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  1. is the chenin blanc nice? my favourite wine :)
  2. oh no never thought about slipping 😞 i to have severe arthritis in my feet 😞 and wear heels (and low ones) 1 to 2 times per year for special occasions but sounds like i will break my neck....... i fall over fresh air bare foot lol. Might be a case of carry some flip flops around with me on formal nights so just photographed in the heels then change .
  3. I did wonder how long it would take for someone to comment on price. However what my family buys is up to us however I’m sure you would also think it’s insane to pay the prices I do for a holiday for 5 people but again my choice and my money.
  4. gazelles/vans/merrills etc in one dark colour will probably be what my dh and son will be wearing on smart casual nights.
  5. Yes we are, however given the excellent eating and drinking places we now have in the bay Christmas time in the local area should be fab.
  6. so 4 formal nights (2 week cruise) and then 3 theme? is this correct?
  7. Just looked up mine - says 60+70's tropical and christmas jumper - i thought i was getting 4 formal nights? does this mean i only get 1? 😞 gutted no Black and white night as a family coming form the toon 😞
  8. I suppose on freedom dining we could choose to sit with others -giving the best of both worlds
  9. Unfortunately there are some people out there who would prefer not to socialise with younger people however I think they definitely add a positive element.
  10. you would not want to discuss politics with 16 year old son 😞 i try never to lol, he definitely knows way more than me (ps im not 65+ though)
  11. i did wonder that - but also thought they my put a solo traveller with us and it may be their worst nightmare being put with a whole family.
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