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  1. So sorry about your health. Hope and pray you are much better.
  2. have you ever had to use the insurance? and if so how easy to do a claim
  3. Who are some of you using for insurance in case of cancellations or misc reasons.
  4. is this a Carnival MasterCard that y ou have ? If so you, and its new to you, you will have to make a purchase of $200 then the Credit card will give you a $200 credit back if that is what you are refering too. It may not be this but call the CC number and ask them.
  5. We used Toursplaza.com and it was awesome. I had knee surgery a few months before and the driver made sure i was helped when i needed to get out and look. He took us all over the island and saw the blow holes from the rocks on beach. Took us to Coconuts and it has a 360 view of gorgeous water.
  6. i just purchased mine with Allstate. How long does it take to get to me?
  7. How long did it take to get the Allstate gift card? I just purchased mine.
  8. Has anyone had any luck on the 10% off cards? AARP only is doing the $100 and only 1 a month.
  9. Has anyone been in one of the L shaped rooms on the back of the ship? It looks bigger. I have had both balcony, oceanview and interior rooms and know the setup there. I have booked a interior room this next trip but saw the L shaped on deck 2 available and wondered if it is worth the 180 to change rooms?
  10. I have heard that you can order a pitcher of drinks. I know you can buy buckets of beer, but i dont care for beer. Do they sell pitchers of like Margarittas or other cocktails?
  11. where do you put the code in for the 20% off. I went to check out and didnt see it
  12. I am considering upgrading to a balcony and was wondering what the difference is. Is the Cove one obscured by a lifeboat? How will I know if I get a good balcony? We have never had a balcony and would love input. Is it worth the money? We love the sound of the water and think that would be nice to sit out late at night and just enjoy it. Give me your inputs please.
  13. we went through Plaza Tours and hired a driver for the day exploring the island. Go to the far side and see coconuts restaurant(the most highest point with gorgeous views) plus good drinks. We also just drove around seeing how they lived and tried fresh coconut water. Beautiful cathedrals,etc. So much to see
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