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  1. @Hoopster95 I just wanted to thank you so much for your camera recommendation! I was so happy to have nice snorkeling pictures for once! It also did a great job above water!
  2. Sea42

    Upcoming Cruise ... freaking out a little ...

    On our January visit we used Fakarava Excursion s. They were reasonable priced and provided a good snorkeling outing. Their boat was located right at the pier where the tender drops you off. After the tour we walked around the streets of town, checked out the local school and found a place for adult beverages right on the water. Here are some photos of the town.
  3. Sea42

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    I hope you have a great time whatever you decide!
  4. Sea42

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    The buses aren't very good about keeping on schedule. I would suggest contacting Albert of Albert's transport (or another transport service). We used him for a transfer service from the ferry to our hotel but he will also do a highlights tour, take you up to Belvedere lookout, stop at the beach or the archeological sights, find a place for lunch or whatever else may interest you. We did use a taxi from the Intercontinental Hotel to the ferry and it was $45. That is probably about 1/3 of the way around the island.
  5. Sea42

    Concierge Laundry Benefits

    I loved Oceania overall! The food and various dining options were so much better on O. The lectures and the lecturers were outstanding. And the cooking classes were great fun. Even when HAL offered hands on cooking classes in the past they were no where near what is offered on O. Service on both were comparable with the staff and crew on both lines meeting and usually exceeding expectations. However, our cabin attendant on O was probably the least friendly cruise ship employee I have ever encountered. I had no complaints on how clean our cabin was but she was very rude whenever we interacted with her. It was the first time I made a negative comment on a comment card. To be fair, I never was on a cruise with so many sea days before. I really can't compare what HAL would offer on such a cruise. Our longest cruise with them was 20 days but we had 18 port days so we never have really chance to enjoy the ship like we did on this cruise with O. We don't cruise often but I wouldn't hesitate to go on either line in the future. But if both were offering the same itinerary I would definitely choose Oceania.
  6. Sea42

    Concierge Laundry Benefits

    I was very disappointed in O's laundry service. They returned the laundry folded but stuffed in a bag. Everything had to be ironed. Definitely a let down after HAL who returns things on hangers or neatly folded in a basket.
  7. Sea42

    Signature Suite photos

    Signature Suite on Eurodam
  8. That's odd we were on the Marina from 1/3 to 1/21 and there were plastic straws available. Sometimes you had to ask other times they were just given with the drink. The milk shakes and malts we tried on Marina were so thin there was no need for a straw. It was like drinking slightly thick milk. Awful!
  9. Sea42

    Culinary Centre bookings

    I'm sure you'll enjoy them! We recently returned from our first Oceania cruise and over 10 seas days I took 7 of the classes. They were fun and food was delicious!
  10. Sea42

    Upcoming Cruise ... freaking out a little ...

    We were able to visit both days on our Marina cruise that ended today. It was pretty choppy the first day but the second day was an easy tender. Best of luck to you!
  11. Sea42

    NFL Playoffs Broadcast

    The weather's warm and humid. Rain for 10 minutes, twice today. Before noon and then again at about 3 pm. It felt so good! We haven't had any more than brief rain on any day.
  12. Sea42

    NFL Playoffs Broadcast

    On the Marina leaving Bora Bora. They'll be showing both games tomorrow. We'll be onshore but I thought I would share the information. If we can get the feed here I'm thinking most areas would have it available.
  13. Sea42

    Concierge Laundry Benefits

    We've used the included laundry twice on our current cruise on the Marina. The first bag came back in 2 days, the other in 24 hours. Our ship is only about 75% full so I'm sure that is why the turn around time is shortened.
  14. Sea42

    Upcoming Cruise ... freaking out a little ...

    We're currently on the Marina but from San Antonio to Papeetee. So far it has been a great cruise. We had two full days on Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Day one we did a one day (8 hour) tour with Green Island Tours. There was so much information and we saw everything we wanted to see. For us, a 2 day tour would have been too much. We had 5 days of sea day lectures leading up to Easter Island! Day 2 on Easter Island we set up a car rental with Oceanic Car Rental. They did not show up at the appointed time. I had printed out the email exchange with the company showing we would meet at 9am. They were there at 8. We waited until 10am then walked into town (about 1 1/2 miles). They were very sorry but had no cars left by the time we arrived at their office. We ended having a fun day in Hanga Roa and saved the $100 for the rental. Our other ports will be Fakarava, Bora Bora, Raiatea and Tahiti. We are also spending 3 day visiting Moorea. If you have any questions I'd be happy to help.
  15. Sea42

    Concierge worth it

    Another small bonus was that our cabin was available about an hour and and a half earlier on embarkation than those booked in the B cabins.