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  1. Sea42

    Book Discussion Location Sugestions

    Thank you for all of the helpful suggestions! I think we'll go with one of the bar areas. Although I will look around once onboard for a place we could move to if we are fortunate to have a nice day.
  2. I believe the US does this also.
  3. Our roll call would like to hold an informal book discussion for our upcoming cruise on the Marina. There are about 10 of us. Where would be a good, out of the way place for us to meet? It would be an afternoon on a sea day.Thanks for any suggestions!
  4. Oops, I see that now! That makes much more sense!
  5. The hours for the NY Deli & Pizza seem odd. 7:30 AM to Noon? Or am I reading that wrong?
  6. Sea42

    Request decaf coke in Mini bar

    Would diet tonic be something that is generally available onboard?
  7. Sea42

    South Pacific Currency Questions

    I hope you have a wonderful time! Our cruise leaves 3 weeks from tomorrow and I'm beyond excited! Safe travels!
  8. Sea42

    Mexico Travel Advisory

    I don't think it's fair to ridicule people for being concerned about travel to areas where they may not feel safe. It certainly does not mean they should just stay in their homes. We all need to make these decisions for ourselves based on our level of comfort.
  9. I had read that it does not move when passengers are on it.
  10. After 12 years working at our small local library, it still amazes me that people will steal things that they can borrow for free. Granted most of the missing items are due to forgetfulness and/or carelessness but the monetary loss is the same. And it's not just the original price of the book, there's the replacement cost of the item and the staff time needed to reorder and catalog the new one!
  11. Sea42

    Ra'iatea - scooter or car rental near port

    We have emailed with Raiatea Car Rental. You do have to take a taxi (they are located near the airport) to pick up the car and back to the pier after drop off. They were very prompt with their communications.
  12. Sea42

    South Pacific Currency Questions

    FWIW, the private tour operators we are using in Fakarava, Raiatea, Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea have all requested cash payment in local or USD.
  13. I agree those numbers are too high. Although they may include the staff time to needed to curate the collection in those numbers.
  14. Sea42

    Celebrity Edge- Major Ship Envy!

    It is interesting that all of the negative reviewers have few or no prior forum posts on CC. Maybe they didn't really know what they had signed up for.
  15. Sea42

    We requested a downgrade.

    That's wonderful!