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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was asking about the food itself. Not the menu you read. I thought I read somewhere that Carnival has a 5 year contract with food suppliers. Then they change the dining room food after the 5 year period.
  2. Hello, What will the menu's be in the main dining when we return to cruising after it's safe? Will they be the same as 2019, and early 2020? Or will Carnival come out with new menu's? Thank you. Fred.
  3. Thank you for the replies. They were helpful.
  4. Hello, We're looking at a cruise in September, 2022, that starts in Baltimore. It goes to Boston, Portland, Halifax, and Saint John. How will the weather, ocean be then? I got sea sick on our first cruise. It was going from Baltimore to the Bahama's, in April. We hit a storm on the first day. So should plan on this trip? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I'm seeing cruises that include Sailabration. Carnival Legend, March 6 2022. Does anyone know what that will be? All I see is that a group of ships meet and anchor at sea together. Will you be able to go from ship to ship for ship tours? Thank you. Fred.
  6. NJ, Thanks for the correction. I was thinking Carnival because that is what we used.
  7. Another tip. You will need do your boarding pass online with Carnival before you leave home. You can do it within 90 days of your departure day. You will get a 1/2 hour window to arrive at the terminal. There will be 2 lines to enter the terminal. One for people in their 1/2 hour window. The other for people before or after their 1/2 hour window. The in window line people will go in first. Then as space allows, the other people will go in. We have sailed on the pride twice. Both times, we got to the line 10-20 minutes early. We were put in the early line. However, from the time we pulled into the parking lot, to when we walked on the ship, once was 25 minutes, the other was 30 minutes. Our window time was 1-1:30 pm. I think the rush of people was before we got there. Have your boarding pass and passport in hand when you enter the building. It will make things quicker. When boarding the ship, your walking up a ramp from ground level to what I think is 4 stories. If this will be a problem for you, they do have a handicap entrance that is ground level. On our 2nd cruise, everyone had to use the handicap entrance, as the ramp was broke. I hope this will help you. Enjoy your cruise. Fred.
  8. Hello, We're looking at Sept 2021 for a Alaska cruise. Which city, Seattle, or San Francisco, would be better to leave from? We're asking about transportation to and from their airport to the dock. Hotels for the night before, and the night we get back to port. Which will be better, pertaining to convenience and cost. Thank you.
  9. Thank you all for the replies.
  10. Hello, On the partial Canal cruises, do any of the ships go thru any locks? Thank you.
  11. Hello, We were on Pride last year. We were not in a hurry to get off the ship. So we were about the last to get off. It was 11:30. If you figure from 11:30, 1/2 hour to BWI airport, 2 hours for security check in, then you should be good with a flight after 2 PM. If you carry off all of your luggage, that will also save some time in the port terminal. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. Thank you for the replies. This will help us.
  13. Hello, We sailed on the Pride last year. We enjoyed it very much. It never seemed crowded. Lines were always short at the Lido buffet. Always could get a seat at a show. Drink service at the bars was quick. Were now looking at the Breeze for our next cruise. How will it be going from 2200 to 3600 passengers? In comparison to the Pride. Any input on the Breeze will help us decide if we will book the Breeze. Thank you.
  14. Hello, On a 14 day cruise, what does the menu in the main dining room do? Is each of the 14 days different? Or do they do a 7 day menu twice? Thanks.
  15. Here's my tip for you. Any time anyone in your group leaves the ship, make sure they carry their passport, a credit card, some cash, and their ship id card. If you were to miss the ship during a shore excursion without the above list of items, you may be stuck there for some time. Have fun on your cruise.
  16. Hello, We want to give our children cruise cash as a Christmas Gift. They are going on a Carnival cruise in Feb, 2020. Can we just give it to them, and they apply it to their account when they get on the ship? Or will we need their booking/cabin number to do this? Thank you.
  17. Hello, On our first trip on the Pride out of Baltimore, my wife had a difficult time going up the boarding ramp. She has a back injury due to a auto accident. Is there a handicapped entrance to the ship that bypasses the ramp? Thank you.
  18. Hello, If you buy bottles of alcohol on board in the gift shop, can you drink it then? Or does the ship hold it for you until you disembark? Thank you.
  19. Hello, We booked a cruise last month on the Carnival Pride. I just learned that our first day on the ship is Super bowl Sunday. For anyone who has been on the Pride for the Super bowl, do they have extra places to view of the game? And extra food options after the game? Thank you.
  20. Hello, Can you visit the aquarium at the Atlantis hotel on your own? Or can it only be done as part of the Carnival shore excursion? If yes, does anyone know the cost of admission? Can you purchase ahead of time? Is there taxi's available from and to the aquarium and the ship dock? We would also like to visit the casino at Atlantis. Thank you.
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