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  1. Has anyone gone to either of these? I wasn’t planning to buy a dining package but i thought i’d try one lunch. I’m just wondering if they are worth the price or if i can do just as well in the main dining room.
  2. Its bad enough that a lot of couples refuse to acknowledge the challenges singles face financially but now a single person does to?!
  3. Just a reminder to post your deals in the solo deals thread. I see a lot of people posting deals here but not a lot in that thread. Lets help each other out. The way i see it a married couple is not really paying less based on its coming out of the same pocket of money and they pay more for double airfare. Still i think it stings to pay more for the cruise fare and i’m not going to apologize for acknowledging some of the challenges of being single. It is a challenge.
  4. I feel its an equity issue. Its not equitable that some people can travel and some can not. It would be those with 2 pfizer vaccines who would squawk if a third was given. I’m not sure a 3rd vaccine will help if its not given at a certain interval. That said i’d gladly pay the 50.00 if it did. I feel like we are just going to be flexible in where we cruise going forward. Barbados accepts mixed vaccines right? I was looking at a cruise leaving bridgetown, Barbados.
  5. I'm glad they clarified their policy, even if I don't like it. I did have my AstraZeneca mixed shot 10 weeks apart. So maybe this means depending on us policy we could sail out of Canada? I'll have to start looking at their other ports!
  6. I was told the reason why the refundable rate is so high is that there are only 3 solo cabins on the ship so they can charge a premium. I was thinking of eventually booking as a refundable and then changing it to non refundable when there is only one of the rooms left. Is there any drawbacks to doing this except you don't know if the non refundable rates will go up?
  7. Thank you. What i have looked at are solo cabins on radiance ships. The non refundable is around 1200 and the refundable is 2900. Something just doesn’t seem right. Yet i know have booked a cabin at a decent refundable price before.
  8. Just to clarify I mean approval by the who and us. They want more data and if canada doesn't provide it who? Germany is embroiled in flooding right now.
  9. I am getting increasingly mad at the government. It seems to me that unless additional studies are done there won't be any changes to vaccine mixing policies. So why isn't the government doing this?
  10. As i said, i don't consider spending 2 seconds of my time to download something useless at all. Again, i'm not forcing other people to do this.
  11. Who knows? It took me 2 seconds to download a copy of the tweet just in case. My dad is a lawyer and taught me to always keep copies of things for your records. I certainly never forced anyone else to do the same.
  12. Thanks for posting the tweet. I was told the policy was on hold when I phoned. I just wanted this tweet for my records to prove it was accepted at one point.
  13. Does anyone know when the tweet saying vaccine mixing was accepted was sent out? I'd like this date for my records as I may have a cruise certificate out of this.
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