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  1. We leave tomorrow night at 9:30 on the red eye arriving in FLL at 5:30 am (2:30 am our time):p We have decided to go on the Everglades tour at 8:30 and they said they would have us at the port by 1 or 1:30. We also hope there might be some kind of an Easter service but really aren't expecting it. We hope you all travel safe and look forward to meeting everyone. Take care and see you all soon! :D
  2. Ugh! Just thinking about feeling the motion of the ship makes me sick. I have a pretty bad case of Vertigo, but should be fine with the patches they have always worked for me before. Dan and I will be at the M & M on Sunday. Really hard to believe we leave in just a week. I have SO much to do!!:eek: I checked in online today so that is done. Trying to get the airboat tour on Saturday before the cruise. Seems to be pretty full, we always wait until the last minute. :p See you all very soon!!!
  3. Jerseybelle, Thank you for your well written review. My DH and I sail on the Orchestra two weeks from today. We have never been on a vacation that we found things to complain about, we are just so grateful to have the opportnity. But we have been a litle nervous about this trip considering the negitive reports we have read. (although they seem to be getting better and better, yours was no exception) Thank you for helping me get even more excited about this trip!:) What ports did you visit and what did you do when you where at those ports? We still are a little unsure about what we want to do. We live near the beach so my DH doesn't want to spend to much time at the beaches. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks so much, I did go on their website. (which just as an aside is qualitylimoservice.com; qls.com was "quality laser service" and while I may need that at some point in my life... :D) I am so surpised by the price considering we check with a couple other tour companies and they wanted $60. We are really excited now to have a plan, I will contact them this evening and get that all set up. I really apreciate your help!!!
  5. Kineticho20, sorry about the spelling error on the website, glad you found it anyway.:o Thanks for the info, Bills Blasters, that's very helpful. The $45 did not include the transportation with the limo service did it? Did you enjoy the airboat ride?
  6. We are in the same boat (no pun intended) as both dresehand and kineticoh20. We are arriving from Long Beach at 5:30 AM. It would make my DH crazy if we had to sit around the airport all morning so we are thinking about taking one of the everglade tours on an airboat. We just need to make sure we would be at the port on time. I think they will pick us up at the airport and take us to the port but we need to look into it more. Kieticoh20, we did find (thanks to a post here on CC) that there is a service at FLL that will store our bags for us for $6 a bag. Their website is: www.bagagecheckin.com click on Baggage Storage. If anyone has taken the tour I am referring to I would love to hear about it. I found it on Shore Trips, but I know a lot of companies offer it.
  7. OHHHH!!! I do not envy you driving all that way! :p You are right the red eye is a much better option. For the formal nights the most formal I will be able to get my DH in will be a nice pair of pants and a button up shirt. I might press my luck and try to get him to wear a tie.;) I will probably wear a nicer short dress with a wrap, probably the same thing both formal nights (is that against the fashion police rules???) I am getting really excited. We may try and take a couple tours of the islands. We live near the beach so it is really hard to get my DH to sit on the beach.
  8. I too was wondering about the two threads. I saw this one first and joined it and then I realized that they are planning a meet and greet on the other thread. It seems like most of you are on both threads. I have no idea how to join two threads. MRESEND, I will look for you at the pool. We are still not sure what we will be doing in the ports. We don't even know what we will do in Ft. Lauderdale after we arrive at 5 am (having flown on the red eye).
  9. My hubby and I will be on the cruise with you all. We are getting more excited every time a new review comes out! They seem to be getting better and better. I am excted about this being a baseball cruise as I don't usually get much time to sit by the pool. This way my DH will be occupied enough that it should give me plenly of time to soak in the rays and read that book I have been wanting to read!:D
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