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  1. Actually one more question - is the main dining room ever open for lunch. I read somewhere there is a solo table set up at lunch.
  2. What a great thread! Thanks again to everyone for recommendations. I will report back after my trip.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I will try out lunch once since it sounds like the lido buffet can get crazy at lunch and this would be a good more inexpensive alternative. So the reason i can't book online is because you can't reserve in advance? Oops i reread sevenseas nomad post and i see i have to go there first thing. Thanks.
  4. I'm going on an alaskan cruise on september on the noordam. (Yes i've heard about the dry dock - i got a solo deal and i took it) I'm wondering if specialty dining is worth it? I'm particularly interested if the steak is great at the pinnacle. Also interested in canneletos as i'm canadian and the exchange rate adds a lot for pinnacle. Or for a first time cruiser is the main dining room good enough?
  5. I notice for pacific coastal 7 day cruise on hal volendam and oosterdam in sept the single supplement appears to be about 50%.
  6. Does anyone know when these will be posted?
  7. I understand many princess ships go to tracy arm and i'm interested if you got through in may or june as i'm interested going at that time next year. It seems hard to find information if ships get through even though they advertise that as a destination, i understand ships don't always get through.
  8. I am interested to hear whether there was a naturalist on board or any other nature talks on ovation of the seas trip to alaska.
  9. Thanks. I will remember to check around the centrum. I was interested in the sushi making class as well. Only 2 sea days on alaskan cruise so that will be alright. I may splurge and get a manicure. 🙂 Sounds like there is a lot of opportunities to meet other peolpe.
  10. You're seriously equating a solo event with pro paddle!? As others have said cruiselines like norwegian consistently offer solo events while rcl won't acknowledge they have solo events on any of their trips. Not sure why that is expecting too much to know that is on offer when it is something important to me when choosing a cruise. Fyi i had edited my post, knowing it was a bit inflammatory but i haven't been impressed with their knowledge overall when i called them.
  11. Thanks for your post. As i said i'm new to cruising and not sure what to expect. I appreciate your trying to excuse the phone staff, but i still think she could have said something like rcl sometimes has single events but i'm not sure on your particular ship as the activity staff plans them instead of a blanket denial that she's never heard of single events when clearly people on this forum have been to them. Thanks everyone for all your comments. If not for you my assumption would have been there are no single activities on any RCL ships.
  12. Thanks I created a roll call and signed up for the meet and mingle. First time solo cruising and it would be nice to meet some people even once.
  13. Thanks for sharing this. I just don't understand why they can't say if it is offered. I'm just wondering if it is only offered on larger cruise ships like Ovation or on smaller cruise ships like Serenade as well. Surely they must know in general. My cruise isn't until next year so maybe i'll try again later.
  14. I've been trying to find out what type of solo activities are on Royal Caribbean ships. Someone posted that they were on Ovation of the Seas and there was some solo gatherings. I phoned and tried to get some information and they couldn't tell me anything, not even generally if they have any solo gatherings on there ships. I was not impressed as they should be able to give a basic statement about it. Just venting. In any event, if you've been on any solo gatherings on a RCL ship, please post.
  15. There seems to be some confusion that I would be on Ovation of the Seas. I would actually be on Serenade of the Seas. I'll have to think about this more as it seems like there is differing opinions. Its true since i'm from Vancouver I may go on an Alaskan cruise again.
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