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  1. At $950, that’s approx 105 drinks (non premium) in 7 days (15 a day). If you will drink that much, then sure go for it. Otherwise, do the math.
  2. I found it on the app. Forgot that I must use it for this purpose. Thanks to all. happy cruisin! bob
  3. I leave Saturday on the edge. The check in process said I will need to fill out the health questionnaire 24 hours prior to boarding. Where do I find this questionnaire? The check in is closed. bob
  4. I’ve always had to reserve a seat for entertainment in the theater. I cruise July 3rd and I can’t find any way to reserve seats. Is this not done anymore? bob
  5. My DW and I only have 1 drink a day and the discount rates work well for us.
  6. What is theoretical? “Earn eight tier points for every: $1 theoretical on table game”… bob
  7. We have a back-to-back on the edge in July. Anyone know the procedures for this now? Never did it before. Do you get your new Sea Pass card before exiting; or have to go through whole process with all the new cruisers? Any other info? We have the same cabin both cruises. bob
  8. Found it; thanks. Tough getting old! Lol
  9. Where do I find the roll call?
  10. I am an American citizen cruising July 3 out of Fort Lauderdale, fully vaccinated. Do I need a Covid PCR test? I’ve gotten conflicting reports from Celebrity customer service. I read the test is only needed if I fly into the US. Anyone know differently? bob
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