks ago. Based on experience I figure the rest is not coming. I’ll start calling for that one soon. It was painful having to cancel all these reservations. I had secured great cabins at good prices. Some were Allure out of Galveston 2021-22. Although they are still selling these sailings, I don’t see that terminal being built and any of these actually happening. I also canceled fall 2020 because I don’t think they will sail. I hope I’m wrong about this and have to rebook. I can’t wait to start cruising again. I do hope it will still be enjoyable with all the likely restrictions. My booking habits, however, will be forever changed. No more booking 1-2 years in advance for us. If I have to take a cabin in a bad location and pay higher prices then that’s the way it has to be. Maybe even a bit more exciting to book and actually get to travel right away.
  2. May 10 sailing appears to have St Martin added also. I think I like this change. While staying on the ship is no substitute for a true sea day, I think we will pick a day and do just that. Of these port stops, which would you pick to stay on the ship and why? St Thomas St Kitts Antigua Barbados St Lucia St Martin St Lucia is a must see for us. So that one is a port day for sure.
  3. We are going on February 12. First time on Enchantment as well. Our previous RCI experience is limited to 3 trips on the Liberty. Any pro tips are appreciated. Especially concerning the kids club. Does adventure ocean pick up the kids at the main dining room at 6:40 pm? We really liked that feature on Liberty.
  4. I see. Makes sense. I’m definitely not gonna fuss over it because it turns out to be a really good deal. Not worth the risk of the TA messing up the booking.
  5. I’m confused a little. The original bookings had $50 on each cabin from whatever promo was running at the time. They price protected it and I chose a sail date in June. Current pricing for the new sail date is much higher and there’s no OBC, but that should be irrelevant because of the price protection?
  6. I was booked on one of the cancelled Liberty sailings for spring 2021. I chose one of the listed alternate options. Good deal with the price protection and 200 OBC. Is the 200 in addition to what I already had booked or just $200 total? I originally had $50 from Royal and nothing from TA. Cruise planner now shows 200 total with new sail date. I’m not going to fuss too much as the new sail date was way more expensive than what I had booked originally. And I got my first choice of cabins. BTW, yes this is absolutely a question for my TA but unfortunately I have this booked through a terrible TA that happens to be out of office for the next 3 days. I booked this before I realized there are some really fantastic TA’s out there.
  7. The sailing on March 21 is now not listed again. They may end up canceling that one also? I won’t be heartbroken as long as they offer up a summertime sailing.
  8. They could probably arrange a taxi, but I doubt that would be included. There are a few dive shops that offer transportation, but I don’t think blue planet is one of them. We are definitely returning to blue planet next time. We always get a driver for the day through one of the local tour companies. The prices are very reasonable and you have transportation for the whole day in port. Our driver just chilled out on the beach while we were on the dive boat. And after we finished diving, there was plenty of time to get some other activities in before returning to the ship. For a small group of people, it’s really not much more expensive than a couple of taxi rides.
  9. yes, we’ve experienced all that and worse. It’s a numbers game. Take enough photos, and there’s bound to be a few good ones.
  10. If it were up to me, I’d never waste money on silly photos. However, my wife is picture crazy and can’t get enough photos. She’ll easily spend $300+ to have some local photographer come out to the house and take family photos at least twice per year. And this misery can last 2 hours or more with multiple wardrobe changes. Since we started cruising and buying the photo package, this madness has come to a stop. So yes, to me it’s absolutely worth it to buy the photo package. Even saves a little money compared to the alternative. There are lots of photo ops, and by night 2 she will have a favorite photographer and know him/her by name. By the 4th night, I can see the look of despair on their face when they spot my wife approaching. I’ve learned to just smile big and cooperate during these mini photo sessions, and it’ll be over before I know it. But my 3 year old still fights the good fight and puts up considerable resistance. Pricing varies. Buy it in cruise planner, definitely cheaper than on board. I’ve paid as little as $90 for a 5 day. And as much as $250 for 7 day cruise photo package.
  11. My sailing on the 21st is still a go. I have unwittingly booked a first sailing after dry dock. Anything I should be aware of? I’m within driving range so flight changes aren’t an issue. I just don’t want to be canceled last minute if they extend the dry dock again.
  12. Correction: I meant 7,14, and 28th. But now all 4 sail dates in March 2021 are now open including the 21st
  13. the march 7, 14, and 21 sailings are bookable again. but not ours on the 21st.
  14. Are there any updates out? My TA said nothing seems out of the ordinary and the sail date is still open for booking. Yet the sailings are unavailable on the RC website. I don't have a lot of confidence in this TA btw. Being a spring break week, I want to find an alternative sooner rather than later.
