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  1. Volendam is still with HAL. The Prisendam and Amsterdam have been sold though.
  2. Welcome to Cruise Critic! You may be interested in a section called Roll Calls. It's where people on the same cruise can get to know each other and share information on get togethers, shore excursion etc. Here is the link for your Hawaii cruise: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2753624-february-02-to-february-20-2022-rt-san-diego-to-hawaii/
  3. That must be new. I booked a cruise with the basic fare, non-refundable deposit (pre-covid) and it did not have to be paid in full immediately. It had the normal pay in full schedule. The non-refundable deposit is also not use it or lose it. It can be transferred to another cruise as a non-refundable deposit.
  4. I do remember that. It made the page a lot more user friendly to remove some of them.
  5. I don't see that this sticky still exists. Was it removed?
  6. That's pretty unusual and illegal in most places but I guess it could vary by state. Here, if the cashier is underage, they either wouldn't be working in a liquor store or if it were a grocery store, another cashier will come over and scan the item.
  7. No, we asked the cabin attendant when we boarded if they could find one for us and it was there by evening turn down service. My grandson likes having a fan when he sleeps.
  8. Also check out the Signature Suites on HAL. They are not considered a full suite but are a much better size (about 400 sq. ft) than a regular balcony. We really enjoyed the extra space when cruising with our teenage grandson. We did not have the sofa made up in the evening by the steward and instead did it our selves when we were ready for bed.
  9. I'm sure HAL, like all cruise lines, are working on their comeback and are indeed currently selling cruises. I'm not sure what other information you think they can give you.🤔
  10. I agree! I'm 99% sure our January 2022 cruise to AU/NZ will be cancelled and I'm glad, the airfare is so high it would just about eat up our travel budget for the whole year!
  11. Our 14 day cruise in July of 2022 was $4319 pp when booked in March. It includes gratuities, WiFi, drinks and dinner package. It is currently selling for $4999 pp, it now includes $200 pp for excursions but not the gratuities. As we don't use ship excursions I'm very happy we booked when we did. I'm sure prices are going to reflect demand. If people aren't buying at the higher price, the prices will be lowered.
  12. I think it will all depend on how the early sailings go and what the Covid situation is the various ports around the world.
  13. On our Mediterranean cruise we started with just a half case but we loved being able to bring a bottle or 2 back to the ship at each of our port stops. We ended the cruise with 5 days in Rome, finishing up what we had gathered during the cruise. Oh, that was a wonderful trip!
  14. It was ship security that found the drugs and reported it. But it would be interesting to know how that amount of drugs were able to be brought onto the ship.
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