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  1. We also have a late September New England/Canada cruise booked. We'll most likely cancel prior to June final payment as I don't really expect the cruise to go or it will be changed drastically if it does.
  2. So Classic does include soft drinks & coffees?
  3. Curious. which Summit B2B cruises you are doing March/April? Considering Southern Carribean in March & trying to decide on San Juan or Florida embarkation. B2B on Summit from San Juan sounds interesting.
  4. Great review. We'll be on the Summit in September for the Canada/New England cruise so your review was very enlightening. Thinking about a 7 night Southern Caribbean on Summit or RCin March 2021 and a post cruise trip to Cubera sounds great. Any recommendation on where to stay there?
  5. Were booked for the September 23, 2020 New England/Canada Cruise on Summit from Boston so I've really enjoyed your exceptional review and plan to read through it again closer to our sail date. Many of the questions I may have had about our upcoming cruise were answered in your review and/or photos. One thing I don't recall seeing that I'm curious about is what the policy on cigar smoking is on Summit? While I'm not a "smoker" I do enjoy a fine cigar on occasion and wonder if I get the urge is there a designated area on Summit for smoking?
  6. Thanks. Not likely to have Bar Cash remaining anyway.
  7. If you happen to have a balance on your sail & sign account that includes OBC, Cruise Cash &/or Bar Cash at the end of your cruise are you able to load the entire balance on the slots and after playing a few spins cash out the entire balance? I know I've seen this topic discussed but can't remember if OBC, Cruise Cash and Bar Cash was included.
  8. Sailing Sensation in 5 days and expecting there won't be a many kids on board since schools are in session. Am I correct in my assumption that we will have few children on board?
  9. We're on Sensation as well in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to our first cruise.
  10. Good to hear "smoking cigars" since I'd like to do the same but wasn't sure cigar smoking would be allowed.
  11. Thanks for the reply Joebucks. How was your overall experience on Sensation? This will be our first cruise and choose Sensation for the stop in Cuba, which we won't be getting now but still looking forward to the cruise.
  12. Carnival Sensation doesn't have outside movies like other ships so are movies shown elsewhere on the ship?
  13. Anyone have a recent Fun Times Daily Activity for Sensation ?
  14. Thanks for a great review and pictures of your cruise on Sensation. We chose Sensation for our first cruise in September so your review and pictures are a great preview of what to expect. Maybe I missed it but I didn't see a picture of a Fun Times Daily Activity in your post. If it's there I'll see it on my second look, but, if not do you have one you could post?
  15. With your resort for a day booking what was available for changing clothes, showering etc.?
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