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  1. Just booked room 14150! I hope I calculated correct
  2. Is Norwegian like RC and every other room has bed near door I would like to book a room with bed near door to open more space near balcony for view of Alaska
  3. Timing and price plays a big part how bad could this itinerary be ? never been to Alaska
  4. Looking into a balcony cabin on bliss in Alaska June 2021 trying to have best views from balcony heads north from Seattle thru interior Thinking starboard would be best any input is helpful only have sailed Caribbean
  5. I leave on Oasis in 44 days ! what are some of your favorite items you have found on board ?
  6. I see there is an excursion to make your own perfume which is so so cool sounding has anyone done this ? my dilemma is we would like to do the Americas Cup Sailing not sure If you could just visit the shop after thee excursion
  7. if you have UDP can you book on cruise planner or need to wait until onboard
  8. that is why I got confused- I assumed that the fancier restaurants like chops are only open on sea days for lunch- but with all the new choices like that bar and grill type venues if it still held true ! looking at the menus I think playmakers is going to be a common lunch for us
  9. I am just trying to make sure I understand the unlimited dining and the new $ restaurants on Oasis Can I only go to Portside BBQ on Sea days ? with unlimited dining I can go to dinner at any of the restaurants all week... but with Portside, sushi, playmakers ($20), & johnny rockets- I get $35 credit but only on sea days for lunch ?
  11. SO I AM HOPEFUL NOW... saw video of ocean view balcony deck10 NEW CARPET! and sofa we are ocean view balcony deck 14
  12. ok... so now i'm sad, nothing grosses me out more than hotel room carpet !! really hoped they would have updated it
  13. so anxious to see rooms- cant find on IG under #oasisoftheseas, what are you looking under ?
  14. We sail on the new amped up Oasis March 1-8, 2020 My son turns 13 March 18! I now see the new teen club is 13-17 instead of 12 but the kids club Adventure Ocean highest age group in 9-11 Will they let him in the teen club (last year on Norwegian they would not at age 12 ) Anyone have any experience with this ?
  15. i just tried this- still no menus I sail March 1st- is it just to early ?
  16. CANT WAIT TO SEE HER ! Not sailing until March. Please post compass- I'm a planner and the app just doesn't give me enough info ! hoping the rooms are upgraded !
  17. Looking forward to seeing the NEW Oasis- we sail on her March 1st as a replacement from "the Crane Incident of 2019" please give us some sneak peeks !
  18. THAT IS CRAZY ! I guess supply and demand is a bit different here in Ohio
  19. oh wow! every 3 weeks- I thought about getting them... they start at $300 !!! ill stick to my $25 mascara
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