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  1. It's interesting though isn't it? The assumption that a mother with a different surname to her child is seen as a possible risk? Does a father, with the same name as his children, who is travelling alone with them need to provide some kind of permission from the mother? Are they a risk for parental kidnapping? Does a mother, with the same name as her children also need to provide this? What is the difference between different surnames or whether it's the mother or father? Different rules for all? Why? What about situations where there is actual risk to safety - where one parent is at physical/psychological risk from the other parent, do they need to get permission to take their child on holiday? Clearly this is not ok or possible. The cruise line has no authority to know about these situations. So long as the cruise line is checking passport/birth certificate (for both parents, not just mums!) that's all they can do. Surely, it's outside their jurisdiction to actually police this. All they can do is the surface-level checking. They have no business finding out about various individual situations. Some situations mean that 'parent permission slips' from the other parent simply are not possible, and people in these situations are already vulnerable, why make them even more so?
  2. My daughter and I have different last names, we look different too. I took her birth certificate which denotes both names I have used, previous married name and my now maiden name. At check in I was asked to show her birth certificate which I had, I had to go to another line & there were discussions/scrutinising - it was a little stressful! But all was fine. I had divorce decree but didn't need to produce it. Since your daughter is now remarried, if she has changed her name, I'd recommend taking children's birth certificates + recent marriage certificate, just in case. Photocopies were fine.
  3. I did this with my then 8yr old daughter and we loved it. I can't remember exactly the rolls, pretty standard ones e.g., californian, but it was a good variety (e.g., some with seaweed, some with egg, the 'cone' one etc). We could take the instructions/recipes away with us & she got a certificate. A tip is that when we bought it, I just paid for my daughter to do it. I was there, and stood behind her (still aproned/gloved) and was able to listen & help her if she needed it. There were other mum/daughter combos who had both paid for a space, and I think it looked a bit stressful, as the mum was trying to do hers, listen and help the child at the same time. Just pay for the child and be there as support - cheaper and way more effective 🙂 There was HEAPS of sushi, enough for her & myself and she kept some to give to her favourite waiter, bless. Do it, it's fun! We made it here at home afterwards, so was totally worthwhile.
  4. Good to know, I'll get right on it, well after payday anyway lol! Yes, large ship small place will be crazy, I know I avoid our hotspot tourist areas when a large ship is in, so I dread to think how it will be for the locals. Hopefully they make plenty of $$. I'll also pack some dog biscuit packets for the doggies 🙂
  5. Thanks so much Petoonya. Yes, we're looking at Ovation OTS which is massive, 1000s of people, hence why I was thinking about whether it would work. I just looked up Tohora Bora Bora and it looks incredible, thanks for the recommendation - I'll contact him 🙂 It all looks so amazing, it's hard to wait till next year, but I'm sure it will be worth it!
  6. Hi there, We're looking at a cruise next year through French Polynesia, I'm just looking at a lagoon tour in Bora Bora. The pick up is from the wharf at 8.30am. How realistic is it to book this given I'm guessing we'll need to tender from the ship? We can be up early, but I know that ship excursions will get first tenders. Does anyone know what time the tenders usually start going? The ship we're looking at is supposed to arrive at 8am, but I know this is a guide and ships can arrive a fair bit before this. Thanks!
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