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  1. Thanks for the detailed write-up, Comboy. I ended up putting my deposit down on this cruise. Wish me luck in the roommate lottery!
  2. Thanks Chad and dswallow. From RC's blog, it looks like the beverage package is, "$63 - $70 per guest, per day (excludes gratuity)". Even if it's offered, I can't imagine spending that much per day drinks anyway. I'll check out ***** as well. -Justin
  3. Hi, I'm a 30-yo gay man and am considering booking my first gay cruise (and first ever cruise) and I have a few questions. The specific cruise I'm considering is Atlantis's Oasis Mediterranean Cruise out of Barcelona on August 25, 2019 (on Royal Caribean's Oasis of the Seas). I can't find reviews specifically for Atlantis (or RSVP, etc.) on this site. I know they just charter the ships from the big cruise lines, but I don't know how much from the reviews of those lines are applicable to Atlantis. Does anyone know where to find up-to-date reviews of all-gay cruises? Or, if you've been on one can you share your experience? Since I'm traveling solo, I'm considering using the Room Share Program to save money. Does anyone have experience with this? Obviously, there's always the risk your roommate might have an incompatible sleep schedule (I'm probably staying out late at parties and sleeping in during the morning), be inconvenient if you want privacy, or just be creep. Another company I looked at does the assignment by smoking/non-smoking and age range, which might help avoid some of these issues, but Atlantis says they assign strictly by smoking/non-smoking. Does anyone know what the social dynamic is like for solo cruisers on the younger side on these ships? Do new friend groups tend to form on these cruises, or are most people pretty much already in the groups/couples they came with? For reference, I've traveled solo to gay destinations like Provincetown and always managed to meet some people while there, but the aforementioned cliquishness still seems like a trend. I also like meeting guys through Grindr while doing other solo travel. Questions about costs not included in the main reservation: What are drink prices like? I've heard there's a beverage package that might save money if you know you'll be buying drinks. Does anyone know pricing? How much are the excursions at ports? Wifi package price? Any other charges they don't advertise beforehand? Not a question, but thought I'd bring it up since it comes up a lot in other threads about gay cruises. I understand that not all the guys will look like the underwear-model types in the promotional material. I have moderated expectations 😁 Thanks in advance for any help on making this decision!
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