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  1. not sure. When I was little mum did gammon, salmon, dauphinois etc the meats were cold but I don’t remember what else we had. We don’t talk so not asking her and I’m not quite sure what everyone will eat. Lasagne sounds like I good idea
  2. Nothing to do with cruising but what’s everyone doing for Christmas and since most have been around longer than me if I do a buffet for the family on Christmas Eve what would everyone suggest I make? I don’t want to poison them but don’t want lots of complicated things. Or we could take them to the pub but then we are looking at £200 for 10 of us including drinks and I’m not sure I want to spend that amount
  3. thats a shame. My kids like ice cream for pudding in the mdr
  4. when we went on azura in May 2019 there wasn’t much choice and it was exactly the same as upstairs. I was just too idle to go up there and we wanted a tea pig. Can’t say I’ll use it much but you just know my kids will ask for it
  5. They still do gifts for under 17s? Part of that club thing after you’ve sailed a few times
  6. that’s a bit cheeky. Aren’t they just the same ones from the buffet?
  7. yes That was my other one lol £2.50 for delivery even though the breakfast is free. On a video on iona I watched they said the cakes were still free but the coffee obviously wasn’t. I think they will only give you the cake if you buy the coffee though which is annoying
  8. So the kids are looking at iona and they said that they loved the chocolates on the pillows last time, obviously easily impressed, but it got my wondering what changes they will keep and what’s only temporary So Will there be a turn down service? Obviously I can live without the little chocolates but I don’t think I could do the Pullman bed every night. Will staff still serve us in the buffet? I had another one put it’s gone out my head now. Feel free to please add.
  9. I just like to book far in advance as they seem to give me the best prices. Or have done so far
  10. to be fair if I didn’t have kids I’d avoid them too. in fact I can be often found hiding from the “mum, mum, mum” luckily they are far better behaved when we are out somewhere or on holiday
  11. made me chuckle my eldest acts like Wednesday but doesn’t dress like it. they had beautiful pink dresses bought for our cruise in 2020 but unfortunately can no longer wear them as they are too short now. But I wear black cos I’m fat not cos I have fangs 😂
  12. thats why I’m trying to see which bars are acceptable for them. Mine are quite good compared to others if school is anything to go by but still don’t want to upset people. mine want to take their travel chess board 😂
  13. Well If they don’t take kids then that would rule us out. but the kids like to go into different bars, like the crows nest they want to be able to sit at the windows up there but I don’t want to take them somewhere that’s not acceptable have asked on a different platform and they have said that children can’t be in bars after 9pm which is a bit unfair as they are on holiday and I let mine stay up on sea days. definitely think those that don’t like children might be best sticking to the adult only ships as mine love to interact with people and the youngest will say anything
  14. you go a month before me then. Im so missing holidays it’s what I look forward to most.
  15. not be doing that then. is the crows nest adult only?
  16. that busy? Isn’t it half capacity at the moment?
  17. what you got booked for ‘22? ours is still over a year away but I love lists and planning.
  18. hi avril how are you and frank? yes been lurking but not posting. Little black cloud unfortunately but I’m bingeing on iona YouTube it’s making me feel better
  19. thanks. Just like to make a note of which ones to avoid with the kids. I’ve read 710 is adults only too. retreat isn’t somewhere we would go anyway so that one’s ok. just don’t want to sit in the crowd nest or something with them and get funny looks 😂
  20. People are rude and it’s never going to change. I remember once having the two kids on my own on the loungers they were 3&4 at this point and we put towels on them. Hubby was asleep in the cabin. We moved to go take the kids to the toilet and the seats were gone. Had I have not been on my own I could have let hubby there but obviously couldn’t. yes I would take peoples towels off the sun chairs. I do ask the people around to see how long they have been gone. we had two loungers between 3 as the kids were tiny but there was a woman next to us who had hers and her daughters. Never met the daughter in the approx 2 hours we were there. thank goodness for the waiter who came and asked us if we wanted drinks or I would have lost them at that point. At least after the toilet we weren’t far off being ready to go back to the room.
  21. Starting my planning early 🤣 Which bars or venues on Iona are for adults only?
  22. hi. Yes all good. Not a brilliant 18months but things are on the up we hope. just having a look at iona now that the videos on YouTube are out. Need something to look forward to. glad to see all the regulars are still here
  23. hehehe but then everyone would know it’s me. Got to keep it on the down low. But yes black dresses only for me.
  24. Where do you find out how many there will be? don’t have a cruise till November 22 on iona. Is it 2 in 14?
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