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  1. As am I and also sorry. Hell as long as she sails and I'm on her with my love I'm happy. Was just asking questions as I thought that this was for
  2. The thing I'm worried about is after last weeks problems NCL did not let the people hat are on her now know till late Fri afternoon
  3. I have been waiting for you to answer as I have been reading this thread for weeks and everything you have said has been proven out over and over over time. You sir seem to know your stuff. So please I think the reason epic has not gone over 14Kn is that she doesn't need to and would get to ports way to fast and the cruise next week will be back to near normal and will go to the Virgin islands. I really hope so as I am on her. Or am I fooling myself with wishful thinking and we will be on a similar cruise as this week?
  4. I am on her next week to the Virgin islands and GSC and everything I have heard <except on this thread> tells me all is good for next week so you should be fine
  5. I'm no expert and I dont know about the tugs except they were there. But according to Marine Traffic she is cruising down the Fla coast at 14.4 Knts heading to Nas
  6. Here is on I snapped as she was leaving
  7. And there is someone on FB live showing there getting ready to leave
  8. Well I am on the Facebook group for this sailing as I'm on the next and want to make sure everything is ok and the posts in the last 10 min is people learning to dance, getting in their cabins and seeing a tug to get them out so I think your info is bad. We will know in 10 min cus she is supposed to depart and no one is saying they were told to get off.
  9. ty very mch. I'll be watching you 😛
  10. Hi, have you heard what time you are leaving today?
  11. I can understand that for sure. Like I said it was my 1st and I met my love on it and in April when she came to visit we booked this one on the 23rd. We almost booked the 9th and didn't because she had bowling tourneys that she didn't wanna miss or we would have just gotten back
  12. Wow this is the 1st time I have heard about the explosion on this trip I am sorry that happened to you. Wow just Wow!
  13. LOL I was on the Escape Jan 2018 that was supposed to do this route and got rerouted to western but was my 1st so was happy 🙂
  14. Everyone that was on this sailing had a choice this week. go and get 50% refund and 50% credit on future cruise plus travel and hotel or a full refund. I have seen comments both ways. Most that cancelled didn't like the new 5 day route
  15. She is scheduled to leave tomorrow for a 5 day cruise back Sat to pic me up :
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