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  1. It won't be a problem at all. 2 of us are in very good shape (rock climbs, hikes and runs). Heck we still do mud runs.
  2. We all have the Cheers drink package to cover it LOL
  3. 2 of us are very fit (runs, hikes and rock climbs) and other 2 are walking fit. Climbing is not a problem at all. We have all went on vacations together many times. Most of us are Veterans and have lived in way worse conditions bathroom wise. I am just looking for tips on things i can do/buy to keep hopping over stuff to a minimum. Only one of us is bring checked baggage.
  4. We have no problem with that kind of stuff. We are all easy going and wash and go kind of women. We just need ideas to keep items from under foot.
  5. 4 of us ladies (50 year olds) are taking a 5 day on Carnival Elation. We have a balcony, 2 twin and 2 pullmans. Ok i need some advice. I am trying to come up with some sanity saving ideas for all of our STUFF. Here is what i have been thinking: 1. Shower caddie (pocket) that hangs on the shower rod - do the showers have rods to hang this on? 2. Over door pockets (think shoes) - I have heard that they no longer allow the metal part that goes over the door to hold this. 3. Command hooks or metal hooks - I have heard the metal ones no longer work. i could use a command hook on the door to hold the shoe pocket if no hooks allowed. 4. Extension cords allowed? 5. We plan on bringing yeti type cups, do you feel they were a good idea? 6. What about towel holder clamps to hold to your chair? Any other hints are very welcome! Thanks
  6. For my 28 Oct 19 Carnival Elation , FTTF just showed up 8 Feb 19
  7. Newbie here, but know i want to get the FTTF faster to the fun package. I can't for the life of me figure out where to actually buy it nor did the Carnival phone support lady. So, here is where i thought i would find it. I have booked my cruise (on Jan 6, 2019) for a cruise leaving Oct 28, 2019. I opened Manage My Cruises after logging into my Carnival.com account. I then selected the book excursions button under the shore excursions topic. I scrolled down every single one available and nothing said anything about FTTF. Am i looking in the wrong area? Has it not been released to select it yet? Has it sold out and i just have to keep checking to see if any open up? How the heck does this thing work buying it!
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