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  1. Has anyone been in one of the L shaped rooms on the back of the ship? It looks bigger. I have had both balcony, oceanview and interior rooms and know the setup there. I have booked a interior room this next trip but saw the L shaped on deck 2 available and wondered if it is worth the 180 to change rooms?
  2. I have heard that you can order a pitcher of drinks. I know you can buy buckets of beer, but i dont care for beer. Do they sell pitchers of like Margarittas or other cocktails?
  3. where do you put the code in for the 20% off. I went to check out and didnt see it
  4. I am considering upgrading to a balcony and was wondering what the difference is. Is the Cove one obscured by a lifeboat? How will I know if I get a good balcony? We have never had a balcony and would love input. Is it worth the money? We love the sound of the water and think that would be nice to sit out late at night and just enjoy it. Give me your inputs please.
  5. we went through Plaza Tours and hired a driver for the day exploring the island. Go to the far side and see coconuts restaurant(the most highest point with gorgeous views) plus good drinks. We also just drove around seeing how they lived and tried fresh coconut water. Beautiful cathedrals,etc. So much to see
  6. I have worn a black one piece jumpsuit and dazzled it up with nice jewelry. I don't do sequins or formal gowns. One time I also found a cute white dress that neckline was pearls so didn't have to dazzle that up much at all. Simple but elegant. No need to go buy pricey clothes to have diner.
  7. ok one says make reservations and one says no.. anyone else? I would like to just wait it out on a night the MDR was not pleasing to us. But don't want to hurt my chances on a steak night there.
  8. Progresso is a beautiful place if you have the right people showing you around. Carnival has an excursion of All Inclusive Beach Resort Getaway. The tour guide is Alejandro Fritzmaurice (Alex). You get on a huge nice bus that is A/C and comfy. As you travel to this resort Alex will talk about Merida and the Yucatan. You will not get bored with him as you go to resort. Very smart in all areas. Once you get to resort, you can do whatever. The beach is there for you with hammocks for resting, chairs and the gorgeous pools to enjoy. All you can eat and drink and the drinks are amazing. The food i still crave especially the jamaican pork . Alex will visit all his guests one on one and get to know them as he also shows you pics of his own family. You will feel you made a life long friend and walk away with a great memory. One of the best excursions for little money. Very relaxing and drinks and food was enough to fill you up. Cozumel make sure you see COCONUTS REST AND BAR. It sits on the highest point with in credible views. I personally like to venture off and have someone drive me around and tell me things i didnt know. For 100 bucks you have 4 hrs with driver (Plaza Tours, not a Carnival excursion). He took us to the markets, tequilla tasting, ruins, and i got to get up and close to some huge iguanas. All this and not pay the excursion fees that Carnival charges.
  9. ok great. I didn't know if I would need reservations.
  10. How does one go about booking the steakhouse before boarding? And what day would be best to go on a 7 day cruise?
  11. Reading alot of the reviews, i am noticing people talking about refrigerators in their room. I have sailed 7 times and each time, i never had one. Is this something new? Or something that just suites may have?
  12. we hired a driver for the day from Tour Travels. Had a great time and saw sites most tourist wont see.
  13. I manage the one in my town as well at night. I also lock our doors only because I a there alone for 9 hrs and just feel it safer that way for me personally. My town is very safe but you never know when someone might want to rob or attack you. To the ones that live in area or have stayed there, can I park in back near lobby doors? closer to entry way to be seen better?
  14. thank you so much for checking that out for me. I have no idea about any of the area except for last year we stayed at Wyndham Baroone and left car parked under parking garage and I didn't worry about anything.
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