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  1. Our 1/2022 cruise went down $600 pp. Thanks for the information.
  2. If you choose not to use Oceania's included air arrangements, Oceania gives you an air credit, which works as a price reduction on your cruise fare. I believe it is the price in the second column shown on the website. As I have only been on one cruise with Oceania perhaps someone else can explain better than I can. The various options are a bit overwhelming for a first time passenger! For our cruise I believe it was $1200 less pp if you made your own air arrangements. We wanted premium economy and to fly in early and leave later than the included air and we paid for our air with mileage points so it worked great for us. A TA is a big help in working out what works best for you.
  3. I would definitely go with the Princess itinerary. It's so much better than the Oceania Itinerary. We've done a similar cruise with Princess and I think you will enjoy it very much. We don't cruise much, 7 cruises in the last 20 years. We book by itinerary first. We have cruised with Princess, Holland America and Oceania. We enjoyed them all but our last cruise was on Oceania (1st time) and it was fantastic! We have a South America cruise booked with them for 2022. But again, it was the itinerary that was our first criteria. HAL had a similar itinerary but with Oceania's air credit, included specialties and WiFi Oceania was actually cheaper for a smaller ship. For us, on a longer cruise, included specialties and WiFi are more important than on a short cruise. I guess I would recommend that you determine what is the most important aspect about this trip to you and what line offers that and go with that. No matter who you end up going with I wish you safe travels!
  4. Except that many (most) campgrounds are closed. If you don't need any hook ups, there is always BLM land.
  5. We booked a South American cruise a few weeks ago for January of 2022. I need something in the works to plan and look forward to. It will be road trips for us until then.
  6. I am enjoying the lack of junk mail, not just cruise brochures. There have been several days in the last couple of weeks where we have received no mail at all. Most of our bills are auto-pay or paid online so without the junk we get next to nothing. I would think it's a money saving issue right now for cruise lines. With all of the bad press, it would not only look tone deaf but would probably offer very little ROI.
  7. Hallway surfing on very angry seas leaving Santiago, Chile on the Marina 2019.
  8. Mary, I can't thank you enough, I'm enjoying your blog so much! Our cruise isn't for almost two years but I love the planning stage. Never too early for me!
  9. Thank you! We recently booked a similar cruise and the information you provided was very helpful.
  10. I think this will be a wake up for quite a few people who cruise because they absolutely will not fly. There are many ways cruisers may find themselves in the position where they have to fly home or to the next port; mechanical problems with the ship, illness or injury, accidents on shore or missing the all aboard time. Unfortunately, unplanned things happen. The only way you can be sure you won't have to get on a plane is to only travel to places you can reach by car or train.
  11. As of right now Australia isn't on the list of barred incoming flights to EZE. This is the only news I could find that mentions it https://qcostarica.com/coronavirus-in-latin-america-nine-countries-impose-restriction-on-travelers/ Argentina raised its number of infected to 21. It has also reported one death from the covid-19, one of only two in Latin America, the other was Panama. On Wednesday, before the declaration of a global pandemic made by the World Health Organization (WHO). President Alberto Fernández announced that he was preparing a decree to declare quarantines mandatory, under threat of some kind of penal sanction. On Thursday, he decreed travel restrictions in two terms: First, he suspended visas for citizens of China, Iran, and South Korea. Later, he announced the suspension of arrivals of flights from Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan, China and Iran. These measures also entail “mandatory isolation” for 14 days for people who are suspected of being infected with COVID-19.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing the link to your spectacular review! We just booked a South America cruise. Unfortunately, we have almost a 2 year wait. But it's never too early to plan, right?!
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