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  1. Thank you to everyone for posting to my initial question. I did not mean to upset anyone. Since Princess themselves were confused if the machines existed I was just looking for more accurate info. The one place the Princess rep specifically said she saw a Coke Freestyle machine a couple weeks ago while on Sky Princess was in the fitness center. That seemed like an odd place but if anyone happens to be on the ship and in the fitness center and sees it will you please share. Thanks again
  2. A supervisor from Princess emailed me today. She contacted the dietary department. The Coke Free Style machines have not yet been installed on Sky Princess and will NOT be before our b2b sailing starting December 28 and ending January 11, 2020. No information on when they plan to install. It has been a very interesting exchange with Princess. A representative stating she was just on the boat and they had the machines and others never hearing about them period. While another stating they are installed but soda options will remain the same as on ships served by bartenders. However the fina
  3. The Princess cruise line supervisor I spoke to said her coworker who she spoke to while she placed me on hold said the machines were on Sky Princess last week. Clearly I will bring my own diet soda without caffeine. I am Elite on Princess but can not trust a word they say at this point.
  4. Interesting supervisor at Princess who still has me on hold says her coworker was on Sky Princess recently and they had Coke Free Style machines. I don’t understand why Princess can not answer of they have them and if so what options could be available. If anyone has been on Sky Princess since it’s launch I would appreciate any information you have.
  5. We are sailing on the Sky Princess late December. I just spoke to a Princess representative on the phone. She stated that the FreeStyle machines were on Sky Princess BUT the only diet soda option is Diet Coke. From previous post people have stated otherwise. Can anyone please verify. On land I am familiar with Coke FreeStyle machines. The representative lists the available options and put me on hold numerous times. She encouraged me to bring my own soda onboard. She state that the soda options will be the same as the soda gun options were from a the previous bartender service method.
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