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  1. In some cases it may be do you approve a vaccine that can be more easily transported and administered to particular populations (like the many remote northern communities in Canada and I assume parts of the developing world). Already the Pfizer vaccine is not going to the Territories in Canada (at their request) as the Moderna vaccine likely to be approved this week is easier to transport. I think the decision would be easier if we had answers about infection and transmission rates for the vaccines as opposed to just symptoms/illness rates
  2. We did similar to Tripmaven but we stayed the night in Aquas Calientes. That gave us the opportunity to enjoy the site in the afternoon and then again before the train arrived the next day.
  3. First cruise was about 12 years ago and was an opportunity to meet a group of internet friends that decided to do a 3 night group cruise. I didn't think I would enjoy the cruise as much as the company but I was wrong. Had a great time and now love the longer cruises. Fingers crossed I get to do the month long South America/Antarctica cruise I have planned!
  4. My mom wanted to retire there after our visit and I could definately spend more time there. I think the place that was the most surprise to me was Assisi. It was on our itinerary for a group member who was more on the religious side but churches have never been my thing so wasn't expecting to really enjoy it. I found myself wishing we were staying longer. The people were wonderful, had some good food, enjoyed just walking around and spotting all the beautiful touches in the city.
  5. I found Venice disappointing and sad. The weather was awful and some of it was underwater, which didn't help. Went out to some of the smaller islands and enjoyed them much more. Not sure I will ever go back!
  6. I have so many places on my list to see that I usually look for new itineraries. The only cruise I have done more than once is the short 3 day out of Florida to the cruise ship island. Done that one 3 times always with different people who wanted to try a short cruise to see if they like it. The rest of my cruises have all been different so far although there are some places I would love to go back. I've done land touring in some places that I have later visited cruising and cruised places I later go back and explore further. I look at it like there isn't a wrong way to go as long as you are a
  7. I'm booked for the one with Kirkwell (Orkney) in May 2021 leaving from Southhampton. That and Edinburgh are the stops my mom is most excited about.
  8. Not on a ship but I boarded a plane that was sharing part of a boarding ramp with a flight to another city. A couple got on the wrong flight and it was only discovered when someone else boarded and found them in their seats. At least it was discovered before takeoff...
  9. Thanks, I swear I searched before I posted but didn't see this one.
  10. Planning to take mom on a British Isles cruise (Guernsey, Cobh (Cork), Dublin, Belfast, Invergordon, Kirkwell, Glasgow, Edinburgh) She is a huge knitter and always interested in visiting local shops for patterns and yarn. Does anyone know of a not to be missed local shop in any of these cities?
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