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  1. Has royal caribbean posted all their 2021 cruises or will there be more to come?
  2. Thanks for the perspectives. I was mad about the fitness too. They could have had it that a kid had to be accompanied by an adult. At least they have each other. The ship definitely sounds more suitable then the holland america ship i was on. Vancouver sailings are smaller ships so mega ships not an option.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I see them glued to their device, and wondered what they would do. However i know they would even enjoy the pool and games like table tennis if they have that as well.
  4. My sister is thinking of taking her 2 daughters on serenade of the seas to alaska. I see there is sushi maki ng and cupcake decorating but would there be anything else for them to do onboard? Is adventure ocean younger? It is unfortunate fitness is over 18. (I am the researcher in the family.)
  5. I agree. I always ate breakfast by myself and didn't feel weird. I'm not a morning person and that worked well for me.
  6. I meant t respond there wasn't a lot of prawns on the cruise i was on. There was prawns and steak on gala night that was very good. There was prawn cocktail and a prawn mussel hot pot for the seafood buffet. I saw more shrimp on the menu. I had a good piece of halibut and salmon. I like prawns as a treat anyway.
  7. Sorry i was told by another poster not to post competitor's websites as cruise critic doesn't like it. Hint to cruise critic: if you could post cruise prices in canadian dollars too that would be helpful.
  8. I thought the sail away inside was no single supplement on some sailings. I saw it on vacations to go.
  9. Just a note that there were only 2 solo gatherings. The first night there was a solo gathering and no one came. There was a solo lunch on the first sea day and 8 people came. They said there would be a solo lunch the last sea day but there was nothing in the program. Some popular topics if you want to start a conversation is Where are you from? Have you cruised before? What excursion did you do or are you doing? Lots of opportunities to have short casual conversations. Just a note I am an introvert although have become more experienced eating with strangers with going to dinner mee
  10. I'm back from my cruise. Basically there is a lot of thumping up above. I confess to taking 1/2 a sleeping pill a few nights and i slept well because of this. I would get that location again as it is convenient to dining room, theatre, lincoln centre stage and walking track. I like to be able to take the stairs. Definitely not that room though. Now i know.
  11. I just got back from my alaskan cruise and it was quite rough leaving Ketchikan. It was a sunny day that day too. I was mad because it was gala night and i couldn't finish my yummy dinner. I had to go to my room. It was quite calm otherwise.
  12. I noticed a studio on ovation of the seas for a hawaiian cruise and it wasn't cheaper than paying double. Is this common with the studios? I know a solo room i looked at on serenade was cheaper than paying double.
  13. I'm interested in hearing what people thought of this cruise. I notice some cruises in october have no single supplement. Is that common for this cruise or is it just because i thought its storm season then? I wouldn't go this year, but would be interested in the future. It looks like a great itinerary. I'm actually from vancouver and there are cruises from here but it looks expensive when you double it. I probably need to do more research.
  14. I had a great solo travel experience! I mainly ate in the dining room for dinner at a 6 person table. People were friendly. I even ate with a family and 2 couples who sailed together and i still found they talked to me. My one not so successful experience was afternoon tea at an 8 table, I find the table a bit impersonal but its partially the conversation didn't interest me. I had some success with the buffet as people would sit with me if they couldn't find a seat but i prefer the mdr. Lots of opportunities to talk to people, It was an alaskan Holland america cruise. I preferred to eat alone
  15. Is there a public bus that goes to alaska state museum?
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