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  1. I'm happy you had such a great experience! I can't wait to see how ours goes on the 3/17 Escape sailing! We already have such a amazing group of people going from our roll call and fb group I can't imagine it not being a blast!
  2. Are the chilled peeled shrimp only available on seafood night or they in the buffet each night for dinner?
  3. My BF made me promise not to make a binder for our cruise and to not make an itinerary either. I'm itchy inside! I feel like the ship is going to sink if I don't get this binder put together stat! I'm going to break. I'm going to make a binder. He's going to hate me for it until he sees how smooth everything goes. Then he'll still hate me but he'll have had the best cruise ever lol
  4. I wouldn't find it creepy at all! I'd hate going someplace with my kids and then smelling weed! You want to cruise? Leave the drugs at home!
  5. We make and bottle our own wine. Will NCL allow us to bring this on board with the corkage fee? It is professionally labelled and sealed but done at home. We make white, red, and season permitting dandelion.
  6. Not sure but the Riesling I drink is $21.95/glass? Whoa! The corkage fee is making more and more sense the more I read.
  7. It is $161/person on our 7 day Escape sailing to the Bahamas. Tehcnically 3 swipes every 3 minutes you could share the card between 2-3 people. We just have the 2 kids so it works out perfect for us. It comes out to $11.5/kid/day for the 7 days. Ultimate Arcade Package DETAILS Play on (and on and on)! Purchase the Ultimate Arcade Package and enjoy unlimited arcade games for your entire cruise. Ultimate Arcade Package must be purchased for at least one guest within the stateroom. Guests can play select arcade games for the duration of their current cruise. The Ultimate Arcade Package includes arcade games with Green colored swipes. All other prize and ticket issuing games, including vending will be charged at posted price. The Unlimited Arcade Package sharing controls includes limiting guests to three (3) swipes every three (3) minutes. If compromised, the card will be disabled for 15 minutes. Norwegian Cruise Line management reserves the right to alter or change package structure at any time.
  8. We received ours through Ocean Resort in AC. Tropicana there also does cruises.
  9. Give me a bar over the pool any day!
  10. Do the closets already have any hangers? If so, roughly how many?
  11. We paid using USD so I don't think it was a currency thing. I found it hilarious. I paid the .02. My bf paid for the rest of the cruise. I keep telling everyone I'm the big spender because I paid the balance of our cruise off
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