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  1. Refund posted to my CC! My TA requested the refund on March 27th. This was for the Empress May 25 sailing that had just been changed from Canada/New England to Bermuda (has since canceled all together) and a full refund was one of the options. I hope this means many more are receiving refunds this weekend!
  2. I am so irritated at Royal over these New England cruises. Their FB post clearly states that NE cruises are suspended, my App indicates my cruise is cancelled, but I have received no email, my TA cannot request a refund for me yet and when I log in from a PC instead of the app, the cruise is still there and counting down the days, plus they are still accepting reservations for my cruise on May 25 advertising Canadian stops! How is this not fraud at this point, when Canada has announced no ships until July? Holy run on sentence. 🙂 I just want them to do the right thing and allow us to request a refund. No WAY am I putting my parents on a cruise ship anytime soon.
  3. I think they are having some issues at RC about those cruises. My May 25 Empress Canada/New England is still on cruise planner, still available to book and no email about cancellation, despite the clear notice from RCI that it should be cancelled. Hopefully in the coming days they will get that all straightened out.
  4. My May 25 New England/Canada is also still available to book and I have not received an email. Hopefully this is an oversight I will be able to request refund soon because it seems very clear in yesterday's announcement that Canada/New England is suspended. I emailed my TA last night but have not yet heard back.
  5. I live with a IV and V and just last week had to call and add the V to my son's last name because I was worried we would have a problem with it not matching his passport.
  6. Other than avoiding the obstructed view rooms, does anyone have opinions on decks/areas that are good or not so good?
  7. Just today I have been able to start making reservations on my 10/6 Allure.
  8. Glad I read this forum because I am on the Oct 6 sailing but have not received an email. Question for the experienced cruisers - one thing I promised my kids is Atlantis. With the shortened day, is this still doable? I was planning to pre-buy the tickets and get a taxi over. I am thinking now the earliest we can get there will be 12, and then have to leave by 4.
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