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  1. What did you order at Chops, Jamie's and Izumi if you don't mind me asking?
  2. If you're considering it the answer is always yes. You'll find a way to use it once you have it.
  3. We're 30s so that helps. Which Specialty dining would you do if you only got to pick one on that ship?
  4. If somebody is trying to save a row at the back of the theatre and there's tons of other good seating? OK I get that. If they are trying to save the middle of the rows? Get real. I'm getting a bourbon and taking my seat. Come get me out of it haha!
  5. Shellden, thanks for posting this. Mind if I ask a few questions about your experience? My buddy and I are sailing on Mariner in July. Where did you eat when you first got on the ship? Was it crowded? Did you prefer MDR or the buffet more? If you drink, which bar did you like the best? What was the demographic like? Lots of kids and families or more mature? What activities did you enjoy the most?
  6. NCL seems to have no issue closing off elevators at peak debarkation times for the suites. I imagine similar practices with attendants would be fine. And yes, you could have people in the same room as the wheelchair/scooter person so with them, your card would be registered to that ADA room.
  7. I think we identified your issue with feeling some redundancy.
  8. Nice empathy in this thread I see. Let's recap: - Reasonable suggestion for an elevator dedicated to wheelchair/scooter access during certain peak hours Response? - INVISIBLE DISABILITIES MATTER -SCREW YOU NANNY STATE, WAIT YOUR TURN -EMOTIONAL SUPPORT SCOOTERS KILLED MY PARENTS Reality check people, I'm blessed to be able to walk up and down more than 3-4 flights of stairs at a time. I can also wait more than 5-10 minutes. I encourage others who can't to go ahead of me. No, I don't ask questions about what happened or why they are in a chair or scooter. Why? Because we're on vacation, and vacations are fun. Ease up and get the drink package y'all.
  9. They didn't require reservations for the any of the shows in Headliners. However, be aware that people will start lining up well ahead of time, because the venue isn't huge. We got there 30 minutes early to get chairs for the Not-So-Newlywed game as an example. The comedy shows will also fill up quickly earlier in the cruise. Good news is, there's a bar in the corner of headliners. I recommend going with two people, getting chairs, and then having one person get your drinks periodically while you wait.
  10. Did they ever announce who won this? I see posted cruise contests to sign up for every month, but I still haven't seen a winner notification for the January Windstar contest when I visit the webpage?
  11. That's a big help thank you! I'm excited about the MDR, we don't really plan to do any specialties this trip and Jaimes has been noted by many as questionable so I'm taking that to heart. I also got a chuckle about your description of the production show, I feel that way about most of them. Horrible ballads and dancers trying to sing.
  12. We didn't try wasabi because we had the 3 dinner package and chose a couple different styles. However the drinks were the same at both restaurants. Sake cocktails.
  13. We did Teppanyaki on the Epic in early Feb. You should be fine making reservations on board when you get there. We moved around our reservations at Headliners where they had two staff doing both entertainment and dining reservations. I believe you can order off the kid's menu for free, otherwise the full experience it's the same as adults. They do serve miso soup. I thought they were entertaining, but I do miss the fire tricks you see elsewhere, they will know how to entertain kids for sure. Yes there are vegetarian options. My advice is to try one the filet. It was better with the garlic butter they use than other restaurants we went to. Also don't be shy about asking for more rice.
  14. Good to know on the Windjammer, many reviews I read complained about lack of seating as an issue. I like the idea of doing Playmakers or Pomenade as we drink our first few drinks. That's very helpful! Side note, how is the pizza? I know they don't have the Sorrento's place, but they do it in the Promenade Cafe?
  15. You can book excursions for it, boats, wave runners, etc, but I found them all to be very overpriced for what they were going to deliver. In my book it's honestly a lay around the beach type of place. I was there in early February and the big ticket item like the ziplines weren't done yet. You're best off just using the drink package, setting up a base of operations on a lounger somewhere, and getting some sun for a couple hours before you have lunch and get back on the ship.
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