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  1. What things are important to you though? I was on her 2 years ago and had a great time. Obviously much smaller than the mega ships but it was our first cruise and it had enough to entertain me and a 6 year old boy at the time. We subsequently went on Ovation and preferred it for the extra activities for kids but that may not be what you need?
  2. Feel for you! I worked for the Family Court (Parramatta and Sydney) when I was around 19/20 yrs old - saddest job I ever had. Did a couple of months as the Exhibits Clerk during my time - awful, awful stuff - went into criminal law afterwards for a bit of relief
  3. Yes, an outbreak on board would be horrible. I also hope everyone will be vaccinated by then and that Royal will require it. I was actually on Ovation in February 2020, I think the second last one before everything was cancelled. We got back and then shortly thereafter the whole Ruby Princess debacle happened. Its a nice ship - I travel with my 8 year old so the extras on that ship for kids are nice. I got $125 a night pp for an inside - I wanted to take a gamble on a Royal Up if/when the ship travels at lower capacity. $150 for a balcony is pretty good, I might make a
  4. Hi AdelaideFC - I booked the same cruise, it was so cheap for Ovation that I couldn't resist, even though I'm not 100% confident it will go, or even 100% that I will go even if the cruise does! Literally just a day or two ago, the price of the Deluxe package was down at $79AUD inclusive of the VOOM package - which is the price it has been on every sale since I booked it, which was just before Black Friday. So it won't be long before they do another cruise planner sale and it goes back to that. I think its a good price when inclusive of the internet. Would never pay what its on f
  5. Are you staying on Sydney/Australia for a few more days now or heading home straight away?
  6. Great sunrise pics. Can’t believe I’m boarding tomorrow. I’ll “attempt” to get up in time for a sunrise with those sorts of views to look forward to.
  7. I did this trick a few months ago and can confirm the same cabin number was officially assigned a couple of weeks out from sail date which is tomorrow so I’m not expecting a change at this stage. For those with Apple phones, if you open the SetSail pass in the Royal app it comes up with the option to add to Apple Wallet, which does the same thing so that you don’t need to download a barcode reader.
  8. I’m leaving on Thursday on Ovation of the Seas, Fri and Sat at sea heading to Noumea. Anyone tell if we’d be right amongst it? Surely they adjust course?
  9. Looks like you had an absolutely perfect day for it. So great! 20+ years ago I was on one of those much smaller ships and we stayed overnight in Milford Sound and we got to swim off the side, it was really beautiful. Amazing photos Twangster, you could probably make a tidy profit selling copies to people on your cruise alone!
  10. They filmed bits of Lord of the Rings on Mount Victoria. Hope your tour includes a stop in the Weta workshop, it’s very cool 🙂
  11. I’m boarding Ovation in a few days when Twangster’s Cruise comes back to Sydney. I got an email from Royal about 15 mins ago confirming that they are not letting anyone on who is travelling on a Chinese, Hong Kong or Macau passport now - along with all the regular restrictions that they’ve been saying for a few days now.
  12. @twangster what’s the general feeling onboard? I’m boarding when you disembark and lots of people in our group on face book are in panic mode about the corona virus. I’m hoping it all calms down once we’re onboard. Does it feel like any other cruise to you or is there a noticeable tension etc?
  13. Those photos are beautiful - are they given as part of the climb or do you pay extra for them? Glad it was a nice morning - was that 1st Feb? I thought I saw on the news this morning (2 Feb) that the bushfire smoke was back over the harbour?
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