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  1. kitchencarol

    Over the door shoe holder question

    Yes, the hooks are very thin and slide right over the door.:)
  2. kitchencarol

    Fantastic tour guide

    So happy to hear you have a great tour too. We had a tour with her two weeks ago and it was only supposed to be a three hour tour. She spent 4 1/2 hours with us and did not charge us extra, but we gave her extra. She went above and beyond. I felt she would have kept going if we asked her to. She is excellent. :)
  3. kitchencarol

    Need some help with excursion choice for Grand Cayman

    Two years ago went booked our excursion through Nativeways where Chris and Soloman were awesome!! They took us out to the sting rays and let us feed them, take pictures with them, kiss them for 7 years good luck, etc. Then they took us snorkeling for a while and then to Rum Point. Rum Point was our favorite spot on our entire cruise. After snorkeling you order off the lunch menu and it is ready for you when you arrive at Rum Point. We had time to eat, relax in a hammock, swim, shop at the incredibly beautiful gift shop before we headed back. They gave us a conch shell to take home at the last minute. This was one of the best, if not the best excursion we have ever been on. I highly recommend Nativeways!! :)
  4. kitchencarol

    Joyce Prince

    Just double check with the Pursor's Desk the day before and ask if ship time is the same as island time at St. Martin. It depends on the time of year. If we are on daylight savings, then the time is the same. If we are not, then the times are different.
  5. kitchencarol

    Build A Bear

    We just did this last week. Your bear already comes with a Carnival t-shirt and you can choose an outfit if you want to. My daughter chose a bear and an outfit and it cost $27. Many animals to choose from: dogs, cats, bears, dolpins, etc. Enjoy!!
  6. kitchencarol

    Joyce Prince

    We were with her last week (3/25/08) and she did go to Maho beach and a few small planes landed but she said the larger ones will land after 1:00 pm. We still wanted to see more of the island so we did not wait. She would have stopped for lunch but we wanted to see as much as we could with her. She had drinks in her ice chest including beer for my DH. You will love her!!
  7. kitchencarol

    Spirit + Manzanillo

    We were on the Spirit a few years ago and we took a taxi to Karmina Palace. It is an all-inclusive resort with beautiful pools and the fastest waterslide I have ever been on, (think "hold onto your swim suit ladies") golf, jet skis, etc. There are iguanas there and the staff will "catch" them for you and put them on your arm, or whatever and you can take pictures. BTW we are just outside of Modesto. :)
  8. The lines at American Airlines on Saturday morning were unbelievable. I have never seen anything close to it. Many people missed flights. I am so glad we had an afternoon flight.
  9. Just had to say that our tour with Joyce was one of the many highlights of our cruise. It was just the four of us: DH, me and two DDs. She was right on time (9:00 am) and greeted us warmly and asked what we wanted to do. I had a lot of communication with her prior to our booking and she still remembered what we wanted to see and do. She if very informative and was a wealth of information. She took us down "Back Street" (where all the locals shop) which runs parallel to "Front Street", took us to picturesque look-outs, Mullet Bay, Orient Beach, Marigot, Rima's and much more. She dropped us off at Front Street around 1:00 pm but would have dropped us off at the ship if that is what we wanted. I felt she would have spent the whole day with us if we wanted her to. It was $30 per person. She is a jewel and a delight to know. I truly want to thank CC for recommending her and giving us the opportunity to see St. Martin. :)
  10. We got upgraded to two bayview rooms. They were wonderful. DDs had their own room and more important bathroom. It made it all the harder to share the bathroom on the ship. Not that I'm complaining. :D
  11. Hi Everyone: Just wondering what you thought of the cruise. Any thoughts? Good, bad, better?? Did anyone else get evacuated from the Hyatt to the Intercontinental?
  12. kitchencarol

    Platinum question

    To the OP: we put this suggestion on our comment card on our last cruise. We thought our bags should arrive sooner being VIP. If enough of us put this on our comment cards maybe Carnival will do something. :rolleyes:
  13. kitchencarol

    Freedom Questions!

    What is it you are wondering about the pool situation? We just got off the Freedom on Saturday. :)
  14. kitchencarol

    Anyone Been In A Cabin On The Spa Deck Of Carnival

    We were on the Triumph two years ago and had the room right next to Camp Carnival and never heard a thing. Windows were wonderful. Just make sure you close them before you leave so your room does not get to hot. Absolutely no people traffic at all. It was very convenient for DH to use the spa showers while DD's and I got ready for dinner. Loved this room!! You will love it. :)
  15. kitchencarol

    How far?

    Thank you for the information. Sounds like you can't miss it.