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  1. Came back with some sort of a head cold and low grade fever, guess I should have been taking the immune supplements even on the ship and when I got home. I noticed it some about mid-week and thought maybe it was just allergies but it’s getting the better of me now for sure. The first two days on this itinerary were sea days. Sea days then have sea day brunch on the menu too. Most of our group actually preferred the port day breakfast menu. We sampled quite a bit from the brunch menu on our three days total. The crowd favorite was the chia seed parfait and I’m going to try and fin
  2. Just back from our 8th cruise with Carnival. Didn't take my computer with us this time because I was determined I wasn't going to fight with the wifi to do any work so I'll put a review and synopsis together over multiple posts. All in all we had a good time and will certainly be cruising again. Had a few things that I'll mention that we'd change or avoid given the opportunity to do it again. We had a cove mid-ship, late dinning, and did the steak house. Our group was 12 total and always had something to do! We live in Central Florida so we didn't have to deal with flights or transfers
  3. Not sure how you are getting to the port or how many you are traveling with. Is it possible that someone in your party could go park the car with your son as you get an opportunity to go in and scope it out? It has been a few years since we’ve been to Miami, and I wasn’t specifically looking, but don’t recall seeing anything outside the terminal. After security which was right inside the door it seems like there were a handful of people that were providing other directions. Again, wasn’t looking and didn’t need those services ourselves.
  4. We are normally mid ship and really enjoy them. Being so close to the water is hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it. Life boats above you, ocean view below you makes it more secluded. Noise has never been an issue for us. Headed back to I think the fourth cove this Saturday on the Magic!
  5. TOTALLY opened this thread for just that reason. I thought that was some new level of extreme in order to maximize the package value 🤣🤣
  6. Has anyone had any experience with the Lip Sync Challenge? I know it starts with a few preliminary rounds and culminates with a final show towards the end of the week. Does anyone know what might be on the song list for the preliminary rounds early in the week?
  7. Last time through Canaveral it was just a bunch of lines and trying to process everyone as quickly as possible. Looked a lot like the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving. If I'm reading this right, and you are in charge of the minor children, they'd be right there with you.
  8. So with Cheers!, how is the service speed on say the Lido deck? We’ve got a group going and will probably find a spot to camp out during the day. I’ve seen some general reviews that say service overall has slowed, too thin, etc. Is service with Cheers fairly good, or do they avoid you? Wondering if the 18% is added to each drink they bring, or are we a flat rate x amount on the package? I know we can add extra if we want and will if we are at piano bar or some place we get to know the server. Could be 5-7 loungers lined up looking for a margarita refill, will they walk the other way?? 🤣🤣
  9. Working on our packing list. It's been a few years since we cruised. Last time we brought a few little battery powered candles for night lights. Was that because the switch in the bathroom controls the outlet? Why wouldn't we have just used a traditional nightlight? These were nice because it was just enough light to prevent you from stubbing your toe!
  10. Why use Cruise Cash as opposed to the various ways of getting gift cards at a 10% savings? Yes, they have to be applied when you get on, but you don't have to do it the very first day. There is plenty of opportunities on any given day with 1-2 people in line at guest services, or you can use the kiosk. It doesn't really take too much of your vacation time, and it saves you 10% so that seems like a pretty worthwhile trade off. We used the gc for the entire fare, Cheers, Bubbles and gratuities. Have a little left over that we will apply at some point during the week to our folio to offset a
  11. Does anyone recall the logistics for the obligatory boarding photo in FLL? We have a group and some have priority boarding. Is the photo once they call your zone to board, or is it some time before you get in to the waiting area? If we arrive at the port together can we all get the photo together, or would it require the priority person to hang back and board with us common folk?
  12. In the past - and of course everything is different on every ship and every sailing - in the MDR when our kids ordered a soda they brought the entire can and it was on the table before we got there. I would guess that the bar server in the MDR could easily provide another towards the end of your meal that you could then take with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if on the second day you had two sitting at your table when you arrive!
  13. Soft drinks are $2.50. Three sodas and the Bubbles package is worthwhile. Not ‘cost’ related is the intrinsic value that our kids found in being able to just order a drink when they wanted one. Last cruise we had 4 kids in our group that found two servers in the Atrium that were always excited to see them coming. They’d spot them in the elevator and start pouring for them. We later found out she had young kids at home that she was of course missing. It became a regular stop on our way to the show at night. Another upside is that if you have a set dinning time it’s not uncommon t
  14. We love our BruMate insulated koozies. If you have one I’m sure you know why! Anyone have any experience with BruMates and compatible items? We have both the slim can (Ultra, White Claw) and bottle. Of course they don’t have glass bottles, but has anyone found something aluminum that works and fits well? These are standard run of the mill koozies of foam or neoprene, they are insulated metal like a Yeti so they can stretch to fit just any ol’ can/bottle. Believe it or not, a bottle isn’t a standard size and a bottle of Miller is actually a different diameter size than a
  15. On a very popular e-commerce site they’ve got the same (or extremely similar) items in a 5 pack for $10 (or 11 depending on size) with Prime shipping. Reports are they are $4 on the ship but of course branded. We ordered a set because we have a group. They fold a collapse fine but still stand up just fine when using. There isn’t any taste to them like a garden hose or anything.
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