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  1. I'm fairly certain OP is talking about the splash park at the Amber Cove port, not on the ship. There isn't a beach suitable for swimming right at Amber Cove. As far as the swim diaper issue, I can't help you with that as I have teenagers. Maybe try posting on the Carnival message boards which has more traffic.
  2. As long as it isn’t a balcony room she should be fine by herself without have ing to change things around. Then I would let uncle have his own room and move her in with you.
  3. We’re going the 11th-16th of November, so there will be another cruise in between ours and yours. 🙂
  4. Amber Cove and Grand Turk were two of our stops in February and we loved Grand Turk so much that we booked the shorter cruise with GT and AC for November. I’m looking forward to trying the jerk chicken at Jack’s Shack this time. We had cracked conch and conch fritters last time. I thought the cracked conch was good but the conch fritters were amazing. My kids adored Topher and Calyso. My 11 year old was almost in tears when she said goodbye to them. She’s very envious that DH and I are going back so soon. I promised pet them for her.
  5. I had it on a five day cruise a couple of years ago. It’s one of my favorites too!
  6. I have four teens and they far prefer CCL over RC. We’ve been on both. Initially they were excited about the fun stuff on RC but the novelty of these items wore off quickly after standing in the sun for 45 minutes waiting for their turn on the FlowRider (after spending at least 30 minutes in line to get the waivers signed and the wristband). The basketball courts were always occupied by the same people so they never got a chance to use them. We did manage to get tickets for ice skating but they are experienced ice skaters (we live in MN on a lake) so the rink seemed so tiny and they pack so many people in each session that they just ended up skating slowly in a circle. They did enjoy people watching on the rink as it appears there were a lot of first time skaters there. They did not enjoy that the ice cream machines were only open for certain times. The lines got really long for that. (This was Navigator of the Seas, right before a dry dock). To compare, we’ve been on Paradise (before a dry dock) and most recently on Glory. Hands down, they said Glory beat NOS and they say they think they even liked Paradise better. They enjoy the kids/teen clubs much more, they love Hasbro the Game show (five of us actually made it on stage—three on Paradise and two on Glory). The ice cream is 24/7, they find the ship easier to navigate, and the staff went above and beyond to learn their names, high five them in the hall (when they were younger, LOL), leave better towel animals, the MDR staff was absolutely amazing with their dietary needs, etc. They were able to play basketball and volleyball several times. I prefer smaller ships with less people so DH and I are going on Elation in November. Less expensive and we don’t do rides, etc. We are there to relax, visit, and enjoy the ports and the sun.
  7. Terry is the guy standing up with the hat on, I wonder if it was him you were with. He was from Zimbabwe. Such a great guy!
  8. I bet the staff members from the kids clubs were Terry from Circle C and Khene (actually from South Africa but has a British accent) from Club O2. My kids LOVED them on our Glory cruise in February. Terry actually came and hung out with us a bit at Jack’s Shack when we were docked in Grand Turk. The kids had a great time with him at the beach.
  9. I like the omelets and the eggs benedict for breakfast.
  10. I love the Grand Mariner soufflé. Also love the fruit soups, especially the mango and strawberry kinds.
  11. We've done both Carnival and RCI and hands down my kids prefer Carnival.
  12. We took my son’s friend with us in February when we cruised. I got him a passport—long complicated back history, fortunately his mom showed up at the passport office with the correct paperwork (his and her birth certificate, divorce papers, custody papers, etc) although she showed up an hour after we were supposed to meet, 20 minutes before the office closes. While I had her there I also had her sign a consent for minor child to travel and permission to seek medical care for a minor and had them both notarized. The customs officer absolutely asked for the notarized consent to travel, his passport, I threw a certified copy of his birth certificate in the pile as well, and he spoke to him while the rest of us stood off to the side. It took at least five minutes and he was doing quite a lengthy and thorough job of checking through the papers.
  13. We docked at 7 am in San Juan and we had breakfast and coffee at Chocobar Cortez at 8 am. We passed by a few other cafes that were open then. OSJ is a beautiful place to walk around in. If you want to go to the forts you could grab a coffee and walk there—by the time you get there they would probably be open. If you go to El Morro and it isn’t open yet you could wander around in the cemetery for a while.
  14. On a previous cruise we had DH and me and two kids in an interior room (tight!) and our two other kids shared a room with our friends’ two kids (the boys were both 13 and the oldest in the room). The kid room was sandwiched in between our room and our friends’ room and there was no problem with having no adults in that room on the reservation. When I tried booking for the cruise we went in in February it wouldn’t let me book the kids in their own balcony room. Honestly a pretty good policy. We booked two balcony rooms next to each other. On the reservation I was in one room and DH was in the other room. In reality, my DS15 switched with me so we had four kids in one room and DH and I and DD13 (who sleeps like the dead) in the other room. Cabin steward didn’t say anything if he noticed.
  15. I can’t answer the scissor question but I use KT tape for a knee injury and when I travel I just pre cut a bunch of strips and bring them in a ziploc bag.
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