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  1. Did they change you from a 9 night to a 6-7 night and not tell you yet?
  2. Millions.....I think you meant to say....Millions
  3. This is so spot on. It's disgusting.
  4. Nice to see people starting to get back into a more normal swing around here........I don't think anyone's complained about Cabana prices for over a year....so its refreshing to think we may be starting to get out to sea again soon. PS....the Over water cabana was 4k for my Cancelled Christmas cruise......they will change what the market will bare....high prices to make the most money and not have any of them sit idle.
  5. Funny news is reporting 100 million people have have gotten the vaccine at the 58 days in Biden admin....so now.....not at some point in April
  6. With the surge and ability for distance learning the amount of kid on TA may change. Even though my kids are back in school 5 days a week (have been since early October) their school allows/support other students who don't/can't come to class. We've already had some of the class dial in from Key West on vacation. I know I wouldn't have a problem with booking up a TA into a European trip maybe the week before a major holiday with my kids at this point, using the wifi and having them do school part of the day :).
  7. The other diners look at me funny when I use my own Japanese fireman to put out the flames.
  8. Its fancy....... with that said.....the waiter always did it for us on Grandeur.....but maybe we looked like we needed help 😉
  9. There is no rhyme or reason really...Grandeur does hot rock.....Anthem doesn't. Neither have Hibachi.....BUT....and this may be why.....part of Izumi on Anthem is essentially the hallway people who are not dining walk through....so maybe there is a safety concern.
  10. We sail 4 times a year.....we are missing it more than ever. We have tried 'other' things 1. Putting in a pool at the house for the kids. Took two months to get estimates, signed a contract on July 1st. Still no pool, expected not to be in till April 2021 now 2. Tried going to all inclusive for long weekends. Went to Pocono Mountains (Camelback)....had a nice water park....food was mediocre and most eateries were still closed. Lucky we were only there for 3 nights because any longer and we all would have gone crazy 3. Took a couple weekend trips to Ocean City, NJ
  11. Discussion doesn't make sense to me. The FCC was for 125% so you took that and could easily book another cruise with it. Now you are asking for full refund of your 100% paid cruise And complaining you can use lift and shift. I can only assume the following happened....you took your 125%, looked at cruises, found out that demand pushed prices up a bit and you may have to out of pocket a little more, so you decided to just cancel it all, take the refund and worry about it later. Then they started lift and shift. I can tell you since I have lift/shif
  12. Your last name starts with an "A" and they start at the beginning list every day 😉
  13. Tough choice 😉 During the winter months the water at Labadee is you swim on the lagoon/inlet side will be warmer (if you get the timing on the tide right since the inland water will be going out with the tide) Both are nice places. Labadee has a nice tropical rain forest vibe/scenery going for it..... Cococay is the newer/fresher destination. Depending on where you pick to swim you can be in the man made inlet areas with a view that contains the ship all day Of if you get to south beach area.....I think it has the best over all view..
  14. Having unemployment go down rather dramatically given all 'analysts' expected it to go up higher again has spurred a lot of market activity and perhaps added a bit of confidence around the 'post covid19 rebound' that has been hotly debated in terms of will it be a V shape or a hockey stick shape....or somewhere in between
  15. 😞 The face you make when you bought in at $34 in March.....got tired of watching it go up 4 then down 4 then up 5 then down 6 then up 7....so starting playing the up/down game and taking small bits of profit and realized if you had just left it alone you would have doubled your money today versus the 50% gain you have. Still....been doing okay for me....but could have been so much better if I had learned how to be patient.
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