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  1. You should find some N95 masks if you wish to wear masks to protect yourselves so you can complete your triple. Regular masks just deflect the aerosols to the side and down, hopefully reducing the spread of anything you might be carrying over to someone else. They don't filter down to the size of coronavirus particles flitting toward you from someone else.
  2. A delayed arrival, probably, but a hitch that developed at the last minute might not give much time to notify the hundreds likely on the way. My only experience, fortunately, is one on a B2B on RC. Our turnaround boredom extended to about 90 minutes due to some type of delay, but we were just sitting inside the terminal. I have no idea whether new arrivals were notified, but I now wonder where they (or we) would have had to wait under the current protocol.
  3. Pretty begrudging not-quite-retraction, eh? If Celebrity commits more frauds like this, requiring numerous hours of staff time to correct it (and angering customers who might never come back), they need some intensive seminars in committing corporate fraud. Usually, fraud helps a company make money, not waste it.
  4. Generally in agreement here. But delays have also happened when a ship that arrived does not get cleared on time. In the past, people waited inside. If it happens now, looks like no one is let inside to wait. On the whole, yes, it would be wise, and simple, for the port and the cruiselines to anticipate that type of problem and at least put up a set of pavillions. Yes, people arriving early wouldn't suffer as much for their absurd self-importance, but it could avert a huge problem if a big delay occurred. Of course, they might have a protocol in place to open the term
  5. Casablanca: "Come to my office in the morning. We will do everything we can to help you." "We will be there at 6!" "I'll be there at 10."
  6. That would be easy to prove, but is still irrelevant to ships entering (or leaving) Florida ports, where jurisdiction does not depend on a showing of inadequacy. Furthermore, doesn't it seem that any failure to protect spread from the tourism travel examples you gave would fail if used to justify CDC action on cruising standards? Because there weren't cases of covid spreading on/from Florida cruises were there? The cessation of sailing in Mar 2020 thankfully prevented that. It might well have blown FL out of the court, though!
  7. The quoted section reads as if it applies to interstate considerations, allowing CDC to act if it determines a state is not doing enough to protect its citizens or protect a contagion from spreading to another state. I am just going by your selection, but that doesn't apply to the federal jurisdiction over ships entering US waters, does it? States are not responsible for any of the public health inspections and standards until a ship docks, unless I am wrong (managed to avoid Maritime Law; only FL and Maine required it, AFAIK!).
  8. @chengkp75 Question: Have you heard any feedback from the cargo industry about the attempt by Florida to argue, and the judge's ruling, that the whole VSP/inspection/quarantine protocol is a CDC overreach not authorized by law (not just the CSO)?
  9. Florida wanted the CSO enjoined. The CDC is still responsible for public health on small and large ships arriving in US ports. What did Florida expect, to be able to rewrite fed regs as they please? CSO goes kaput so back to other applicable laws.
  10. He only had the water package, however, which is much cheaper and only needs to be purchased by 1.
  11. Yes, the post was just a nightmare! Thank you for trying to get people to adhere to the strict and narrow. How many people will waste their days away looking for a question there? I am only being facetious. I click on this category because it is the only one where people do often post information that is general. That can be helpful. So can we pretend that these questions were impliedly in the OP? To wit: Do any recent cruisers in other ports notice a big difference? A few shops are closed in some ports - - is it hard to find good shopping? Anyone feel really weird wi
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