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  1. It's not a 500 minute limit, it's a 500MB data daily limit, you will see it when you register and select the internet package to activate it once you are actually on the ship, as you will notice that online, they will always put the line, subject to the internet policy, forgot the exact words they used on the same page where you saw the discounted prices, but they never disclose what the policy is until you are actually on the ship itself and connected to the WiFi of the ship. You can see for example in post #14 in the thread https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2553872-grand-princess-rece
  2. Yeah, I think the Grand got docked after our sailing on March 3, 2019 so they may have actually changed the tv's. Either that or they use different makes/models of tv's even on the same ship. Can you get the model # of your tv?
  3. And they have a limit of one internet package that you can use under person so even if you bought 10 Premium, you can only use one as I did buy 3 but only can register two, one under me and one under my mom on the Grand Princess. That's actually pre-paying the package but you can still select any other package when you register the account as my niece for example selected the $89 package instead of $139 for the 10 day San Francisco Mexican Rivera sailing since they first put the $139 into your account as a credit and whatever you select, it will just debit from it. The Premium Connect for me
  4. You're right, forgot to mentioned that it has to be in a cup as the question was asked what brands of soda are included but orange and root beer are included as I have gotten it from every bar including the one in the casino. The only thing not included was the Ginger Beer which only comes in a can and they will charge you for it. The root beer and orange comes from the hose and not from the can. They won't pour anything in a can unless you pay for it.
  5. Are those the prices you see after going into your booking on princess.com? I had the unlimited Premium Package on the Grand and it basically was a joke in terms of speed since it was like dialup and it has a 500MB per day limit at fast speeds which is like a dialup but still blocks certain sites. Here is what I found here on CC: PrincessCONNECT — Premium Package From e-mail to streaming, enjoy truly premium, unlimited access! All Internet usage subject to Princess Cruises' standard policies, which may limit browsing of sites due to network security and bandwidth us
  6. Everything under soda except the Ginger Beer, not sure if Tonic Water and Club Soda is included or not. it also includes the mocktails on the menus as well as customized mocktails.
  7. It's $5.50 if you don't have a beverage package of some type, atleast on the Grand Princess. Photo taken on February 23, 2019. Wheelhouse seems to have a different menu with a different printed selection that is on thin paper but the pricing is the same.
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