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  1. I disputed with BOA last Sunday for my Edge 03/29 cruise and I'm still waiting on a refund. I requested a refund the day they cancelled the cruise on 03/13/20. Four weeks and still nothing. I called the other day and they're stating it's 30 BUSINESS days not calendar days. Sooooo frustrating! If it was only a few hundred dollars I would be very patient and not even worried but we're all waiting on thousands and thousands of dollars. Airlines were able to refund within days so I find it appalling it's taking this long.
  2. Ugh! How frustrating! I've received nothing and we were to be on the 03/29 Edge cruise. I also requested a refund on the 13th, the day they cancelled the cruise. I'm getting more and more frustrated as the days turned into weeks and now into a month.
  3. That's great! I also disputed with BOA yesterday but haven't received the refund back yet. I'm optimistic that I'll be seeing it soon for our cancelled Edge 03/29 cruise.
  4. Hello! I'm still hoping to be able to cruise in November but if not I'll book again for next March. Delta extended our vouchers for 2 years so there isn't pressure to book something before the end of this year anymore. I also just disputed my BOA charge just in case there were any issues in receiving the refund.
  5. I'm glad I saw this thread this morning. I booked our Edge cruise 98 days ago so I'm currently on hold with Bank of America too. I know they're going to issue a refund but I'll feel better calling to dispute the charges just in case.
  6. I used 250,000.00 points ($2,500.00) from my RCCL credit card as partial payment for the Edge on 03/29. Does anyone know if they'll give me back those points or even consider it as cash paid when they issue me the FCC? I know they're considered non refundable but I'm curious to know if they're changing the rules since most of this is beyond our control. I've called several times today and can't get through to anyone.
  7. Such a deal! Book it!
  8. I called Captains Club this morning to upgrade from my premium drink package to the drinks and more because I couldn't see it listed in my planner. The gentleman who I spoke with knew right away that he needed to add the code to my planner so I could upgrade. It took a few minutes for him to add and for payment to be made so we're good to go for our cruise next month. The cost was $63.00/each for a total of $126.00 for both of us. I ordered for the convenience of the minibar to be filled with sparkling water at all times. We most likely won't drink the liquor that's provided but chances are my
  9. Thank you for being so detailed. I just ordered mine for our cruise next month. This was very helpful.
  10. I'll also be following along! We leave next month and this will be our first Celebrity cruise. We've always cruised on the larger RCCL ships so I'm looking forward to reading all about your trip.
  11. When can I expect to see this upgrade offer in my planner? Do they offer this on every sailing? We leave on 03/29.
  12. Sorry.. I should have explained better. By removing those discounts he explained that the 4 perks would be a better deal if we were interested in the premium alcohol package. It was a better overall deal.
  13. We haven't used the laundry service for about 10 years because my husbands shirts always seemed to come back very faded. What type of commercial detergent or temperature of water do they use to cause so much fading in one wash. Is it just me?
  14. I don't understand how some people don't consider a bathing suit that is basically a pair of short not appropriate to wear while boarding the ship for the start of their vacation. It's a cruise and not a formal event. As long as it's not a speedo then I say wear what you want.
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