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  1. We did the Natchez trip a few years ago and enjoyed it. We booked it ourselves in advance for the day we disembarked a cruise (with NCL) Once the queue starts moving, it was quite quick to get onboard. It’s not too far from the cruise terminal to walk and from memory the park on the way had some interesting sculptures/memorials. You also get a good view of the cathedral.
  2. I think they had a similar offer on our Oceana cruise in May. Don’t know the details as we weren’t interested in it.
  3. To be honest, I was a bit miffed that he never called back. I’m just glad we didn’t wait any longer to try again. I would have been happy to have been told to call back after 9am but at least we’ve got booked.
  4. Phoned the “special” number in P&O’s email at 8.50 this morning. Straight through but helpful chap said he couldn’t book till 9, but would call me back at 9.30 as he already had a call back at 9. Waited till 10.50 the hubby called on his mobile. Straight through again and are now booked up with our first choice mid ship balcony. It was £30 each more than the prices I saw on TA websites yesterday but we’re happy. Taking the £170 OBC each into account it works out at £63pppn. Would cost more in a hotel for a fortnight. Now just have to decide the best way to get to Southampton!!!
  5. Just had an email from P&O to say that our cruise from Dubai to Malta in March is cancelled. Oceana cruises in the Gulf are all cancelled from October
  6. We docked in Monaco on Britannia a couple of years ago, and also on Queen Victoria a couple of years before that. Haven’t ever tendered in Monaco!!
  7. They use Jet2 from Glasgow to Malta
  8. Now both 62. First cruise was age 13 on a school cruise on Nevasa to the Baltic and Leningrad (as it was then ) in 1970. Coincidentally, Hubby’s first cruise was also a school cruise to the Baltic on Uganda. He was 16 at the time. (We didn’t know each other then). Didn’t cruise again till 1996 when we took our teenage children on Carousel (Airtours) round the Med. We’ve been on about 30 since, just the two of us, on various lines, mainly P&O now.
  9. Hi, it leaves from Buchanan Street Bus Station, the far side, at North Hanover Street, at 3.30am. First stop is Carlisle to pick up then stop at Tebay for breakfast about 6am. It is a long journey, but depending on the time of year, probably worth doing to avoid any weather problems preventing flights or trains heading south in the few days before. There was no power or Wi-fi on the coach which surprised me, particularly for that length of journey.
  10. We are just back from the Caribbean too. The organisation of flights to and from the UK was superb. We were onboard just an hour after landing. The buses came out to the plane but instead of taking you to the terminal, they went straight to the ship. The cruise terminal was pretty empty (although got busy fairly quickly) when we arrived so checkin was quick and not much queue at security. The bags arrived at our cabin a few hours later. Our transport to the airport on the way home was due to leave about 3pm. Hand luggage was able to be left in the theatre. Again a very efficient system for drop off/collection. We were told we could use the spa for showers etc. My husband had no bother but when I went, was told I couldn’t and would need to go to the gym on deck 17. I had no idea how to find the gym and was rather annoyed. Very inconsistent!! The transfer to the airport was equally efficient, guided straight from the buses to passport control then security, and again minimal queueing. But the airport is very basic and was mobbed due to some delayed flights. We couldn’t get seats for some time. I would book the lounge next time, and consider booking an inside day cabin- from memory, it was available till 3 or 4pm- particularly with a young child. I don’t think any of the return flights left early in the day. Again from memory the earliest pick up was about lunchtime. One of the flights was delayed several hours but updated information was available onboard and updated pick up times.
  11. We’re just back from the Caribbean with TUI charter flights. They were excellent and the alcohol was free and free flowing in economy- offered doubles on both drinks rounds!!
  12. Having vowed never to get the coach from Glasgow again some years ago, we took it last month to Southampton. We spent 3days last March stuck in Newcastle during the beast from the east, with no transport north, by road, rail or air, and therefore none South from Scotland. We also spent 2nights in Gatwick airport at the beginning of December 2010, having changed our connecting flight from Edinburgh to travel by train to London a day earlier as Edinburgh airport had been closed all week due to snow. But the snow arrived in London as we were travelling! We decided for this cruise it would be best to do P&O travel so if the weather prevented us getting there, at least we would have no trouble with a refund. As it turned out the weather was ok but it might not have been. The journey down was okay, most slept until the first stop at Carlisle. We got straight on when we reached the port. The journey home was ok too. It’s just a long day. The coach was comfortable, but surprisingly for such a long journey, did not have power/USB sockets or Wi-fi. I would book the coach again for a winter cruise but would fly/take the train otherwise. If you check train tickets earlier than 12 weeks before, they either don’t show a price, or it shows as full price only. As tartanexile says, first class advance tickets booked 12weeks before are very reasonable and they include your food and drinks which often make them not much dearer than standard.
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