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  1. Maybe it's a frame of reference thing. 'All in' taking room, beverage, excursions, etc (basically everything we spend sans gambling) into account....our family of 4 has never been below 5 digits (we 'almost' got it into 4 digits in Dec 18....but final tally put us over) . Honestly, while I agree $1299 is high...it isn't higher than I would pay for the comfort....even though between being on CocoCay twice and Labadee once...if I added ALL the time I spent in the cabanas on all three trips it probably wouldn't equal 2 hours....it does give us a nice 'base' to work from for 8 hours, wife and 2 kids in and out all day, I was in the water for 5-6 hours, lunch was always good....plus...I hate sand. Can't stand it. So not having to sit on it with it all over my toes when I am not in the water has value to me...walk up to the cabana when I want to dry out....pour some water all over my toes and flop on the sofa ;). All summer long on the weekends when we go to the Jersey shore...I Sherpa my wife and kids up to the beach, set everything up, go in the ocean for 30 minutes...and then go back to the house. Then I come back 4-5 hours later when everyone is tired (wearing boots and socks so I don't get sandy) and take em back to the house....that's how much I hate sand.
  2. Well....they aren't making any money on your room....they need to make it somewhere else right 😉 Because of website errors for the last several years, where it was not clear when you rent a cabana and put in the cart....people selected everyone in their party and ended renting 4-6 cabanas...and then figured it out and had to cancel later....they know people are willing to spend.
  3. My 12yr old wants to know what day on our next cruise we turn diamond so he can get access to the lounge ;). I won't tell you why....it's a joke he made up that will probably offend too many people 😉
  4. Sushi Shashimi Rolls Ramen Yum And everyone's favorite....SAKI BOMBS! 😉
  5. I'm not calling till I have casino comp to use against it. When I booked there weren't any offers...so I know I will save at least 1k when I get the winter offers....just trying to maximize 😉
  6. Where can I find this info on line? I'm booked into a suite in April...and I have some free cruises here that if I took one with my wife it would take us from emerald to diamond prior to April sailing and I could apply additional discount
  7. Baltimore can be hit or miss. I sailed out of the there in the Royal and the first time the regular concierge was on vacation so we were on our own in the port....the people directing us where to go looked at my set sail pass and saw that we had no status (aka this was our first cruise ever) and pushed us into the standard line. I was like..."Hey hold up....I'm in a suite"....then they were like "ohh so sorry....wrong line"
  8. I think the real question we all want to know is......do they have Flaming smiles Mount Fuji Choo choo trains Japanese fireman 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉
  9. They will do hot stone cooking though....which is done at the table and quite delicious.
  10. Did it twice on Anthem....enjoyed it both times.
  11. The have 'key' hours for Flowrider and cars which is first come/first served but you have to have the key to get in line. Star can go anytime they want. I did notice the Genie who recommended times we do things did not overlap Star with Key 😉 I also rented the flow rider for an hour on our first sailing to allow my kids the chance to learn how to do it without looking like they butt in line over and over and over since they would fall alot....it lasted about 5 minutes..... LOLOLOLOLOLOL they didn't like it.
  12. We didn't ride 3 in a row....we road, that sat out a round, then rode, then sat out a round, then road.... neither here nor there it seems since some appear to have missed that. My kids would have road all day if I didn't give them the 'teachable moment' of "hey, there's a lot of people who want to ride, lets go do something else" 😛
  13. 1 and 3 are essentially the same thing. I had purchased items in cruise planner with OBC and then when I called a repriced through casino a lost all the OBC. Next time I logged into the cruise planner it told me i had to pay the balance for the items. The price hadn't changed on them for me.
  14. Star Class will get you into any activity easily. Sky class will not, you will need to sign up like everyone else.
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