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  1. We did a last minute guarantee booking (9/20) for the Mariner sailing (10/25). We received our cabin assignments exactly 2 weeks prior to our sailing next week.
  2. Just FYI, you can go to guest services on the ship and have on board credits transferred to another sea pass account. My wife and I have done this several times in the past. Sometimes we forget to order double occupancy credits and chose single occupancy credits when redeeming our visa points. They would end up on my wife’s sea pass account. Easy enough to fix at guest services. They just subtract from one account and transfer them to the other ( we both have separate on board accounts, different credit cards).
  3. Its very limited to pastries, salmon, breads, bagels, juice, coffee, specialty coffee and the like. A limited continental type of breakfast. And yes, a nice place to enjoy. I usually just go there for the specialty coffee and head to the windjammer.
  4. Congrats! we've been diamond for about 5 years. We take advantage of the free evening cocktails (there is a list to choose from) in the dedicated Diamond lounges. Usually between 5:00-8:30 on most ships. They also load your seapass daily with 3 additional drinks to be used at most bars on the ship during the same time frame of 5:00-8:30 (same list).This way you don’t have to stay in the Diamond lounge to enjoy a free cocktail. They usually have hors d’Oeuvres in the Diamond Lounge and a decent continental breakfast in the morning with cappuccino/espresso machine. Additional discounts apply for other things like booking a new cruise, free 24 hour basic internet per person, a free photo per person, discount drink coupon, buy on get one drink coupon. Some ships have Diamond and up private events.
  5. On September 20th as a last minute decision, I booked a 3 night cruise on the Mariner for the October 25th sailing (my birthday cruise🎂🚢). At the time, there weren’t a lot of desirable cabins left and decided on a balcony guarantee. This was the first time I’ve ever booked a guarantee cabin. Yesterday (2 weeks from sailing) we were issued our stateroom and couldn’t be happier with the location on deck 8. So I’m assuming that a two week period is an indicator on cabin assignments. Again, I know assignments will be based on supply and demand and the upgrade program. I wouldn’t sweat it on cabin assignments, although I did check daily but knew they would send me an email when it got assigned. Word of advice, don’t print your GTY set sail pass and GTY luggage tags until you get the actual cabin assigned. It will save on reprinting.
  6. From what I understand, you don’t get your Sea Pass Cards until you’re able to access your cabins around 1:00pm. What do you use if you want to get a drink prior to that time? Your printed Set Sail Pass? It’s been awhile since we’ve sailed Royal. thanks Tom
  7. After logging into my Royal Caribbean account I did some mock bookings for my October Mariner cruise. I wanted to find out the prices and the availability of cabins. Within hours I was called by a person who said he was a senior cruise planner with Royal Caribbean, and asked if he could assist me with making a reservation. We went over the availability of cabins and the costs. I told him I wasn’t ready to book yet, but would contact him if I decided to move forward. Long story short, I booked on the Royal Caribbean website because the price wasn’t any different from what he offered me. A few days later he called me back to follow up and I told him I booked on their website. He sounded disappointed and told me he could have offered me something to book through a cruise planner. Has anyone been offered something above and beyond by booking a cruise through a Royal cruise planner? thank you
  8. We are currently 29 days from our sailing on the Mariner. A few days ago we received a booking statement from Royal Caribbean that assigned us to deck 8, but no cabin number. It looks like there’s a few cabins still available to book, so I’m assuming they’ll wait until they sell additional cabins before we’re assigned. We are deck 8 XB (balcony). Not concerned, but it would be nice to know where we are assigned. Our luggage tags are available to print without the cabin numbers on them. also long time Royal Caribbean cruisers 2002-2019 long time Cruise Critic member too, but something happened to my account and had to create a new one.
  9. Does Royal still allow the “switch within category” game once you receive your cabin assignment? thanks Tom
  10. I recently booked a GTY balcony cabin on the Mariner sailing October 25th. How soon do they usually assign the cabin. I’ve never done a guarantee cabin before, as this was a last minute decision. thank you Tom
  11. I’ve asked this in the Florida Departures, but thought I’d get some good answers here. having never sailed out of Port Miami, I have a feeling it’s going to be very busy and hectic parking there. is the MSC parking garage close to the terminal? Is there easy to follow signage directing you to the garage? would it be better to drop off the luggage then park, or park then carry(wheel) your luggage to the drop off point? thank you Tom
  12. Having never cruised out of Miami, I’m sure it can be confusing when you get to the port. A few questions for those that sail MSC. Is the parking garage for MSC close by to the terminal? Is there easy signage directing you to the proper garage? Would you park first, then wheel your luggage from the garage to the drop off? Or drop off luggage first in the controlled chaos, then park? Thank you for your replies Tom
  13. Agree, just current or after October 2018 My wife and I status matched RCCL Diamond to MSC Black last October. Others mentioned above are Diamond Plus, but only matched to Gold on MSC
  14. if they offer the drink package at a later time closer to the departure, the price may go up to offset the cost of the package. when I booked my cruise in January for a November departure, the Easy drink package and free internet were include. Once the promotion ended for my particular cruise in March, the price for the basic cruise without the drink and internet packages dropped several hundred dollars. So I’m sure it’s factored in.
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