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  1. Hoping to spread some holiday cheer for someone!
  2. If any of you are booked on the Celebrity Edge on the Dec 22nd holiday sailing - I just wanted to let you know that there are 2 Sunset Verandah rooms that opened up. My family and I had to cancel last minute due to a medical issue and these are such great staterooms. I would love for a Cruise Critic member to snag them!!!! We are so sad to cancel....we've had this trip booked for over a year and we were so excited :( Happy holidays to everyone and happy new year!
  3. Hi- this exact same thing happened to me last week!!! I booked with a $400 OBC and made a few dining reservations (back in February) using some the funds. All of a sudden last week I received a bill stating that I now owe payment for the reservations. I was super confused so I called Celebrity. Ends up $300 of my OBC literally vanished. They instructed me to have my TA call them so they could reinstate the other $300. I don’t understand why they could just reinstate it with me on the phone if they were able to see the glitch?!?! Regardless, I asked my TA to call - he did- and Celeb reinstated my $300 OBC. Super weird - and super shifty. I’m so glad I caught this! That would have been money down the drain.
  4. OP- We have sailed on RCCL numerous times and have had the same issue. We were told to book online and that the children’s difference in price would be credited back automatically to us onboard. Not only did this not happen automatically - but it was HUGE pain in the butt to get the credits through customer service while on board. After a couple of cruises like this we decided to just make the reservation for a party of 2, and then when we board the ship we go straight to the Host of each restaurant, explain the situation, and change the reservation to a party of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids). Every single time the dining Host is aware of the booking issue and changes our reservation to reflect the proper table for 4. Its SO ANNOYING. This issue has been going on for years and never fixed. (I’m also sure they are making a pretty penny for all of the people that don’t recognize the glitch and/or forget to fight for their refunds!)
  5. FWIW, we’ve sailed on RCCL’s Anthem of the Seas for the past 2 years during their holiday and/or NYE sailing. For Xmas eve and NYE they had festive decorations in the main dining rooms and a special printed menu for both nights. In the specialty dining restaurants they inflated the price greatly for those holiday dinners and had special menus. I remember for NYE they sold tables for the countdown and midnight party anywhere from $200-$500 per table. Seemed ridiculous to us that you had to pay just to sit down. It seemed like such a money grab to us and left us with a bad taste in our mouth. Hopefully Celebrity shows more class and doesn’t nickel and dime on our Xmas cruise this year.
  6. Hi - yes, I was able to book seats, but I wasn’t able to take our United status into account when choosing the seats. (My husband is Global Services and we get automatic Economy Plus seating, along with free checked bags.) I was told that once we pay for the tickets we will be able to change our seats through the United app. As of now, my confirmation and regular economy seats are showing up through the United app, but I am not able to change the seats since the fight isn’t paid for yet. I hope that that makes sense!
  7. We always keep our passports on our person - also, we are flying down a day early just to be on the safe side 🙂
  8. I actually love the silver/white decorations!
  9. Thank you for all of the replies!! I double checked all info and went ahead and booked flights with Celebrity. I am booked through United, and I do not owe payment until cruise final payment is due 🙂 I’ll now have to stalk the flight prices to see if they go down so I can hopefully get a price adjustment!!
  10. I am going on the Edge Xmas cruise with my family and flights to FLL are outrageously expensive!!! We are frequent travelers to Florida during Winter Break, but this year is bonkers with flight prices. I noticed that "Flights by Celebrity" has the best price I've found so far. As I understand, we can lock this fare in - but we don't have to pay for the flights until final payment is due in September. They also guarantee that we will make it to the ship one way or another (on their dime) if there's a delay or cancellation - along with a guarantee that we will make it to the airport in time for our departing flight after the cruise. Has anyone used this "Flights by Celebrity" booking service? If so, what has been your experience?
  11. Ahh - this is helpful! So, you're saying that the 3 "special" starters/mains per dining room are fixed and do not vary night to night, correct? The rest of the daily menus are the same in all 4 main dining rooms and change each night (like traditional dining on other ships)? Does one of the 4 dining rooms on the Edge have a better reputation than the others? Do all 4 share the same galley?
  12. I am a little confused about the “early 6pm dinner seating” on the Edge. Does this mean that we would only be assigned to one of the 4 main dining rooms? Or would we be able to eat at any of the 4 at 6pm on any given night? How much do the restaurants differ in menus each night? Are the menus totally different? Or only 2 or 3 dishes?
  13. 2 adults 2 kids in same cabin for the Xmas sailings: Equinox is $6500 for Concierge Verandah Room - only 2 perks included Edge is $7500 for Sunset Verandah with all 4 perks included (including Premium beverage plan)
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