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  1. Hi MrsBee there are many existing threads with some great answers for most of this. Couple of quick answers: no charge for Kids Club. You sign them up on the first day once onboard. Search this forum for Adventure Ocean for a lot more detail. Wifi is generally pretty bad. Get the Surf & Stream for the most bearable speeds. If you want a device connected for the kids at the same time that you will want your own access get the package that provides multiple codes. Phuket: go to the forum for that location for the best answers about excursions but yes you can choose/book your own if you like. Have fun!
  2. I confess to being a very regular checker of the Cruise Planner. $19.16 seems to be the most common daily price for Surf + Stream. But if you are going to purchase the deluxe drinks package, it’s worth it to buy the combo as it works out to be around $12 a day as an add on to the drinks package. Cheapest I’ve seen the combo recently was $89.04 per day. It’s at $90ish per day right now with the Father’s Day “sale”. It was $104 last week. I’ve only used the internet on Explorer OTS so far and it was terrible. I hear that Ovation has the upgraded equipment to get faster speeds so I’m looking forward to testing that in February.
  3. @seasidemama unfortunately I don’t think the 6+ area has any consoles, that I saw anyway. The teen area does though so possibly the younger groups get some allocated time. Maybe someone else will jump in and confirm. I totally get the need for some adult time! Good luck
  4. I was on Explorer in March. There are two pools - one Adults only, and one for everyone. The pool area is not particularly child friendly as there is no shallow end where a child of 6 (like my, tall for his age, son) can stand with head above water. There are the shallow wading entries on either side that they could sit and splash in. There are no Splashaway Bay type areas. One side of the pool area is a write off as its the smoking area. There is the mini Golf area and rock climbing wall, plus basketball/soccer/sports area. There is also the Arcade area if you want to spend alot of money! There is also the Ice Skating. My son went to Adventure Ocean a couple of times but he didn't love it. He mainly went into the young kids area to keep company with the other child we were travelling with. The 6+ area looked like they had more fun activities. Your kids might enjoy it more having each other and being in the 6+ area. General condition of the ship was fine. I didn't feel like it was worn/aged at all. I think you would have to go looking for that and actively take a negative aspect to all areas of the ship to have the condition of the ship impact your holiday. Its not a massive ship but as long as you don't have a huge number of sea days, there is plenty to do. Hope you have a great holiday.
  5. Yep P&O. Makes it easea to choose to go. 🙂Got the 15 May cruise for my sister as her Xmas present
  6. Thanks for the replies! My son is only 6 and not a confident swimmer yet so snorkelling is out, although it sounds amazing. Feel good now about waiting til we get to the island and putting money directly into the hands of the locals for a tour.
  7. Hi all has anyone done a Glass Bottom Boat tour on Mystery Island and booked it with locals once you’re there? The cost in RCI’s cruise planner at the moment seems ridiculous for a one hour trip out in a glass bottom boat so unless the cost halves in some future sale, I’d be keen to go direct on the day if that’s a reliable option. I know technically this should go into the Pacific Islands section but I figure it’s us Aussies and Kiwis that go there most often and are likely to be in the know 😉 thanks
  8. What sort of coupons are they generally and how do you find out about what you have? Thanks
  9. I’ve booked a balcony guarantee on Ovation but the cabin hasn’t been assigned yet. I’m liking these last few posts that have been happy with theirs, very encouraging!
  10. I was on her in March out of Sydney AU. My biggest problem with the ship is that one of the smoking areas is right alongside the pool and also directly adjacent to where you enter the Windjammer. So if the automatic doors on that side had recently opened when you were walking into WJ the whole entry stank. And in effect one whole side of the only pool available to families stank. They should’ve made it one side of the adult pool only, which would also move it away from the Windjammer.
  11. Went to Noumea with Royal Caribbean in March. No sign of any immigration at all. Just scanning of sea pass card when coming back on board the ship.
  12. I was on her in March and there was no Jamie’s then.
  13. Does anyone know if they have a kids menu in the Solarium?
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