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  1. I love froze mojitos and blue Hawaiians for a splurge.
  2. How far in advance did you get your welcome letter?
  3. Hi! We leave a week from today on the harmony. I have always been contacted by our concierge by now. Does anyone know how I contact them? Thanks!
  4. This is what I keep saying. You should be scared of the flu!!!!
  5. For those of you that did the water park, is is work $125 a person?
  6. I second this. I look at the time we are in port until and when the shows I want to see start and play 2 hrs for dinner. Specialty restaurants tend to be very slow!!!
  7. I'm glad you said this. We will be on the Harmony over mid winter break and there will be us and the empress. The water park tickets are now up to 124.99!!!! There is no way I am paying $250.00 for my daughter and I to go on a couple slides when we have slides on our ship.
  8. It was with them. Now I went to check it out again and it just says Dolphin encounters. And it is 30 dollars more 😥
  9. Has anyone does this encounter? It is on sale on Royal for 69.99 and sounds like a fun/good deal.
  10. I'm on Harmony mid February and our shows opened up just before Halloween.
  11. No those all carry an additional fee.
  12. A- Is CK the designated dinning are for suite guests (like luminae)? Yes. As sky class you can eat all of your meals in CK if you would like. B- Does one need reservations for CK or can you simply show up? For breakfast and lunch you can just show up, but for dinner you will have the concierge make reservations for you. He will email you the week before you cruise and help arrange your reservations. c- Is the Suite lounge open 24/7? No. I can't remember the hours, but I believe it close at 11 o'clock. D- Do they serve complimentary cocktails all day (similar to Michael's club)? Cocktails are free from 5:30-8. Starting at 11 am you can get free select beers and wine, soda, and bottled water. E- if the cocktails are not complimentary can you buy them at any time? Yes. There is a bar in there, but it is not a full service bar. They do not have blenders, but you can get many mixed drinks. F- What hours is the Suite Lounge staffed with concierge, bartenders ? Concierge from 8:30-11:30 and 5-8:30. Bartenders are from there until 11. I am not sure what time they are staffed. G- Does the suite lounge provide complementary bottled water, soda, coffee, tea to go all day? Bottled water and soda is from 11-11. Coffee and tea all day I believe. H- Is the Suite Lounge open on embarkation day prior to the rooms being ready? Yes I- Where is the Suite sun deck located? How does one access it if they can not walk? This is a major problem. My father is handicap and we too stayed in accessible crown loft on Harmony. They did not have an elevator, so unless you can walk up a large flight of stairs, you are out of luck. It is up a flight of stairs on the forward side of the ship from the pool deck. J- We have not been to Coco Cay in 2 years. From the looks of it, it has changed drastically (Not to mention how much it has changed in the 20 years since we were first there). We liked the Suite cabanas to the left of where you leave the ship and close to snorkeling. Which location of Cabanas is near there and has amenities like bathrooms, food, and waiters? Not sure. K- What is the earliest Suite guests may disembark if they are NOT carrying their luggage off? We have gotten off at 7 am, but that was star class. I assume it is similar for sky class. L- We are foodies and really like clean food. (We live part time in LA as does our daughter so we have developed the crazy GF, no Diary, lifestyle, our daughter is a pescatarian). What restaurants would you recommend? ( we found plenty for the splurge especially for my husband who begrudgingly goes along with our food limits). CK, specialty restaurants, and main dining room will be very accommodating. K- Any other tips?
  13. From what I remember, Izumi hibachi is not included in UDP, but sometimes you can get it on the first night included. Has this changed?
  14. I would really try to convince her. I love it so much. The views are amazing and the room is amazing!
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