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  1. So, after reading a bit more & speaking to some friends in the business who mostly shoot outdoors (I have always been a studio photog), I went ahead and rented the 7DMark2 and the 100-400. As stated earlier, I will be taking my old standby 5Dmark2 and 35 & 85 for Wild Bears of Anan where I have been told one is SUPER close in the blind. Thanks for all your help - I will post my thoughts upon returning.
  2. Thanks - got the email and responded - fingers crossed it all works out!
  3. Hello everyone - I am off to Alaska in 2 weeks and am almost set with my camera plans - but thought that I might just run this by you all and see what you think. I have a very old 5D (maybe 12 years old) but it still has plenty of life in her - along with a 35, 85, 70-200, and a macro. I was planning on renting 5DSR, 100-400 IS2, heliopan 77mm variable ND and the 77mm polarizing filters. Now that I read how close the bears get to the blind at Anan, I am wondering about taking the 5D and the 85 (?) too. Any insight to share? Thanks, Mera
  4. We are sailing on Seabourn Sojourn July 14 - paid in full for 2 suites - and would gladly partner with anyone who has a coupon (or two people who have coupons). Please feel free to contact me at meravbschwartz (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks so much!
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