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  1. You are way more experienced cruiser than I. And there are many opinions from seasoned travelers here that I envy their travel histories. I would add you probably know what you want. Go for it. Land based or cruising will be a great time. What time of year are you looking at? We did western Med in early May on Oasis. It was Port heavy. The sights are quite a drive from the ship. Most sights were pretty crowded and the guides did say high season is awful. We would do it again tomorrow. Your going to have a great time whatever you choose, good luck!
  2. It was suggested here to pack large thermos cups for morning coffee with lids.Some of the best advice, as I would be at Cafe Promenade early get the coffee and creamers and relax. Some cookies place in Baggie from windjammer the day before added to my clothes being tight after the cruise. Have a great cruise
  3. We joined 2 hours, Rome and Naples. 8 people in Mercedes Vans. The guides were terrific. Rome is a hard day. We're semi fit late 50s and its a long day. I would caution that if the guide drops your parents group off by the Trevi Fountain all parties including the driver have contact phone numbers. We had 2 people wander from the other 6 and lost an hour looking for them. In our group to Pompeii was several people in their 70s and some mobility difficulty. Again it walking intensive site, but our guide set a pace for everyone. Those that couldn't make a certain space were put in a spot that was comfortable and waited till others came back. No one was asked to do something beyond their capabilities. Everyone commented on the ride back of how our guides accommodated the group as a whole. Your parents will have an awesome time
  4. I joined CC earlier this year and read the reviews. I enjoy them all but this has so much info on RCL that it is like RCL for Dummies. Did Brandon's ancestors kill the Gypsy King with the Apple Cart to have such bad luck? If you can't finish the cruise review, how about a review of your local Wal Mart, Shopping Mall, your writing is hysterical!
  5. There is an active thread on Italy Ports about several companies for off ship excursions. We used Italytoursharing in May for Naples and Rome. They were terrific. Good luck.
  6. We did 1st cruise in May in Mediterranean. Short of bathing suits and tank tops on men there was a wide range of clothing. Your descriptions of clothes will be fine. You will have a great time. In hindsight fitting into the clothes after the cruise instead of what to bring on the cruise should have been my concern!
  7. We saw available spots on our Roll Call here. It was about 2 months from the departure. Groups were forming up til a few days before also.
  8. We were on first cruise back. I wore Dockers and short sleeve collared shirt, DW wore capris and blouse. Even on both formal nights no one in American Icon seemed to care what others were wearing. I don't remember any men in shorts though.
  9. we booked Florence through RCL. At the Accademia our group was split into 2. There was a separate entrance for the tour groups.
  10. We were off the ship most of the trip. I looked back and it looks like the MDR is open for lunch on the Cruising day. We ate at Park Cafe, deck 8, several times instead of the Windjammer. A lot quieter. I looked through the Compass Planner and didn't see a jewelry workshop. There is a lot of art shows. here is the planner for Tuesday, hope it gives an idea of the day on ship.
  11. We used Italy tour sharing. Driver recommended go to Positano first to avoid traffic. It was correct call. We had over an hour to shop, eat, or wander down to beach. He also asked if anyone was interested in stopping at Limoncello Factory. It was on the route but no one wanted to. Its quite a ride with spectacular views. There was a couple of scenic stops on route. Hope this helps.
  12. We used Google Translate. If you're unable to do it on PC get app on phone. Scan the document to English.
  13. Thank you for the responses. I am going to follow up with written letter of my experience thank you for the info. Anonymous keyboard warrior on travel forum versus customer name is better you are correct. I am a new cruiser but not traveler. I have over 30 years Public Safety experience with hands on aircraft crash evacuations, bus fatalities, construction fatalities, motor vehicle accidents. I know first hand how little time and luck make an accident surviveable. When the drill alarm sounded. Walking down 6 flights of steps passing several crew staircases. Then passing the banks of elevators into the 5th deck chaos. Going to a Bar where drinks had just recently stopped. A general apathy for the information because the party is stopped. Is a recipe for a disaster. I'm going to forward a letter to management. We had a great time on the Oasis. We are already looking for our next cruise. We'll go to the next Drill and hopefully not have the same experience. Happy sailing to all.
  14. Let me clarify something. The Crew was not serving during the Drill. The Bartender was at the bar but not serving. The Crew was doing an impossible task with so many guests converging in such a small area I was assigned. There were many people seated that had beverages on the table. Guests were walking to the area with drinks in hand , getting off the elevators with food and drinks.and sitting on the steps or lounging in the area. I apologize if I mislead one to think the Crew was the problem. Again, as an inexperienced cruiser I didn't think in its current presentation, on that ship, the information of the Muster Drill is not effective to an inexperienced cruiser. There has to be a better way is all I'm suggesting.
