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  1. Seagirl123

    Starfish island

    Shoot. Thank you! Good to know what we are getting into.
  2. Seagirl123

    Starfish island

    I was just looking into this one. Reviews aren’t great at all but there aren’t any other options for just a beach day. Are you stuck for the whole time or can you leave if you are done early? Not sure how often the boats come.
  3. Thank you everyone! We are flying in on a Friday night and leaving Saturday. I appreciate the responses!
  4. Would there be any issue with staying in Houston rather than taking a late night Uber to Galveston the night before? I assume traffic won’t be great but if we left first thing in the morning is that safe to make it on time?
  5. The taxi driver was trying to get us there as fast as humanly possible. Speeding like crazy and swerving into lanes barely avoiding clipping the cars he was cutting off.
  6. We paid $7 to get from Walmart to Malecon with 2 adults 2 kids. And it was $10 to get back to the port. Also it was one of the scariest car rides ever.
  7. I’m trying to remember what the little kids did there... The animal encounters are for any age so that should be fine. My kids got to hold a bunch of different birds and they loved it. Even held a monkey on their arms. There are life jackets available for little kids and adults so swimming is fun. I believe there is also face painting but I think it costs extra. We had a blast! The tacos when you first walk in are amazing so don’t walk past them!
  8. We did it in March and it was awesome. $5 per person to get filet mignon for the steak and eggs was totally worth it. My kids loved taking pictures with the characters too.
  9. I had the middle tier WiFi plan on the Splendor in March and I would get the Ring alerts but wouldn’t always be able to load the video to watch it back. Super early in the morning when no one else was using it was pretty much the only time to actually watch a video that was saved in the history.
  10. Is it expected to tip the kid’s club workers? Assuming I can get my kids to go to it. I have no idea how many employees are in each age group so not sure what to plan for. Thanks!
  11. We have a 1:00 check in time so I just realized we can just carry on all our luggage since our cabin will be ready when we board. Will I still need luggage tags on them for any reason?
  12. Yes the applesauce pouches. Thanks!
  13. If I bring a box of apple pouches for my kids will security open them? I know airlines have been known to want to open to check them but once they’re open they are only good for 24 hours. Thanks!
  14. Thanks guys! Mainly looking to save money but if the surrounding areas aren’t great I’ll just stick with downtown Long Beach.
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