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  1. I was on a busy week (midwinter break) and I didn't find it to crowded around 8 am. I got a treadmill no problem, used the weights that I wanted, and used a mat when I needed to stretch. It is very nice and has a lot of stuff.
  2. Not sure if you went already, but I went with my dad who is in a wheelchair in February. They have trails to take your wheelchair. Then my dad is able to walk a little when holding on so we would walk him to a chair or lounger and put him in the shade. there are handicap bathrooms as well. It all worked well and my dad enjoyed himself.
  3. Our Genie had told us that they weren't allowed to do that. I was on the Allure and the Oasis.
  4. I have had 2 genies in the past year and from what you describe it does sound like he didn't do his job. We told our genie about my daughters birthday and the room was decorated with banner, she received a gift, and a birthday cake was delivered. All without being asked for. As for activities, she planned all dinners and shows and for activities, she suggested the parade and ice skating as she knew my daughter might be interested. Other than that, flyers were in the welcome party with invites to sail away party. Starbucks is no longer allowed to be delivered, but our genies did inform us all that was included. She also asked us what snacks we would like to see in the room, and met with us at dinner most nights, called daily, and popped in to ask if we needed anything. I would have definitely had a conversation while on the cruise. Did they reserve seats for you at the shows? Ask to bring you snacks?
  5. I love Izumi Hibachi. I go 1-2 times every cruise. I think it is well worth the money as you do get a lot of food. Also, last cruise I got a cyber Monday deal for the UDP for $152 pp. We were able to go to Izumi Hibachi the first night when it is usually not included because most people don't go the first night. This is a great way to get Izumi for cheaper.
  6. I was on the Allure in February of last year. My father fell on the ship and was on blood thinners causing hematomas to form as well as a nasty gash needing 16 stitches. The medical staff stitched him up, but recommended and arranged for my father to visit a doctor once we reached our next port, St. Thomas. I cannot imagine they just kicked them off, or used those words. The doctors on board were very helpful, but the safety of the patient comes first. If they cannot help them properly on board, they need to get them to a place that can. Knowing my father has some health issues, we bought insurance and since St. Thomas is U.S. Virgin Island, his medical insurance extended there as well. It was a bad call on their part.
  7. The kid's club opens at 8 pm the first night. They use paper straws, but the Starbucks on the boardwalk has plastic straws if you would like to use them instead.
  8. If you connect to internet and go to airplane mode, you can call anyone on the ship or off that has an iphone with facetime audio. It will be free. You can also use this method to text people with iphones. I just got off Harmony yesterday and use this method to call my friend in Germany
  9. For the people that have been upgraded, did you find out before the 24 hr mark? Or did they notify you at the 24 hr mark?
  10. When I eat at coastal kitchen, I have found them to be just like the MDR in that they can bring things off the menu. For breakfast I often went. I like to eat corned beef hash in the am. It's not on the menu, but I asked if I could have it and they said no problem. Another option is for your child to go to windjammer (just one one floor down) and grab some food and bring it up and eat with you at the table.
  11. Your genie will email you ahead of cruise and ask if you would like to rent one. Nothing is included with it. All will be extra. Your genie can help you book them, but I would recommend booking in advance or you will pay a lot more. As Star Class, you do get the ability to select the cabana you want first.
  12. If you get upgraded to star class, all of those things will be credited back to how you paid for them. I know this because last February I was booked in an owner's suite on the Allure. After arrival, we found our room to be occupied by other guests. After going to guest services, we learned we had been upgraded to the Star Loft Suite and went from Sky to Star class. I had purchased a drink package ahead of time. Within minutes of notifying our Genie, charges were refunded. The Genie is the one in charge of your account and does everything for you. She was also able to get a refund for my father on a excursion he was unable to make due to being ill the day of.
  13. When I went on the Allure in February of last year, we stopped in St. Kitts. While there, I picked up some gifts for our Genie and our two room stewards. We were doing the chocolate making tour. I asked our cabin stewards if they liked chocolate. One did, and the other didn't. Since I was getting everyone else chocolate, I wanted to get something for our cabin steward. I went into the liquor store and bought him a pint of Tito's and brought it back on the ship to him in my bag no problem. They did not take it to give to me at the end of the cruise. I wonder if it was because it was small. If this is the case, you can get some pints at a port and bring them back on.
  14. We did Atlantis with Royal Caribbean. We had a bad experience, but a lot of it you can avoid due to the time you arrive. On Allure, we were only there from 8-2. We had to wait a long time to get on buses and walk quite a distance. Then when we finally got there, nothing was open. My daughter could only stare at the pool. After swimming awhile we did the sea lion encounter, which was great. Then we did a little of the pool again. Due to time, we couldn't use our lunch vouchers, and ended up having to take our own transportation. They had us leaving at 1 and we needed to wait in a long line to get pictures from our encounter. We paid a ton of money and were there for so little. I ended up walking to the front of resort and grabbing one of their taxis. For the 3 of us, I believe it was like 15 dollars.
  15. After our past two cruises this year, my mom and brother were both contacted by Royal Caribbean after receiving their survey for further questioning. So they do that to gain more information.
  16. I didn't think Johnny Rockets was included with the Ultimate dining package. You got it for free the first day?
  17. Thinking of the crew I feel bad for the lost tips and the extra work they have to do.
  18. We are booked in a crown loft. We received the royal up email to bid for star class cabins. We wanted a star class, but all were booked. I am very doubtful that any will become available. They are just so limited, especially going during president's week.
  19. Usually the lower prices are at less desirable times, i.e., the first day on the ship or in port. What might be the case is that the select times that are $89 are full.
  20. Harmony also has Wonderland and the Allure does not.
  21. They do. I saw them on the Allure and Oasis. They were in a cooler just like show. Above, but no sign. I saw them while waiting for a drink.
  22. When we gave $150 I believe we gave $125 to the assistant. They were both seeming to do the same amount and went above and beyond for us. This last cruise I believe we gave $100 to the head and 65 to the assistant.
  23. We usually give it to them the last night. We are extremely low maintenance, Genie's keep begging us to do more, so we have tipped them between $400-500. They just make appointments for us. One time we asked to order dinner on our deck, but that is it. For our stewards we give usually $150 and slightly less for the assistant.
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