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  1. I have never removed the gratuities, and appreciate the efforts to get rid of the awkward, old-school "handing over of the envelopes of cash" on the last night of the cruise. We're not high maintenance people and would not remove tips just because our room steward didn't engage us in lively conversation. I agree that most issues with cabin service can and should be resolved onboard by the hotel director. If you choose to say nothing and brood about it afterward, then that's on you. That said, I generally don't like giving a tip before I have received the service. On land, we use a couple of food delivery service companies - one of them requires you to pre-pay a tip to the delivery driver before you can place the order ( a couple of times the food has arrive ridiculously late, or wrong and we've had to jump through customer service hoops to remove the tip), and the other one allows you to tip afterward (and as a caveat, you have to select a tip - or no tip - before the App lets you place another order). I accept that the pre-paying of tips on cruises is now an industry-wide practice. While part of me is still not thrilled about not being able to really control who gets what percentage of that daily service charge, it's better then roaming around on the last night with a handful of envelopes.
  2. Never suggested she did. I responded to your questions about whether "I" would give my children those privileges (spoiler alert: YES), and then expanded my response to include the caveat that if the kid(s) in question don't follow directives from the parents or grandparents in charge, then THAT issue should be handled before getting on the cruise. I don't believe I in any way suggested that YOUR kids don't follow directions, merely it was a general statement about kids who don't follow parental directions. Nonetheless, it sounds like your kid(s) follow directions and should, perhaps, be allowed to charge to their seapass.
  3. Yes - but to clarify - if your 10 year old has a pattern of disobeying instructions that give him/her - (IMO) that's a parenting issue that should be dealt with outside of a week-long cruise.
  4. The answer was 'yes' for both my girls, who were very mature at an early age. At most they'd buy a Ben & Jerry's ice cream, a smoothie or maybe a coffee drink and always report to me what they purchased. I couldn't force either of them into an arcade but I can see where a kid that loves arcade games may need a limit. If there are kids who go on a spending spree even after their parents instruct them not to, then that's a different kind of parenting issue.
  5. When all the pool loungers are "occupied" by 7am, that's my breaking point 😋 Not really, but all I like to do on a sea day is sit near the pool and read a book. I hate that I have to get up earlier and earlier on cruises to secure my one lounger for the day in the spot that I want to be (I don't like the upper level - too windy).
  6. I might consider that offer if they threw in suite benefits too. That's a huge downgrade when you consider that you're losing the suite benefits.
  7. Is it really a similar equation to Labadee? I haven't seen any topics addressing insides paying more for cabanas on Labadee than suites. I do agree that time of year would affect the price (and general demand for the product) but not type of cabin (especially not insides paying remarkably more than suites).
  8. For $1k+, that cabana better be 5-star with A/C, a golden commode and Beyoncé herself serenading me all day - not an open-air wooden shack! Seriously though, I think Royal is just throwing these prices out to see who is willing to pay what, before they decide on a range of prices. History tells them that people are willing to pay (arguably) absurd prices for cabanas on Labadee (I know, I know, it comes with a cooler of water, floating mats and grandpa has a place to sit for the day!) Quote all the cabana discussion threads you want but I don't believe they would charge inside cabins $1k and suites $400. Someone hit the wrong button on that algorithm!
  9. Yes, but the steward was asking them to cash out the DSC and give the funds directly to her. Apparently that action requires paperwork and cannot be done as one is departing the ship on the last morning.
  10. Not ideal, but definitely doable for the short term (at least it's not a shower curtain, right?). One hack I learned on here is to put a washcloth in the soap holder tray (which is annoyingly designed as a grate, that causes travel sized bottles & razors to easily topple over/fall through). Put your stuff on top of the washcloth and it's less likely to fall.
  11. We had no problem bringing it in a checked bag. This was last April - I don’t believe there were size or quantity restrictions then. I brought 3 8-packs (I think) of the mini cans of soda for DH to have In the room and 4-5 larger bottles of water. I also threw a couple boxes of KIND bars in for good measure. I had no idea whether it would get flagged or not, but we had no issues.
  12. I typically don't purchase the package. I don't drink soda and don't want all the sugar in the frozen drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, juice drinks, calorie bomb coffee drinks, etc. I'm not a fruity cosmo type drinker and I don't drink wine. On our last cruise (Oasis), we brought water and soda (for DH, in a carry on) and I brought all the Starbucks gift cards we had accumulated over the year. On sea days I indulged in one or two light beers by the pool and an occasional vodka tonic with dinner. I'm a light weight - if I drank enough "to break even", I would miss the entire cruise sleeping it off in my cabin 😂
  13. ShillyShally - that is very helpful, thank you!
  14. We've switched cabins with kids several times (but no drink packages). That's an interesting point about the drink package staying with the cabin. I guess I'll make sure that I am the listed adult in the JS, so my package stays with me and then hope that my husband's soda package can move with him, or he can always repurchase on board. I was particularly looking for any intel on whether Royal would make him purchase the alcohol package as well, once we room-switch. He doesn't drink, so it would be a waste. Didn't Royal have a policy not too long ago that if one adult in a cabin bought the alcohol package, the other adult in the cabin had to buy it as well? That's why I'm asking.
  15. I hope not - since the minor will be switching with me from a junior suite to an inside cabin with her 18 year old cousin 😁
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