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  1. Actually, I called from our room to ask if we needed to check out at GS if we were ok with the account as shown on TV. I think they asked if we wanted a copy emailed and I think we got it on disembark day. I am sure you can call and ask for one. (In fact, I just recently requested and received my final folio from my 2016 FreedomOTS cruise. RCCL but no reason sister line Celebrity couldn't do the same.)
  2. @time4u2go I explained the mistake a few posts ago (95), but if you missed it, it came from a misread of the phrase "last night" in the OP. Others misread it, too (62; 87), and that reinforced my own.
  3. @123funcruiser Thanks for the correction. I had remembered reading "last night" and with others referring to "the" last night, I didn't think about what they really said. I guess if anyone wants, they can revise my complaint in their minds to edit out the end-of-cruise considerations!
  4. I like rewriting complaints in my mind to sound what I think is more reasonable, incorporating people's responses. And, so, I decided to actually try one: "We recently cruised on the Allure and ended up in a Boardwalk cabin due to a booking issue. The cruise was fine until the last night, when we were told there would be a crew party in the BW from 8 until 12. We wanted to get to sleep earlier than midnite, but the party was extremely loud when we got to our cabin at 9:30. We complained to GS about the noise and then had to go back again because they clearly didn't do anything--it still felt like a brush off. But the party ended early at 11, and one person hollered from the stage that it was over early because of a passenger complaint, so maybe they listened to the second one. "We get that it is fair for the crew to have a party, but we think that they could have at least tried to lower the noise volume earlier after our first complaint (and maybe not have needed to end the party). It was the last night, and we (like many others) needed to get up early to disembark. "1. Does anyone think it was horrible for us to complain about the really loud music preventing us from sleeping? "2. Has anyone else ever been disturbed by a crew party in a public venue? It seemed really weird to us." My boring writing style aside, @ShillyShally, would you agree that a post like this is much more likely to be received with open minds and to elicit thoughtful replies?
  5. But if there are particular nights you want to eat at a certain time, you can do so. Like to ensure being able to attend shows, eat with another couple, arrange a group at a larger table, etc. They might have 2 lines, one for people who chose times ahead, and one for walkups. Various posters on the board have said different things about which line takes longer.
  6. Which means they got what they asked for, so what is the beef? A white noise machine works wonders, home and away, for adults and kids both.
  7. It should be on the booking receipt. If you don't have one, call and request one.
  8. Most peoples' problem is that their brains put words in their mouths that they shouldn't intend to use!
  9. Actually, the title is bad only because it has a punctuation error for using a hyphen rather than a question mark. In the UK and a few other Commonwealth countries, corporations are often referred to in the plural rather than the singular as we almost always do in the US. They see a company name as a collective noun, apparently in much the same way as they do for words like "team" or "group." Thus, "Royal are" rather than "Royal is" is perfectly acceptable as used by the OP. Now you can feel free to post without dirtying yourself. Except for that hyphen, which might stick in your craw.
  10. Checking in isn't the bigger issue. Contingency planning is. The odds of needing a passport is less than the odds of not needing it. But this is a true risk/reward calculation: The risk of obtaining and taking one is zero, unlike the consequences of not having it if you need to fly home (emergencies do happen). Yes, you can go to an embassy, etc, but why bother with that chance? So you save 15 minutes to half an hour at most in tracking down the papers now, and maybe 2 hours in getting a passport. How long do you want to wait in an embassy if you have an urgent situation? And, are you possibly travelling anyplace else out of country within 10 years?
  11. Another approach might be: "Wow, maybe it depends on which rep you talk to! Congrats on those unexpected results--I certainly wish I had had that luck. Maybe Celebrity customer service is not always as bad or mistake prone as I thought based on my experience with a single representative. Now, time to focus on enjoying the cruise!"
  12. So, your Mom left it in a condition suitable for something at least. My mother used to tell her friends that my brother and I were the only kids she ever heard of who looked forward in college to getting back after holidays to dorm food. On topic: We loved the food and service on the Reflection last month (well, not the Aqua afternoon canapes so much, but we usually got back hours after). Any glitches were taken care of immediately.
  13. I am trying to figure out why someone would cruise 150 times on a line with such horribly lowered quality. Surely the decline was discernible sometime in that period of time?
  14. Congrats on achieving a solution! My idea was tongue in cheek, but that does sound pretty close to having the boss talk to Royal himself!
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