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  1. I went in early 2018 on the Epic 1 - The staff is very friendly, especially if you're friendly to them. We didn't have to tip all the time to get great service, we only tipped when we felt it was warranted after we'd received great service. 2 - The elevator situation can be awful. My recommendation is NEVER use the starboard elevators in the front of the ship, because Haven people can put them on priority service and completely skip your floor. Also on excursion days they turn two of those elevators to completely Haven use. Instead, always use the port elevators in the front,
  2. More and more casinos seem to be trying to stick it to the players because they think they have a captive audience. My response to them is that with gambling beginning to come to more states, with better options, they better learn that the players will stop coming. I've already given up playing more than about $100 on a cruise, because their limits and payouts make me feel rooked.
  3. My question is how do you stick to Margaritas for 10 in a row? Switch it up brother.
  4. Elation is a smaller sized ship than Summit (about 100 feet, but holds the same about of guests), and the decor is what I would call more colorful than anything you'll see on Summit which is going for a much more modern feel (more neutral colors and wood). The casino on Elation I think is bigger, but it's smoking where Summit is not. Summit would feel newer than Elation, with more specialty dining and more refurbished areas. The Elation has ZERO specialty dining. All it has is add-ons in the MDR, and the Chef's Table. However, I think the upper decks on the Elation are
  5. Things I would cut? - MDR Dancing for sure. I think the whole practice is weirdly forced and awkward. - Paper Straws, I get they don't want to use plastic, but many times all I need is a stirstick, and you know what's good for that? Raw pasta. Works great, cheap, and biodegradable. - Stopping in the Bahamas unless it's a private island. If I never have to go to Nassu or Freeport again? I'm happy. Those are pointless stops for me. - Production shows. I think the quality on Carnival is so lacking compared to the other lines I've been on. Either commit to getting better
  6. If you enjoy good wine I'd absolutely bring it. Carnival's wine selection is drinkable at the higher tiers, but that's about it. I made the mistake of trying that Kathy Lee Gifford wine once, and literally couldn't finish it it was so bad. I mean when Kendall Jackson is considered one of the higher tier wines? You know you're not getting much on the quality level. That stuff sells for $12 a bottle at Target. That doesn't make a you a wine snob at all. For a nice cruise, I think getting a couple of nice $30 and up bottles and bringing them for before dinner in the stater
  7. The only meal that really stood out to me on my last NCL cruise was the late night Osheehans, so I think it's something Carnival needs to do better and I'd probably stay up later. As it is my time on the Elation last time the place was dead by 11pm outside of the casino so I didn't bother.
  8. I'm looking at booking a cruise on the Valor next year out of NOLA, mostly because I have friends that are there who I can take with me, and I can spend part of the beginning of that weekend touring the French Quarter. However, I look at the ship and to me it's hideously ugly, with what looks to be extremely dated rooms. It looks like the last drydock was 2016, and they didn't focus on the rooms at all. I've read through some reviews here and they run the spectrum of, "it's fine and doesn't look dated" to "holy crap this is oldy mc'old" Can anybody who has sailed on the
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