  15. Did you read my Post.... The Concordia didn't have the Muster within the first 24 hrs as they were loading the next day. The Muster was 2nd day, crash the 1st. That's why " its the Law" Change the protocol if it has to be done before leaving the dock. Your Sea Pass has the Muster Location. Scan in and scan out the location because that's all that seemed important to the crew. Play the stupid video that no one was watching or listening to in the queue while getting the Sea Pass. Anything would be better than what is being done now. Between the Concordia and the recent idiots in Russia grabbing their luggage in a crash as group dynamics. Are you confident after the drill of getting you and your loved ones off the ship? Doing the Drill in the middle of the first party of the Cruise makes no sense.It was a waste of time on something that is really important and in it's current form it's practically useless.
  16. Okay, so this was our 1st cruise. RCL, 7day Mediterranean Cruise. Was lurking here a lot. Why have the Muster Drill during the first day Party? I get it, seasoned cruisers can't be bothered like aircraft per flight instructions. New cruisers want to party. It was a total waste of time. Besides being assigned the Champagne Bar, great location! With everyone there already had drinks. People wandered up with drinks. You couldn't see the video monitors and the multi language information was hard to hear. All I could think about was the Concordia and how many of these people will not survive a major incident. Your Sea Pass has the Muster location. Set a podium up with a scanner there. The info is on the TV.It seems like that the only thing I got out of the drill was where I was to report. That and if something serious happens the majority of these people are screwed.
  17. My wife also gets cold anywhere, and she had a light sweater going to dinner. On the balcony it was cool several afternoons and after dinner. We had raincoat that we used. This was our first cruise and I was worried on dinner time clothing. To sum up a lot of Posts here: you're on vacation, I wore Dockers with collared shirt on formal nights. And black jeans or khakis with Hawaiian shirts and collared shirts. The only thing we didn't see was bathing suits. Don't sweat what to wear. You will see some very glamorous clothes though, but nobody cares. This is a VERY Port heavy trip. We took the late dining and were glad because we got back to the ship some days after 6pm. This will cut into some show times so then you may miss a show if you get back late. But if you need to eat early they are amazing at seating for dinner. This ship is huge. There is so much going on and to see you won't see it all. There were many children in strollers and I'm assuming there will be plenty for a young family to do. You are going to have a great time!
  18. Honestly I don't remember! I will say that we used Italy tour Sharing for 2 tours. The guides know the times better than you will and will get you to the ship on time. They need to protect their reputations and don't want negative comments on social sights about missed sailings. Good luck we enjoyed Palma very much.
  19. I believe I paid for this bus. Pretty sure it was no cash, they all blended together by now. I believe Naples is so big and industrial RCL provided free bus there. I did not take a picture of the drink menu but the drink of the day was around 10 dollars.
  20. Gangway opened at 830, all aboard by 330. We took RCL bus to the drop off. It was a 5 minute walk to the Cathedral
  21. I don't know. I wasn't on the RCL tour, Italy Tour Sharing. But regardless, people that have difficulty moving shouldn't have to schlep all over a terminal. Maybe more experience cruisers can comment.
  22. We joined 2 groups that were set up on Italy tour sharing. Both were really good. Rome the driver earned his pay for putting up with the traffic! It's unbelievable the way they move around. The tour guide of the Sistine Chapel was amazing, Elena? 1 thing I would recommend is in a group of 8, NEVER separate from the group.It will cost you valuable time. Massimo our driver in Naples was terrific. Again to drive and do narration to the Amalfi coast! Our guide in Pompeii was also terrific. She knew the limitations of some of our group and allowed everyone to choose what they wanted to see. I would book Italy Tour sharing in a heartbeat.
  23. Just finished a Mediterranean Cruise. Having to disembark in Naples was the worst part of the trip. They make you go down the gangway leading to the street. At this point you see the taxis and private tour groups less than 50 meters to the right. Can you go right? NO! Your forced to walk back into the terminal go back upstairs through the Land of crappy souvenirs. There were elderly people struggling with the distance. Young families humping a days worth of stuff. And its the same thing on return. It was such a money grab Disney Properties would be envious. We're able to do the extra walking but it was difficult for many. I found it distasteful enough to complain here and a message to RCL.
  24. Yes. It was way out of our comfort zone. This site was invaluable. We had a great time. We were worried about how big the ship was.There were very few times that you were aware that over 5k people were aboard. We will definitely plan another cruise.
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