  15. One more vote for cruising with kids. It's a very subjective topic. We would miss our kids if we left them at grandparents. Probably so much that we'd fly home at the first port of call. On our first cruise after kids, our youngest was 21 months and fully into the terrible 2's. Friends said we were crazy taking them. Didn't regret it for a second. Of course there will be the same tantrums and sibling bickering that goes on at home. But as everyone here always says, a day on a cruise is better than a day at home or work. Our kids do a happy dance and a made up "we're on a ship" song on the balcony that is absolutely precious. Our 2 year old asks to go back on the ship nearly everyday. Even before he was talking good, he'd get the picture book out and find the picture of the cruise ship. He'd point to it and make it known that's where he wants to go. What has really made it worthwhile for us has been the shore excursions. That takes more research and usually "on your own" type activities. Many of the ship sponsored excursions will have age restrictions and for good reason. But we've still been able to have some really great experiences that was fun for us as much as the kids. Another thing to consider is at 23 months, she will be in the nursery and not the kids club. Not every Royal ship has a nursery, but I think it's a short list of those that don't. The nurseries have always been great. It's 6-8 bucks per hour. And I don't think our nursery bill has ever been over $100. We really just use it occasionally for a dinner and show. Reservations are a must. Do that early in the cruise if you want to use the nursery. Many folks on here will recommend against taking kids that young on a cruise. That's most likely because they don't like being around kids. There are other cruise lines and other vacation options that specialize in adult only. Royal Caribbean markets to families with kids of all ages. And there is an argument or maybe more like parenting advise that I get told sometimes: that you need this vacation time away from kids to keep your sanity. You need to take care of yourself so that you can be the best parent to your kids. There's some truth to that, but that's also subjective. A few hours or maybe even an overnight at the grandparents is plenty for us. As I said earlier, no way I'd leave kids back home and go on a cruise. Way more fun to bring them along.
  16. If I understand correctly, when I reprice, they will just drop the fare for 3rd and 4th passengers? 1st and second won’t be repriced also? That would be much cheaper than I expected because prices will surely rise in one years time.
  17. I booked a cabin for early December 2021. Refundable deposit of course. There are only 6 of these type cabins on the ship so I had to book early to get one. This sailing should be eligible for a future kids sail free promo(assuming they continue to run these sales). Since I have a final payment coming up and I’ve put deposits on some new bookings recently. I was trying to save some deposit money($450 per person) by only booking the cabin as a double, with the intention of adding the kids and additional deposit when I reprice the booking in the future. Usually you have to book at least 3 people in this type cabin, but on the longer 11 day itineraries, they allow you to book double or even a solo. I know there is a slight risk that the muster station could fill up, but by the time this sailing becomes kids sail free eligible, it will still be more than a year in advance. However, this cabin category may very well be sold out by then. Would they reprice a sold out category? In that situation would it be better to already have the kids on the reservation or try to add them? I looked at this ship and the longer itineraries for December 2020 and there are a handful of these cabins left, and are significantly cheaper priced with kids sail free. So in a nutshell, should I just fork out the deposit cash now and add the kids to the reservation?
  18. If they do end up canceling, how has RC handled the cancellations in the past? You just get an email from them or travel agent saying you’re canceled, here’s your deposit, good luck on booking something else? I’ve found an acceptable replacement and the cabin I want is available, but I can’t book until I know for sure it’s canceled. A token FCC would help offset the airfare but that may be wishful thinking.
  19. bummer.... we had spring break booked march 2021. Same week sailings out of Florida prices are way higher. I didn't realize I had such a "deal" booked. It's gonna cost a lot more if I have to rebook something else. Summer 2021 on Liberty is also pricey. on second look there are some other reasonably priced options that i'm not crazy about. Majesty out of new orleans for example. Everything else requires airfare.
  20. How is the quality of the towels they sell in cruise planner? We have some Carnival towels that are more than 10 years old and have held up great. Would like to get a couple of Royal Caribbean towels if the quality is decent. If they’re anything like the ones they check out on the pool deck, I’m not interested.
  21. I’m also not able to get the kids sail free sailings to show up. In fact, the prices are much higher than yesterday. Seems like they got the typical price hike before the sale and then got distracted and forgot to put in the actual sale. I can just see this playing out at headquarters. IT guys come in this morning, oh crap, we forgot to load kids sail free last night! But we already loaded the ads. Better fix that right away. Meanwhile, management calls down. What have you guys done! New bookings are through the roof! Keep up the good work, don’t change a thing. lol
  22. Thanks! I’ve been through the port of call forums and the incredible review by twangster. I’m sold. I booked it.
  23. I’ve got my eye on an 11 night Vision sailing in 2021. Central America, Aruba, and Curaçao. Can anyone share their experience with the Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia ports? Also we’ve never sailed anything longer than 7 days. I’m guessing it will be an older crowd and less families with younger kids. Would we feel out of place bringing our kids? In 2 years time, we will be eager to see some different places other than the same old Caribbean ports. Everything we have booked through spring 2021 has the western and eastern Caribbean covered fairly well. This Vision itinerary would be all new ports for us.
  24. I apologize if this has already been discussed but I couldn't find it. How soon after itineraries are released will group space from travel agencies be available?
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