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  1. I cant remember where to find the answer to my question, so... How much money does Carnival hold on your account? And is it per room or per account? I'm trying to decide how much to have available on credit card(s). We will be going on an 8 night cruise. Also please help me understand differences in credit card vs debit.
  2. Can anyone tell mw about the snorkel gear sold on the ships? How much do they cost? Are flippers sold as well? What about the quality?
  3. Just curious, Does Carnival remove ports from existing itineraries? Im a little uneasy over recent news. Our cruise on the Horizon stops there during our cruise on July 27th.
  4. What is the advantage of booking a guarantee stateroom versus just selecting a room?
  5. A PVP. It also shows up on the Carnival page as being waitlisted for anytime dining under "manage my cruise" .
  6. We had to postpone our 8 day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Horizon for June 29th. We rebooked directly with Carnival for same cruise on July 27th. They said all dining slots were taken, early, late, and anytime dining? She said we were waitlisted for the anytime dining. This seems odd to me. Wouldn't they just assign me anytime dining if both early and late were taken? Btw, we requested anytime dining.
  7. We are going on an 8 night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Horizon on July 27. Does anyone know when elegant nights are? Our youngest is turning 14 on the third night of our cruise. I thought it would be pretty cool if this coincided with the elegant night.
  8. Ive been on other cruise ships on the 4th that had fireworks. So, the question really didn't seem that implausible to me.
  9. We will be on an 8 day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Horizon for the fourth of July. Does anyone know if Carnival does anything special for Independence day? Fireworks?
  10. Does Carnival allow you to reserve shows?
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