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  1. Got it, Kmom. Thanks for the pointers.
  2. Not sure what I'm not seeing......where exactly is your signature that I need to expand?
  3. Good Morning Kmom. I'd like to read your review of the Sensation but not sure how to find it. Can you give me a few pointers on how to locate it?
  4. Taking our first cruise on Sensation September 9 - 14 and undecided on which dining option to choose, early dining (6pm) or your time dining. I know it's a personal preference for the most part but for those who have done both which do you prefer?
  5. Sorry KmomChicago……..lauren009 posted the Inspiration blog, which I see you read too. Maybe lauren009 can answer the questions I posed to you :-)
  6. KmomChicago, I did read your blog for the Inspiration and enjoyed the information. We're booked on Sensation in September and selected any time dining mainly because we thought we might not want to eat in the MDR each night. But If I understand correctly you can just not show up if you decide not to eat in the MDR on any particular night? Also, curious about how you came out with the Cheers Beverage Package? The wife is somewhat of a light drinker and I usually drink beer or a rum and water so don't think the Cheers would be a good option for us.
  7. We're booked for our first cruise on Sensation for the 5 Day Cuba Cruise Sept. 9 - 14th. If you haven't already done so I'd suggest you check out the Inspiration blog by KmomChicago for the Inspiration. Most information probably relates to Sensation as well.
  8. When using s&s card do you scan or swipe the card? Curious if the card can be used without removing it from a pouch if carried on a lanyard?
  9. That's what I was thinking. Don't mind paying the higher bottle price but don't plan to spend enough time in the cabin to finish off a litre during the cruise & we will be buying other drinks too.
  10. If I purchase a bottle pre cruise for my cabin will I be able to take drinks (rum & water) from my cabin to other locations on the ship? I know carrying a litre bottle around probably isn't allowed nor would I want to do so but what about taking rum runners from the room purchased bottle to be consumed in other locations........pool etc.?
  11. erlyvon

    money exchange

    I do intend to buy cigars and a bottle of rum along with a scheduled excursion & tip, lunch and a drink or two and a "little" shopping by the wife so I figure I'll need $500 - $600 for our day in Cuba. When spending in Cuba would you consider 1 cuc as you would 1 US$?
  12. I'm going to purchase a Wi Fi package for our cruise on Sensation for checking e-mail, social media etc. Is the Premium Wi Fi actually better (speed) than the Value Wi Fi or are the 2 similar enough to purchase the lower priced package?
  13. Exactly what I was thinking Flymia but wanted a second opinion. Uber looks to be $15 - $20 more than the shuttles one way but quicker & more comfortable. Hop on Hop off bus sounds good for the afternoon then explore area around the Hampton in the evening........we have a plan!
  14. Will be arriving day early (9 am) at FLL before POM cruise in Sept. Staying over night at Miami Hampton Downtown. Better to Uber or shuttle from FLL to Hampton? Any suggestions for a good tour/excursion of Miami area?
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