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  1. Wow, that's pretty harsh. Many small business owners are losing their livelihoods and everything they've worked very hard for for years. They are not hogs at a trough or yokels because they want to keep feeding they're families and to be able to continue to afford to pay their mortgages. Empathy is not a bad thing, you should try it!
  2. Where I live, the postal employees use their own vehicles to deliver the daily mail. They are the same people doing our Sunday deliveries.
  3. Interesting. We've never had anything but the little Fed Ex vans.
  4. And it's not just drivers in our rural area. Fed Ex is using Uhaul trucks here to make deliveries.
  5. In the Terms and Conditions link from the website it states voyage 14 day + are excluded Exclusions: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/deals/pay-early-bonus.html#terms • Guests using a Future Cruise Credit are ineligible for the EZ PAY and 10% Discount Separate Offers • Discount codes ’CH’ and ‘BG’ are excluded from this promo • Cruise only voyages that are 14 days or longer or less than 6 days are excluded from this promo
  6. Has this offer ever been made pre-Covid? If you would pay in full for the 10% discount, I wonder if that is considered your final payment in regards to penalties for cancellation.
  7. That's true, it used to be we could travel from the tropics to the arctic without a passport. I didn't get one until our first European trip 20 years ago.
  8. Ten years ago we were on a self guided, three week walking trip thru Tuscany. We started outside of Volterra and ended in Florence.It was wonderful!
  9. I can't say that I've ever asked anyone where they went to school unless I happen to find out that they grew up in my home town. But to not ask people where they are from? That is unusual in my experience.
  10. I believe Wisconsin now has that dubious honor😡
  11. I agree that it would be necessary to try them out on a shorter cruise but their pricing does bring a balcony cabin on a world cruise within our budget. While this itinerary doesn't thrill me, I will be keeping an eye on what they offer in 2023.
  12. Thank you, Hank, for the very helpful information. The issue of refunds is one of the reason we're considering purchasing through Flight Ease. We usually book (partially) with miles but in this case we'd be well short of what we would need for PE so we'll save them for a different trip. I am optimistic but realistic of the chances that this trip will be a go for us. In any case I'm having a wonderful time learning about the places we may visit. Carol
  13. Most of the posts over the years about Flight Ease have to do with TA flights. We'll (fingers crossed 1/2022) be flying into Sydney and leaving out of Auckland. Can anyone share their experiences with those types of flights? Are they still competitively priced? Thank you
  14. I haven't decide on our hotel location yet. First, I'm deciding what we want to do during our time in Sydney and then we'll pick a location that works best for those plans. It's early days in our planning as I just booked this sailing over the weekend. We had been booked on a South America/Antarctica cruise but there are questions about regulations changes in Antarctica waters that made us change our plans.
  15. Thank you for all of the information, I appreciate it. We are booked on a cruise that is scheduled for late January of 2022. I am optimistic but realistic of the chances that this will actually happen. But I sure am having a great time learning about all of the wonderful places we may visit!
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