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  1. If you want to carry the storage around, forget the traditional HDDs and pick a SSD since these are smaller, faster and much harder to break physically since there is no moving components inside. The only reason to pick HDD these days would be if you need an affordable large capacity disk, say 4+ TB size. Granted, if need larger than 5 TB drive, those come only in the larger 3.5" devices, which in case of external drives means also that there will be an external power supply.
  2. Hezu

    LHR to ATL

    And if OP is heading to ATL then LGW is less desirable choice also since there are no direct flights between these two airports (at least for time being and I seriously doubt that would change in the near future).
  3. I can't remember if this particular procedure was included, but I think Lensrentals' blog article/podcast episode provides useful introduction on the camera equipment disinfection.
  4. Although the wide focal length coverage is a good thing, these super zooms obviously have to make some compromises to archive the wide zoom range. The main caveat is obviously apertures: with this Tamron the max apertures are f/3.5-f/6.3, which are especially in the tele end on the slow side and thus the useability of the lens in low light conditions suffers. Complex optical formulas needed for this sort of lens might be also more prone to give distortions, but of course image editing can fix some of these. It also varies how easily you actually spot such imperfections and how much these bothe
  5. If I understood correctly your visit was in 2018, thus you probably would have seen mainly a construction site since Helsinki Olympic Stadium's renovation begun in 2016 and was finished this year in August. So now the stadium is back in use and open for visitors, who are interested in the views from the tower or/and sports venues. The stadium also hosts the Finnish Sport Museum.
  6. It would also help to know what sort of things you are interested in. History? Art? Nature? Physical activities? Shopping? Glimpse of the everyday life outside the city centre? I would probably suggest the last one combined with a destination that interests you, for example: hopping on a metro train and head either east (with eg. Itis shopping centre at Itäkeskus as destination) or west (eg. the garden town Tapiola with interesting architecture and WeeGee Museum Centre, which includes Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA, Espoo City Museum, Finnish Toy Museum and Finnish Clock Museum).
  7. Any hints on what sort of activities you would like to do? And I presume that with three visits you have already seen the most common attractions around the city centre, right?
  8. I wouldn't be too worried, especially regarding Iceland, where temperatures are even in summer surprisingly cool, maybe around 10-14°C at most. Norway is then a long country, so there is some variation, but in general also there the summer weather (especially in June) is not super hot despite it may be warmer (especially in the southern parts) than in Iceland.
  9. No true group tickets, but with a HSL travel card it would be possible to purchase single tickets for more than one person. However, if you arrive by a cruise ship and visit Helsinki for just one day, it probably won't make sense to get a HSL card, since 1) it costs 5 euros to get the card 2) you most likely end up depositing into the card more money for buying the tickets than you need and I don't think you can easily get the money back 3) if (and most likely when) your cruise ship arrives to Hernesaari, there isn't very near any place where you can get the HSL card. If you don't want th
  10. It is more complex than this: for example Tallinn's historical affiliations are Kingdom of Denmark, Teutonic Order, Livonian Order (these two have roots in Germany), Kingdom of Sweden, Tsardom of Russia, Russian Empire, Russian Republic, Russian Soviet Republic, Republic of Estonia, Ober Ost (~ German Empire, during WW I), Republic of Estonia, Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR, German military administration, Reichskommissariat Ostland (during WW II), USSR and finally the independent Republic of Estonia again. Also Tallinn (and Riga) was member of the Hanseatic league, which was a
  11. Actually, since the new legislation for taxi services took effect in July 2018, Uber has been operating in Helsinki (and actually it tried already earlier, but then some courtcases ruled its services illegal under the previous legislation), although its service may be not be as widely available as some other taxi and rideshare offerings. And for many journeys the public transport might still offer far better value than any taxi or comparable rideshare. And who knows how this current pandemia affects the economy and whether all taxi and rideshare companies survive, at least the news
  12. https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/spb_home_en.html is the official site for these St. Petersburg + Leningrad Oblast e-visas. However, USA and UK citizens are not among the 53 nationalities that can apply the free e-visas. The obvious limitation is also that it is only valid for St. Petersburg and surrounding region, so no trips to Moscow on e-visa. Another caveat, which does not matter to cruise passengers, but currently on e-visa you cannot enter Russia by rail from Finland, only by sea and air.
  13. If you still would like to try some sort of paddling while in Helsinki, there is a place called Hakuna Matata SUP Rental that rents sup boards, kayaks, a canoe and a row boat on Töölönlahti, in the heart of the city, near Finlandia Hall. I haven't personally tried their services, but at least the location should be easy to reach. See their website for more information.
  14. Let me add couple points: first, that schedule is quite ambitious, but might be possible with few adjustments and there are few caveats: 1. Natura Viva's base is in Vuosaari in Eastern Helsinki. Assuming they are not arranging your kayaking from some other location closer to the city centre, you should take that in account when planning. Pickup from the port is apparently included, but what about journey back to the city centre? Ok, there the public transportation option is slightly easier once you get to the nearest metro station (Rastila) as you can ride the metro to University of Hels
  15. Roaming around Helsinki on your own should be quite easy and actually I think it should be possible to even to skip the cruise line's shuttle from the port as you could also use public transportation or perhaps even walk. Now, if you would like to Porvoo, that could be possible also on your own: there are quite frequent bus traffic between Helsinki and Porvoo. The long distance busses leave in central Helsinki at Kamppi bus terminal and you could get there quite easily from Hernesaari (where cruise ships dock) using the bus line 14. However, since the bus ride from Helsinki to Porv
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