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  1. Hi, My husband is bringing a CPAP machine with us next week on Breakaway. Do we have to notify NCL that we're bringing this device? He does not need the distilled water, and will likely bring his own extension cord to use the machine. Anyone with experience, can you help me out? Just want to make sure all details are handled. Thanks!
  2. Hi, We are sailing on the Breakaway next weekend (yay!). After the cruise, we plan to take an Uber/Lyft. Is there a designated pickup spot for these services that we can look for in the post-cruise chaos? Or, would you recommend walking a bit and catching a car a bit further away from the port? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Great question!! I’m not sure, but would be interested to know. We love the comedy shows!
  4. Hi, all! We reserved tickets for some of the shows on Breakaway for next month (Rock of Ages etc). How exactly does this work? Obviously, you gain entrance to the show but do they assign you a seat? How does it work for people who are "walk ins" as opposed to those who pre-booked? This isn't our first time on NCL, but it is our first time pre-booking these evening shows. We're mostly just curious about the logistics! ;) Thanks.
  5. This has been our experience with Uber/Lyft here in the Bay Area...we just weren't sure if the fact that we'd be using it to enter a port would affect the "flat rate fare." Thank you!
  6. Thanks - we are heading to the port from the French Quarter, not the airport, but it's good to know there's a minimum fare for the future!
  7. mrsderitis


    Hi everyone, We are staying in the French Quarter before our cruise on the Breakaway next month. We're planning to use Lyft or Uber for arrival to the port. Would you suggest navigating right to the port, or to somewhere close by and walk? I've read some horror stories about traffic build up and wonder if it makes more sense to just walk a bit. We've never been to the Port of New Orleans before, so any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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