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  1. Captain Kate was interviewed by "sheofthesea" on Instagram yesterday and it was stated that they should be down to the 77 crew members remaining on board by September. She said the largest crew repatriations will happen August 14th and 15th in Miami. It was an interesting interview if anyone still wishes to watch it. It can be found on IGTV.
  2. We are in the same situation, having booked a 10 day cruise out of Tampa on the Connie, for next March, while on our last cruise. We’d expected her to be updated by then, too. Again to reference our “Zenith friends” they had suggested that we’d really enjoy the Retreat sun deck after the re-do. They’d sailed on the updated Summit and loved it. We booked with a non-refundable deposit. In 2011, we did an 11 day on her and while we enjoyed the cruise, there were areas already showing a lot of wear. Our balcony had quite a bit of rust on the railings and ceiling. And we found the traffic flow c
  3. On our last Celebrity cruise, (New Orleans, February) we spent some time and chatted with a lovely couple who are Zenith class cruisers. They had been invited to a couple of focus group meetings with LLP, one of them on the Edge, with other Zenith cruisers. LLP wanted to hear the good and the bad from these experienced Celebrity cruisers. And of course, they wanted to express their thoughts about the direction they hoped Celebrity would go. What they said they heard in a nutshell was that Celebrity was going to focus on new ships and renovations to attract a somewhat younger, luxury-see
  4. Thank you npcl for the link. Interesting reading. I agree with your point about the ongoing outbreaks on ships not being a good sign. As a side note, I did see on Captain Kate’s Instagram feed that the Edge has recently begun taking on new crew members, apparently to replace other crew who are finally getting to go home.
  5. This week we received credit for our (HAL canceled) June 1st Alaska cruise. We applied for the refund on April 17th. Sad to have missed the cruise but happy to be fully refunded.
  6. Here is a video she posted earlier today.
  7. This link came from a thread on the Celebrity Boards. There is also a link towards the end of the article about five physicians, three of whom have treated cases from and on cruise ships. For me, the most pertinent piece of info is that the CDC has not even begun to review plans for how to safely operate cruises before a vaccine is developed. Their focus is still on repatriating crew members safely. The article should be viewable online through private, or incognito mode. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article243180861.html
  8. She had posted recently on Instagram that she would remain on the ship until her replacement could be flown in from Greece. Greece does appear to be opening up slowly, for incoming tourists at least.
  9. Most of the Celebrity related content is towards the end of the article. It was the first time I had seen a photo of the crew cabins they’re quarantined in. Some have been moved to passenger cabins but with so many ship to ship transfers, not always. Without question, it is no doubt a challenge to repatriate crew with so many variables. Unfortunately, they were not told the truth about CDC Requirements and why Celebrity was not signing on to them.
  10. Basic gist of the article highlighted the struggles to repatriate crew which is understandable. Repeated misinformation was told to them about CDC not allowing them to return home on charter flights or that it was too expensive. Also, continued falsehoods about Covid testing and cases onboard. Crew also repeatedly transferred from ship to ship and kept quarantined for many days in tiny crew cabins. Not all have received the 5 star treatment that Captain Kate features on Instagram.
  11. Apologies if already posted. I looked for it on here but may have missed it.
  12. I believe you can reply “no thanks “ to the offer to sign up and view it for free.
  13. Details of Celebrity crew repatriations are the last entry in the article. A bit of a long read that shows the emotional toll crew members are experiencing. I understand that many of us want “fluffy clouds” and optimism, and I do too. But I am also interested in how my favorite cruise line is communicating and treating their crew. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242565281.html
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