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  1. I have a question I have a device it’s similar to the pacemaker but it’s for my tummy I am not suppose to go through the thing how do I tell them I have my cards just this will be my first experience any help is greatly appreciated
  2. I don’t see totally what you are saying I can understand loyalty but I got the key because I’m handicapped mostly just for boarding and getting off ship as I can stand in lines for long time. I won’t use flow rider hubby may the shows will be nice but if I’m paying for this it should be fine. All the lines are doing it now you still get plenty of perks us key people don’t but I do understand but honestly can’t you just share perks like activities and not make a big deal about it because honestly life is to short and people just don’t seem the same anymore. Remember we are all there to relax enjoy ourselves make new friends and have new adventures so just enjoy the trip and as long as you can get seats at the show that’s the important thing right? Have a blessed day and remember WWJD
  3. Then I do believe if they are allowing people the perks with 1 key like priority boarding we should all get refunds I paid for it so with my hip leg and feet issues I wouldn’t have to stand long getting on or off the ship and I will not be happy if people are boarding ahead of me in key line and have paid for it as well. I believe the best way to solve this is to make it mandatory to have print out of purchased key for your stateroom when you present the boarding passes and if you can’t prove you have it then be made to get in the right line. Sorry for the vent
  4. Everyone must have it they should be turned away
  5. Not everyone feels entitled. The biggest value and reason for choosing the key is I am handicapped so I was willing to pay for this for not having to stand inline on embarking and disbarking. The other things are a bonus like internet and Chops but with that being said I wish people would think before speaking as like I said this isn’t always about feeling entitled but but enjoying the trip without unneeded pain
  6. I purchased the key for the main reseal I am disabled and can not stand in the lines for hours so the ability to be able to sit quicker and get off the ship easier is a blessing for me and my family and more than enough to make the Key worth while for us.
  7. May I ask where on website you go to make reservations for the shows with the key I am interested in mystery dinner
  8. So what is the earliest they start boarding anyone So what time is the earliest boarding started
  9. How early were you able to board the ship with the Key program
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