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  1. 'Concierge Club' Deck 12 aft.....as close as you get and I believe is suite only with covid rules at this time.....but I'm assuming that on what other ships have been doing. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas/deck-plans/2077/12
  2. I kept the casino in business for another 6 months on my Adventure sailing 😞 😞
  3. I find that frustrating beyond belief at this point...I have my 2020 and my 2021 prime cruise that i couldn't take because of covid and was told "This is past the March 2022 cut off so you can't use the prime cert CLEARLY. I had scheduled it also 3-4 months ago now on Rhapsody which was cancelled on me and I just reschedule last week now and was told the same thing. I ended up burning a free jr suite comp as trade in to decrease the cost but it would not have saved me as much as prime upgrade to my room category
  4. Considering I tried to book a cruise April 10 2022 and use one of my 2 prime certs and was denied......I"m going with no.
  5. Yes it was.....and RCCL knew damn right well that the closer to sailing they made this announcement the smaller the hit on cancels they would take. I've already invested the time/energy in PCR and Antigen testing, packing, kennel arrangements, etc.......so you know what....I think I will order a drink from every bar I walk through and then pour it out since i have a drink package....to help vent my frustration a little
  6. Struggling to understand why the CDC has any say over a ship sailing a Bahama flag, leaving a bahama port, and visiting places that AREN'T the United States or its territories. 😉
  7. Just a guess....but a number of bars tend to be 'walk through' locations on the boat.....so this is most likely why.
  8. Maybe it is location specific. We are taking PCR tests on Tuesday next week and antigen tests on Thursday....both are no cost at the drug store in PA
  9. For Nassau....they are taking the PCR or the Rapid Antigen test...tested within 3 days of sailing. In most parts of the country you can walk into/schedule appointment at drug store, walmart, any number of places...and get rapid test done with results in minutes/hours and be on about your day
  10. It's all about risk transference. If you get on the boat...and then get sick/test positive...they are flying you home and rescheduling If you test positive prior to boarding, you reschedule your cruise.... One of these paths has a higher cost to RCCL Given the latest breathless reporting about variants and breaththrough.....
  11. Someone tested positive. Story goes...."Passenger had cold symptom so went to infirmary, was given a test for covid...." So I wonder what lesson will be learned........ 😉
  12. Aware of that...just pointing out it isn't anything new 'in general' terms and shouldn't be earth shattering to anyone that US based cruises would require testing. It seems a natural progression from "can't ask vacc status" to "ok, well, everyone needs to get tested to get on board then" 😉 😉 Testing is free and everywhere.....so doesn't seem like a big deal in my mind......then again....I am on a Nassau sailing in 8 days.....
  13. Everyone has needed to get tested in Nassau for sometime.....vac or not. Nothing new to see here.
  14. I mean we could be talking about 2 different things.....entry versus what you do while you remain....but since we are getting on a boat and leaving...and Royal is picking up quick test for the unvaccinated kids during the voyage to allow us to get back through travel hurdles.....
  15. Not sure where you got that info. According to the Bahama site here: https://travel.gov.bs/file/termsAndConditions Under 12 unvacced does not need test. Additionally I just applied for Visa today, Saturday 7/24 for an 8/7 sailing....my 10yr old's unvaccinated application sailed right through without uploading any proof of testing.....granted I will have a test for RCCL but I did not need it to get the entry Visa today.
  16. Get in line....but don't hold your breath. Nothing has been well supported/documented.....the CDC is just a political organization making policy based which way the winds are blowing. It isn't supposed to be like that....but it is.
  17. Pre-covid I was able to book a full hour which included private instruction if needed. You could also book into group lessons (which filled up very fast) which is why I ended up just renting the whole darn thing for an hour. All through cruise planner
  18. She's worn it at school....so she can do it....she doesn't like it. And it isn't going to go over well when her 14 yr old brother (and his friend that we are taking with us) isn't wearing one 😉 At least she can sit in the room and play the piano to her hearts content if it too much of a big deal for her. Again.....the biggest problem is the singing she is planning on doing....I'm not going to tell her....hopefully this will all work itself out by August.
  19. They don't forget, they aren't told by the news sources they use and/or have their eyes and ears closed to prevent covid from entering through those orifices 😉
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