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  1. Yes, I do see changes one day to the next. I keep track of what I eat, and it keeps me aware of how my weight is affected by what I've eaten the day before.
  2. Sorry, navybankerteacher, but you're wrong. My diet consultant advised on weighing every day, and so far I've lost 70 pounds. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be aware of your weight while on a cruise.
  3. This is the first time I've ever posted on a forum like this, and I really appreciate all of the feedback. I think in the end I'll just take my own small scale, calibrate it before I go, and only use it in port! Thank you all!
  4. Weight scale on the Pacific Princess?
  5. I am on a very strict diet. Is there somewhere on the ship where I can weight myself regularly? Gym? Spa? Medical office? Thank you.
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