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  1. RCCL sells Azamara. I guess my October post was more than a thought.
  2. With the announcement this week that Celebrity Cruise lines is moving to a more all-inclusive fare similar to Azamara in that alcohol, gratuities (and Wi-Fi) will be included in the cruise fare, I wonder if RC International might be preparing to sell Azamara in the future? Granted Azamara continues to command a premium cruise fare and their ships are of smaller size than Celebrity, the ships are older and probably more expensive to operate. I understand the Celebrity product and the Azamara product have distinctly different sailing atmospheres, the thought still lingers in my mind. Thoughts
  3. Yes. 2021. My error. Can't get this goofy year out of my mind and hope it ends soon.
  4. Can someone clarify something for me? Quantum canceled the repositioning cruise from Singapore to Japan. They are still selling Japan to Japan cruises for April 5th and 15th. They are also selling Tokyo to Seattle on April 25th which may or may not be a newly offered for sale this month. I am not sure. I do not see the April 25th cruise for sale on any other websites besides Royal's website. I am slightly confused if the trans-pacific cruise is correct. Any background about this is appreciated. Thanks
  5. I read a post saying someone sat in on a panel discussion with someone at Celebrity today that said the line will not send any ships to Asia in 2021. I saw it on the Millennium roll-call for April 25, 2021 (post #511). Thoughts?????
  6. We will be on the Quest from Anchorage to Tokyo. Has anyone experienced the Internet speed and reliability when far away from anyplace.? Good or bad? Mike
  7. Can someone tell me if Azamara provides separate hair conditioner in non-suite rooms or is the conditioner mixed with the shampoo? Question is from my wifie. Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi, We have a lot of OBC to use, and are currently looking at our options for our transpacific cruise coming up. Can anyone answer the following questions? 1) Do past guests (we are Explorers) get a discount on the "Experience More Packages" as they do when purchasing an upgraded beverage package? 2) The Indulgence Package for $1399, do you know if gratuity and tax is on top of that price? Thank you fellow travelers!
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