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  1. Hello, If you buy bottles of alcohol on board in the gift shop, can you drink it then? Or does the ship hold it for you until you disembark? Thank you.
  2. Hello, We booked a cruise last month on the Carnival Pride. I just learned that our first day on the ship is Super bowl Sunday. For anyone who has been on the Pride for the Super bowl, do they have extra places to view of the game? And extra food options after the game? Thank you.
  3. Hello, Can you visit the aquarium at the Atlantis hotel on your own? Or can it only be done as part of the Carnival shore excursion? If yes, does anyone know the cost of admission? Can you purchase ahead of time? Is there taxi's available from and to the aquarium and the ship dock? We would also like to visit the casino at Atlantis. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for all the replies. We're excited about planning our next cruise.
  5. Hello, For anyone who has taken the Pride out of Baltimore, when do you hit good weather cruising in January? We took our first cruise on the Pride the week of April 14. The temps were in the 70's all week. Although we did hit very rough seas on the first day at sea. A lot of people got sea sick. We want to go again on the Pride, as soon as we can after hurricane season. That is why were looking at January. Thank you.
  6. I see on Carnivals site that luggage should not exceed 50 pounds. How strict are they with that? I know on airplanes, they weigh luggage at check in. Does Carnival weigh luggage? Thank you.
  7. Any info on when they will be available on board. We're going on the Pride mid April.
  8. Saint Greg, My wife and I are both dinosaurs when it comes to phones. We both have basic flip phones. So no apps for us. Thanks for the reply though.
  9. Hello, Will cell phones work on board for only contacting other members of our party? We don't need the internet. And if so, is there a cost? We will be on the Carnival Pride. Thank you, Fred.
  10. From the pictures of the glass bottom boat at Grand Turk on the Carnival wedsite, it looks like there is not a restroom on board. I want to confirm this. We're looking at this excursion from the Carnival Pride. Thank you.
  11. Hello, When leaving Baltimore, does the Pride casino open the first night? Not sure when it leaves USA waters. Thank you.
  12. What if you buy in at the table with cash? And at the end of your play, can you get cash back for your chips? Or do they put your chip value on your account?
  13. Hello, Does the boat "Ocean Wonder" listed on the Carnival excursion website have a restroom on board? Also, I see that the boat tour is for 40 minutes. But the Carnival description says the duration is 2.5 hours. What else do you do on that excursion? Thank you.
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