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  1. The wedding is on! The happy couple, Judy and I had lunch with the Captain and Amy today. That was cool in itself but, Bob and Betsy finally decided to get married on the ship. It will be July 9th, or first sea day after Bermuda. Marsha and Amy are setting it up in Insigina Lounge and everyone is invited. We will let you know the time when that is settled on with the ship's schudule. I told them I was putting out the word. We are all as excited as the bride and groom.
  2. I talked to Trish on shore and she said the ship got an email that Bob abd Betsy were reboarding the ship in Cork. I hadn't heard so I called Bob. The doctor said no to four days at sea and the slight potential for problems that could not be addressed that far from land. He and Betsy were in Paris boarding a flight for New York. It is still possible they will get back on in Halifax.
  3. Bob his looking and feeling a lot better. So much better he asked Betsy to marry him. He said, "Will you make me the happiest man on earth?" - yes - "Will you marry me?" - Yes - Then Bob sang "I Want to Know What Love Is" to Betsy.
  4. Sorry guys, bad news. Bob Brown will not be returning to the ship today. He had a stroke this morning and he will be in ICU for 3 more days and then in a regular room 4 more days, unless something else changes. Betsy and I are leaving the ship here soon and will be staying close by to get Bob through this. We may be getting back on Insignia somewhere down the road, maybe not. It's up in the air as we throwing everything together. I will try to keep you up to date as I know the whole ship is concerned. Bob has made a lot of friends on Insignia. I'm sure he will be alright physically but his
  5. Good news. Bob Brown may be back onboard tomorrow before we leave Bordeaux. It is not an absolute but, the information we have from his doctors is that he may be allowed release from the hospital and continue his cruise with us. After the stints his blood is flowing well and his blood/oxygen levels are good. I know the whole of Insignia will be happy to have him back with us.
  6. I know Bob would be upset with me for posting this but, there are too many of his friends onboard that want to know how he is. This morning after breakfast he had a heart attack. Fortunately, there was a doctor close by and the ship's doctor also responded. An ambulance took him to Sine Augustine Hospital. After going into the Cath Lab the doctors placed 2 stints. He is much better, wanting to get out of bed and get something for his thrist, neither of which the wonderful nurses will allow. He will be there at least a couple of days, more like a week. Betsy went with him in the ambulance.
  7. I am going to Fatima while in Portugal if anyone wants to go with me. I am taking the train from Lisbon at about 2:00 pm on Wednesday, 12 June to Coimbra and renting a car there. We'll drive down to Fatima. I am staying at Casa Sao Nuno Hotel that evening. In the morning I'm going to visit the shrine and then drive to Porto. It's 2 hour drive so we won't have any problem getting back to the ship by 5:00 pm departure. If you are interested call me in room 4002. You get your train ticket and hotel and I'll take care of the car rental. You'll have a full day and a half and a night in Lisbon and
  8. Anyone want to do a one day excursion to Cario and the pyramids? Need second person. About $350 with Visa change. Flight out of Hurghada, Jim Beach - cabin 4002..
  9. https://beachworldtour.blogspot.com/2019/05/goin-to-goa.html This is my personal blog. I have been asked by many on board about my train trips from one port to another and rejoining Insignia. I take in so much more getting to know some of the people and culture of the countries to which we are all traveling. This last trip between Cochin and Goa had more than its share of difficulties but it was worth the effort.
  10. My two favorite things in Sasebo, no - three things, were: 1. watching all the people at the bus parking lot under the awning playing Shogi, 2. the Traditional Drum concert as we were leaving and 3. that I had a Mos burger and watermelon soda. The first is what they described as Japanese Chess, the second, the drums, apparently unannouceed (a surprize to everyone out on deck including one of the staff) The drum concert was worth the port visit. The third was the Japanese version of McDonalds, only much better - the Mos Burger. That plus I got an unusual photo of the ship, because of the light
  11. I just got back on the ship. Here is a picture of ya'll coming into Hiroshimo at about 6:30 this morning.
  12. Just heard we aren't going to stop today becausse of the sea state to rough for the tinders. I had a great, busy time in Puerto Princesa. I picked one of the hundreds of trikes used as taxies. Several hours cost me ten US dollars but, of course I ended up giving him more. Cheap for your own personal tour and stops everywhere you want to go and see.
  13. Some of you know I'm a retired police officer and at each port on my AWC I stop by and visit the local police department. In Tahiti I stopped by the Police Muncipale. I mentioned I was from Memphis and one officer retrieved a guitat from his office and started playing Elvis songs. It was great. Then later, another song and the female officer joined in. Pretty soon the Lieutenant stepped out of his office and sang with them. Here are a couple of videos of them. I love Tahiti. Elvis_Medium.mp4 Trio_Medium.mp4
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