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  1. It will probably depend on your departure and destination cities.
  2. That's helpful to know, thank you! I'll check mine again in a few days and save myself a phone call.
  3. I don't think you're assigned by when you check in online. I think they accommodate those with higher cabin categories, higher mariner status and take into consideration flight times when making those assignments. I checked in on the day it was available and was assigned 7PM for our 11:30 PM sailing! The first group is 1PM. I find it hard to believe it will take over 6 hours to get everyone checked in. I will be calling HAL soon to see if we can be assigned an earlier time.
  4. Same here. I have quite a ways to go to 4* so I'm not concerned, just curious. I'll just be happy to be back at sea!
  5. From the website: SBP 7 Day Prices are per day at $44.95 if pre-booked online compared to $54.95 if purchased on board. A 18% service charge will be automatically applied to your purchase. The package must be purchased for the entire duration of the voyage. All adults over 21 years old booked in the same stateroom must also purchase the package. EBP 7 Day Prices are per day at $49.95 if pre-booked online compared to $59.95 if purchased on board.
  6. I loved the food on our Oceania cruise! But if Dad thought Hal was too exotic in the food department Oceania would make his head spin. Both honor special request but the presentation may be a deterrent on both lines.
  7. HAL has a very good club sandwich on their room service menu. I would think they could serve that anywhere on the ship. You could always ask them to hold the turkey and then it would be a BLT😃
  8. For our upcoming cruise the website states that the be SBP is $10 per day cheaper if bought online before the cruise.
  9. I'm on a "free" casino cruise in November. I'm 3* but not anywhere near the 4* mark. But I am curious if you receive credit for days on a free cruise. Maybe for spending onboard?
  10. I can only imagine how hard it must be for the people answering the phones. All the changes, the different rules for different ships sailing different itineraries it must be awfully difficult to keep it all straight. Then of course what they knew yesterday, changes today. Cut them some slack! These are difficult times for travelers and travel reps. A little kindness, patience and understanding go a long way. That said, I've found that HAL customer service reps (along with their website), have always left a lot to be desired.
  11. What a happy feeling that must be! Have a wonderful time!
  12. That is a long day! Especially when you have travel time to and from airports and all the fun airport time. For some of us who live quite far from any airport, it can another 4 to 6 hours,
  13. Thank you! I think the wine package will be the way to go for my mom and me. I, too, enjoy a glass on the balcony along with a cheese plate. Although apparently now I'll have to supply the crackers🙄
  14. That's good, thanks for the information! One more question, can we have one of the bottles for the cabin? Or are they only for restaurant/bar consumption?
  15. Are the wines in the packages a set selection? Or do you build your own package from a list of available bottles?
  16. I hope this does not effect your cruise. Port workers in Trieste have gone on strike https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58913865
  17. We're also on the NA 11/13 sailing. It will be interesting to see where we end up instead of Grand Turk. Surprises can be fun!
  18. The upgrade is in your booked cabin class, so a veranda cabin. Vista suites are the next higher class so that wouldn't be an option. We went from a VF to a VB for our upgrade. It was a chance to try an aft veranda on a short cruise.
  19. 34 and 217 until the first overseas trip since BC
  20. I'll be using it on my Kindle. My phone will not come out of the safe unless I'm of the ship.
  21. Agreed. You don't understand. That's OK but people who do understand the technology enjoy it and appreciate the convenience it offers them. I'm not sure why that matters to you.
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