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  1. Same problem for Celebrity "Connections" parties. (Apologies if mentioned before.) Looks like a shared server perhaps? If so, a competent IT department would be able to restore quickly from any of several backups. When the Chicago River flooded out the Chicago commodity exchanges' computer servers containing the data of many billions of dollars of trading info, they didn't miss a beat because of external backups. But I guess it is not safe to assume something about RC/Celebrity's IT competence we have been repeatedly shown is not true.
  2. Do you mean per year since you were discussing your annual policy? Or am I missing something?
  3. On further consideration, I have to think that it wouldn't be unusual to not see something in a roll call. My roll calls certainly have contained no vital info (except excursion discussions) that wasn't posted in the general RC forum. But I did recall a lot of people wondering what would happen after October because the only announced changes to Allure's itineraries ended there. So I checked. There was a thread started at the end of June in the main RC forum discussing the possibility of changes to itineraries after October: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2675357-allure-post-october-2019-itineraries-with-azipod-issue/?tab=comments#comment-57791982 The first mention in this thread of the letter from RC announcing the change replacing Honduras with Nassau was on July 25 (#23), with extensive discussion thereafter--over 50 posts over three days, including comments from Oasis pax whose itineraries were being juggled because of the Allure. There was, incidentally, a post in June (#19 in this thread, answering a @Host Clarea question) noting that the western itineraries to Honduras, etc., would not be in effect until November, so there was no way of telling if previous timetables were likely to show an effect from the azipod issue. @tlund, let me apologize for the snippy tone in my comments. I had simply remembered that entire 3 page discussion back in July, and how angry everyone was at RC. And I found it surprising that you could have missed it. But I didn't realize that the last post (by me, actually) occurred on July 27. Fact is, if you didn't happen to read the RC forum from July 25 to July 29 or so, you would likely have had to scroll through 6 to 10 screen of threads to even see it. That is a pretty short window, especially for someone who doesn't have the spare time some of us retirees do. The change may have been in your cruise planner, but I don't think most of us look there to be notified of itinerary changes. Anyway, I hope you will be able to "move on" and enjoy both your work and your own--albeit revised--cruise.
  4. My point was that I thought travel agents already knew that. It seems that about 10% of the (non-review) threads are about people discovering something out of the ordinary. Did you not previously know "to check bookings" oftem? Keeping on top of a booking is allegedly one of the advantages of having a travel agent. We have, however, seen a number of posts where TA's dropped the ball and tried to foist responsibility off onto RC. An "Oops, I screwed up!" would have been appropriate, rather than getting angry because people point out what you could or should have done.
  5. @nadinenurse1 I know a number of people who never expected to use their passports again. I cannot imagine, though, how anyone in their 20's could ever "know" they never will. If an opportunity quickly came up for a flight somewhere, it seems a shame to decide now that they would never go. I know, for example, people who were offered free flights to attend an island wedding about 3 weeks away. I would also consider that, in this era of more contention at the borders of many countries, new passport requirements could well be added to many Caribbean destinations in the 10 years new passports would be valid. And fees may seem cheap now compared to what they might be later. Finally, as mention above, if there is a need to fly home from the cruise (either for an emergency or due to excursion delays), a passport would be quite helpful. Yes, they can be obtained from a local US consulate, but the hassle and delays would likely far outweigh any benefit of not having one. I actually think people who travel without access to a lot of financial reserves have more of a reason, not less, to lower their exposure to unexpected risk. If you cannot afford to budget for passports half a year before a cruise, how will you afford it if necessary then? But, admittedly, we are "better safe than sorry" people, and lots of other people here no doubt think we are nuts. I hope you all have fun and that things go smoothly! And that they appreciate what you are doing for them!
  6. Except for the suspicion that they lied to you, which seems not to be the case. Yet that distrust likely has colored your attitude toward RC. Are you still thinking the train was not really prevented from running? Had you gone with a non-RC land tour, would you have had to arrange your own transportation back to Anchorage?
  7. They can't solicit business or give their website or include any other advertising. A thread like this one is not likely to steer anyone to a TA who was not aware of the itinerary changes to the Allure announced over a month ago, and who then gets snippy when told other people had known about them. It does seem from the thousands of posts I have read here that no one is safe in assuming RC will provide all the pertinent info for an existing cruise. You might not expect ordinary cruisers to know this, but regular CC members know, and I would think a TA would be more aware of the need to be proactive and periodically check on things. Goin' along with @Iamcruzin on this one!
  8. The turtle excursion in Barbados we went to did not allow fins either. Afraid we would hurt the tutles. However, there were no turtles, either, and about 20 fish total. We had a fun party on the boat, though!
  9. Snorkeling excursions in crowded areas sometimes suggest no fins to avoid kicking each other. I believe some that explore fairly shallow reefs also discourage fins to avoid damaging the reef. No idea why yours has no fins. If you decide to get them, you can buy short fins designed for snorkeling. Easier to clamber around in. We also use sox we buy from a scuba store. They make the fins feel much, much more comfortable, and they help keep you from feeling the heat on the boat deck.
  10. @SRV FAN Take a screen shot of the sail pass on the app. You can crop off the other stuff, then save it. Then it is on the phone, and you can print it if you want a hard copy like any other picture. I sometimes email things to myself in case I lose my phone so I can just pull it off my email web site if nec. (I have not set up Cloud storage yet but you can save it there, too, if you have one.)
  11. In my first day of law school, my very entertaining Contracts professor posed almost this exact question to start off a lively discussion. He asked if his rather large ravenous son went to an "all you can eat" buffet for lunch, how long could he stay there continuing to eat? Did the restaurant have a contract with him to allow him to stay through dinner? Did it matter if the restaurant had posted separate hours for lunch and dinner? Separate prices? Etc. We had fun as we conjectured all types of variations, probably the most fun that year except for the Criminal Law discussion we had about whether you can get charrged for attempted muder by shooting someone falling out of a building who had died of a heart attack causing the fall. BTW, like most law school discussions, we couldn't arrive at an easy answer. A "reasonable length of time" seemed to be the consensus for how long the son could stay. How long depended on a variety of circumstances, but another consensus seemed to be that you cannot interpret it in a way no restaurant owner could reasonably anticipate--i.e., they did not offer to let a single person stay for, say, 12 hours. Here, "multiple entrees" would absolutely mean being entitled to more than one because there is no other definition of "multiple." But it probably doesn't mean anyone could reasonable expect to eat, say, five. Within the extremes there is probably room for discretion. But the claim that the original offer can be unilaterally reneged on ad hoc by any given restaurant seems far-fetched.
  12. What varied? Taste or availability?
  13. I'd contact the powers that be and complain. Attach a screen shot showing the description. Buying it for a fairly large group was a big purchase--maybe you can get some OBC or something. I don't always think that anything that goes wrong automatically deserves compensation, but when you literally find them refusing to provide what you paid for...that merits a partial refund or something!
  14. Good point. Maybe they will start a separate tip pool just for bartenders and servers, since cabin stewards will not be doing anything associated with the beverage packages.
  15. I assume next will be adding gratuities to specialty meal packages when puchased instead of giving people a check expecting them to add tips.
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